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Purrnelope's Country Club

Purrnelope's Country Club ( was launched in July 2021 with 10,000 Cat PFP NFTs and a quick and simple comment:

โ€œPurrnelope's Country Club is something else entirely. Weโ€™re the type of loyal cats that are here to stay.โ€ 1

Carlini8 is the founder of PCC. PCC has 3 companies2. One original company in the UK registered back in June 2021 for paying the team's salary and taxes3. Another company in BVI registered in December 2021 for PCC to launch its $YARN legally4. The PCC Team currently consists of 8 full-time members of staff and 2 part-time members of staff.

Collections ๐Ÿ˜บโ€‹

PCC Universe has 4 main Collections: Cats, Kittens, Grandmas, and Tier 2 (TBA). And 3 other Collections: Purrnelope's Exslusives, KittyVault Purrks and Purrnelope's Gift.

The 4 main collections are classified into 3 tiers, which will yield different amounts of $YARN per day. Exclusives collection also yield $YARN.

Cats TIER 1โ€‹

Purrnelope's Cats is the 1st collection in PCC Universe with 10k unique Cat NFTs that grand the membership to the Country Club. Cats are Tier 1 NFTs.

Cats mint started on 2021-07-17. After Carlini revealed himself behind the PCC project, the cats minted out on 2021-08-12.

Kittens TIER 3โ€‹

Purrnelope's Kittens is the 1st cat companion in PCC Universe with with 10k unique Kitten NFTs. Kittens are Tier 3 NFTs.

Kittens were minted/redeemed by burning Kitten Basket airdrops.

Grandmas TIER 3โ€‹

Purrnelope's Grandmas are the 2nd Cats companions in PCC Universe with 10k unique Grandma NFTs. Grandmas are Tier 3 NFTs.

Grandmas were minted/redeemed by burning Grandma's Nightstand airdrops.

Tier 2 (TBA) TIER 2โ€‹

Tier 2 (TBA) in PCC Universe will be the equivalent of Meebits, Mutants from Punks and BAYC. It is the second entry to the PCC Universe. And there are potentially 6 different version of Tier 2.

The sale for Tier 2 has not been officially announced yet, and $YARN is heavily involved in acquiring them.

Some detail on Tier 2 was mentioned in Roadmap 2.0 and interivew by Overpriced JPEGs. And detail may change before it announced officially.

Exclusives YIELDโ€‹

Purrnelope's Exclusives are $YARN yielding NFTs. There are 5 categories in Exclusives, the higher the rarity, different categories yield different $YARN amount.

Exclusives may receive extra perks in PCC Universe.

KittyVault Purrksโ€‹

Purrnelope's KittyVault Purrks are airdropped NFTs to all holders of the cats.

Start from Sep 2021 to Apr 2022 of a total of 8 airdrops.

Kitty Vault ๐Ÿฆโ€‹

The KittyVault is a community-owned vault of NFTs that backs every PCC cat & first 8 airdrops. And it is valued at 929.08 ETH based on the floor price of NFTs inside by Apr 22, 2022.

The whole collection will be fractionalized with @fractional_art 2.0.

.pcc.eth ENS ๐Ÿ†”โ€‹

.pcc.eth ENS subdomains is free for PCC Cat holders to claim. It is more readable for wallet address, use the cat as PFP on web3, and the brand of PCC Community.

The new PCC Ambassadors role requires to have a .pcc.eth subdomain.

$YARN ๐Ÿงถโ€‹

$YARN is the official Purrnelope's Token.

NFTs from main collections will be able to yield $YARN. $YARN will be used for purchasing packs, community governance, etc. $YARN was mentioned a lot during Carlini8's interview by Overpriced JPEGs.

Merch ๐Ÿ›โ€‹

Merch was planned and activated since Roadmap 1.0, the Merch Store has launched on May 13, 2022.

Merches require redeem using KittyVault Purrks will launch soon, e.g. Hoodies, 3D Model, Comic Book, Music Record, Keyboard, and Ledger Nano S.

Games ๐ŸŽฎโ€‹

Games are planned in Roadmap 2.0. 4 Games are currently planned. And the Team is working with Entity Builds to develope the first game in the NFT Worlds metaverse. Entity Builds is a best-in-class studio with incredible Minecraft builders, devs, and designers.5

Voting ๐Ÿ—ณโ€‹

PCC Cats holders can cast votes on a 1 Cat = 1 Vote basis, $PURR token is also supported.

See all voting proposals on PCC's Website:

Fun Facts ๐Ÿ˜Žโ€‹

Change Name to PCCโ€‹

At the begining, the team was calling themselves the Cool Cats Country Club, but changed it to Purrnelope's Country Club after the Cool Cats project smashed it out the park.

Roadmaps ๐Ÿ—บโ€‹

Roadmap 1.0โ€‹

Roadmap 1.0 was released with the project launch and it got updated in a Team post after the Cats mint out on Aug 12, 2021.

Displate and Anime Short are still in progress, and these are mentioned in Roadmap 2.0

  • โœ… Discord Boost: completed after Launch
  • โœ… Twitter Competition: 2021-Q3
  • ๐Ÿ›  Displate Competition
  • โœ… Carbon Offset: 2021-Q3
  • โœ… Merch activated: 2021-Q3
  • โœ… Community Wallet: 2021-Q3
  • โœ… Profile Picture Advertisement: 2021-Q3
  • โœ… Charity Donation: 2021-Q4 (Citation Needed)
  • โœ… Community Buy Back: 2021-Q3
  • โœ… Liquidity Pool: 2021-Q3
  • ๐Ÿ›  A short anime video

Roadmap 1.0 Plusโ€‹

KittyVault, KittyVault Purrks Airdrops, 1st companions: Kittens, 2nd companions: TBA, Tier 2 Collection, $YARN, .pcc.eth ENS subdomains were not on the original roadmap 1.0 but added to the project later.

The KittyVault is waiting to be fractionlized once it's ready. KittyVault Purrks airdrops, 2nd companion, Tier 2 Collection, and $YARN are mentioned in Roadmap 2.0, and will be tracked in the next Roadmap 2.0 section.

  • ๐Ÿ˜ผ KittyVault
  • โœ… Kittens: 2021-Q4
  • โœ… .pcc.eth ENS subdomains: 2021-Q4

Roadmap 2.0โ€‹

Roadmap 2.0 was released on Feb 25, 2022, 6 months after Roadmap 1.0.

  • ๐Ÿ›  Complete Roadmap 1.0
  • โœ… 8 KittyVault Purrks Airdrops 2022-Q2
  • โœ… 2nd Companion 2022-Q2
  • โœ… Merch 2022-Q2
  • ๐Ÿš™ Redeem for Physicals Completed: 1/6
  • ๐Ÿ›  Tier 2 Collection
  • โœ… $YARN Token

Other items from Roadmap 2.0 will be added to the list upon completion or new updates from the team. Here's a map of Roadmap 2.0:

Events ๐Ÿ“โ€‹

2021 Q3โ€‹

2021 Q4โ€‹

  • 10-01: Carlini start 31 daily giveaways through the whole October 2021
  • 10-18: Carbon Offset updated to 1,522 credits via Aerial for Cat contract
  • 10-24: 1st Official Game Night with Papa(Peter)
  • 11-01: Kitten Basket airdropped, 2/8 Purrks monthly airdrops
  • 11-07: Community Vote finished for 40 eth charity donation snapshot
  • 11-15: Kittens public mint/claim started
  • 11-27: Model Cat airdropped, 3/8 Purrks monthly airdrops
  • 12-05: Community Vote passed on Secondary Market Fees change snapshot
  • 12-18: .pcc.eth ENS Subdomain available for all PCC holders to claim
  • 12-31: Comic Cat airdropped, 4/8 Purrks monthly airdrops

2022 Q1โ€‹

2022 Q2โ€‹

2022 Q3โ€‹

  1. Quoted from PCC first blog post: Welcome to Purrnelopeโ€™s Country Clubโ†ฉ
  2. 3 companies were mentioned in Carlini8's interview by Lucky Trader.โ†ฉ
  3. The first company was mentioned many times in Carlini8's interviews.โ†ฉ
  4. BVI company was mentioned in interview by Lucky Trader, and time was mentioned in interview by Talkenized.โ†ฉ
  5. The 4 games were mentioned in Carlini8's interview by Overpriced JPEGs. And they may change before the they announced officially.โ†ฉ