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The PCC Archive ( is not the official website of Purrnelope's Country Club. It is created by the community and for the community of Purrnelope's Country Club.

PCC has tons of information but scattered across the internet. PCC Archive is targeted to gather those information into one place, and make it easy for people to learn and find information about Purrnelope's Country Club.

The official PCC website will be updated for some kind of this purpose as well on PCC Roadmap 2.0. But it's not going to happen soon. So before that happens, PCC Archive will try to keep the content organized, which may be helpful to the Official PCC Team to build the next PCC Website.


Who am I?

I'm Curator Cat ( Behind the account, I am a community member of Purrnelope's Country Club. I have another username in the community but I would like to keep being anonymous as Curator Cat for now. I hope more community members can join this project to help gather and maintain this project. And eventually everyone is curator of the PCC Archive.

Who owns PCC Archive

Currently I am the owner of repository and the domain In the future, I hope I can transfer the ownership to the community or the official team to hold the ownership of the repo and domain. But before that happens, I am acting as the curator to the repo and website.


Anyone is welcomed to contribute to the PCC Archive.

Learn more at Contribute to PCC Archive


I do not need donations to keep this project running.

I only purchased the domain which is pretty cheap. And the rest are all built on open-source projects and free web services.

Please consider contributing to the project or keep active in the PCC community.

Collab or ADs?

No Collab to other projects. And no ADs. This project is for PCC only.

Why use Docusaurus?

Docusaurus is an open-source project created by facebook and used by many projects. It's good for docs and blogs to use. Also it can be deployed anywhere supports static web hosting, so this project doesn't require funds or donations to keep running.

Contact Me


Never share your confidential information, passwords, private keys or seed phrases with ANYONE! Be extra careful when receiving any external links or online forms. Always keep an eye out for malicious parties in the Dark Forest 👀

  1. GitHub: Create New Issue in this project's repo

  2. Discord: tag me curatorcat.pcc.eth#0385 in PCC Discord

  3. BlockScan Chat:

  4. Email: CuratorCat[at]