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Thank you and Roadmaps

Β· 4 min read

Wow. Thanks everyone. What an incredible evening.

Welcome to the Country Club.

It took a lot to get us here, for the claim of β€œsimple cash grabs” we sure did put in a lot of work just to launch!

However, the work starts now. And that starts with Roadmap V1.

0% β€” Discord Boosted: long done! Remember when projects had this at 25% after raising a few 100k? Luckily those days are gone!

10% β€” Twitter comp and NFT Giveaway: Already done, we have given away many.

20% β€” Displate Competition: Currently mocking up the Displates, will be giving more info on how these are awarded shortly, could your cat have something to do with it? The giveaways were already done too.

30% β€” Carbon Negative: We have used the site Aerial to estimate our affect so far, this is something we will continue to monitor. This has all happened very fast and while we were looking into it we did want to take a deeper dive. We will dig deeper when things settle and add to ensure we are not just carbon negative, but really negative!

Doing what we can to ensure we are not the problem and actively helping

40% β€” Merch Activated: We have had some sent to us as the team already, we have had samples from a few companies and will be narrowing down the winner and getting this released to you as soon as possible!

50% β€” Community Wallet: This is a big one. We sold out fully, so that means we have funded the community wallet with 200 ETH. That can be found here: 0x1F4A4fdFB5C729DC5D397A3541b38BF13a841Df3

We will release an article hopefully tomorrow dedicated purly on how we plan on running this community wallet, it is a big topic so will need a full article to itself.

60% β€” Profile Picture Advertising: Again this one is a little complicated so we will release an individual article on it. We can confirm that the profile picture funding will begin on the 14th of August 2021. So if you hold a Purrnelopes Cat and have your twitter and/or discord profile picture as the cat you will recieve a cut of the 5% (40 ETH, 20 discord/20 twitter).

70% β€” Charity Donation Activated: We will be opening a discord channel for people to put forward suggestions of where you would like this 5% to be donated. On-Chain is preferable if possible, we want it to be as transparant as it can be! We will then put the short listed charities to a vote where 1 cat = 1 vote. This discord channel will be opened on the 14th August 2021.

80% β€” Community Buy Back: This has already begun. Just over half of the 40 ETH has been used and the remaining will be used periodically over the next 24 hours or so. The goal is to do it as and when pre loading up the floor and then working through it. That way if anyone lists to try and dump on the sweep they will not be bought up by us.

90% β€” Liquidity Pool: This should actually be Liquidity Pool(s). Along with the buy back above we will be creating LP tokens with ETH and putting them into NFTX and NFT20 so that people can swap cats at either. If we find significantly higher demand at one other the other we can pull the LP and move it all into a single pool. This will be completed after the sweep is over.

100% A short Anime video will be producted β€” NoCat is pumped to do this! We do however have lots of other assets we need built up for articles and the likes so we will start on this aspect of the roadmap soon just so that we can get marketing and potential future secret other Roadmap V2 stuff ready before what really will be a lot of artist time! So we have activated this and work has begun, there are just a few things to jump on first and this will be the longest one for us to deliver on.

I will try keep you up to date daily on how things are going and what we have been up to. Our commitment is fully to you, the community and we will do our best to take on all ideas and discuss all queries with you.

Community Wallet and PFP Advertisement explaination articles to come.

After, The Kitty Bank. The Why, The How, The When.