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Contribute to PCC Archive

Anyone is welcomed to contribute to PCC Archive.

Help updating the content:

  1. Using GitHub (Recommended)

    If you are familliar with GitHub, you can fork this project and making contributions through PR.

    If you have a GitHub account but don't know how to code or make PR, just Create New Issue.

  2. Message in Discord

    I'm curatorcat.pcc.eth#0385 in PCC Discord. You can send the content to update in PCC Discord and tag my username.

    My DMs are open to members in PCC Discord. But it is better to communicate publicly in the Discord Server.

  3. Using Blockscan Chat

    If there is anything requires to verify your Ethereum Address, it is recommended to contact me using Blockscan Chat on

  4. Via Email



Never share your confidential information, passwords, private keys or seed phrases with ANYONE! Be extra careful when receiving any external links or online forms. Always keep an eye out for malicious parties in the Dark Forest 👀