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PCC Archive is created for people to learn about the Purrnelope's Country Club project.

Anyone is welcomed to contribute to the content.

Purrnelope's Country Club

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๐Ÿ’œ WeLoveThePurrs

.pcc.eth ENS subdomains

.pcc.eth subdomains are free for PCC Cat holders to claim.

The name transfers with the cat. It's a proof of ownership, a more human-readable wallet address, and it also auto-sets the cat as the ENS avatar.

Kitty Vault

The KittyVault is a vault of NFTs that backs every PCC Cat and KV Purrks airdrops. The idea is that the Vault will operate as a 'Gold Standard' so PCC collections will always have some inherent worth.

The KittyVault is valued at 929.08 ETH.

Based on the floor price of NFTs inside by Apr 22, 2022.