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PCC Collections

PCC Universe has 4 main collections: Cats, Kittens, Grandmas, and Tier 2 (TBA) that are cat members of the country club. And 3 other Collections: Purrnelope's Exslusives, KittyVault Purrks and Purrnelope's Gift.

The 4 main collections are classified into 3 tiers, which will yield different amounts of $YARN per day. Exclusives collection also yield $YARN.

Main Collections

Cats, Kittens, Grandmas, Tier 2s (TBA) are 4 main collections in PCC Universe.


Main collections are classified into 3 tiers, which will yield different amounts of $YARN perday.

  • Tier 1: will yield 10 $YARN per day.
  • Tier 2: will yield 5 $YARN per day.
  • Tier 3: will yield 1 $YARN per day.

Details for Tiers & $YARN will be documented and updated accordingly following the team's updates.

Cats TIER 1

Purrnelope's Cats is the 1st collection in PCC Universe with 10k unique Cat NFTs that grand the membership to the Country Club. Cats are Tier 1 NFTs.

Cats mint started on 2021-07-17. After Carlini revealed himself behind the PCC project, the cats minted out on 2021-08-12.

Kittens TIER 3

Purrnelope's Kittens is the 1st cat companion in PCC Universe with with 10k unique Kitten NFTs. Kittens are Tier 3 NFTs.

Kittens were minted/redeemed by burning Kitten Basket airdrops.

Grandmas TIER 3

Purrnelope's Grandmas are the 2nd Cats companions in PCC Universe with 10k unique Grandma NFTs. Grandmas are Tier 3 NFTs.

Grandmas were minted/redeemed by burning Grandma's Nightstand airdrops.

Tier 2 (TBA) TIER 2

Tier 2 (TBA) in PCC Universe will be the equivalent of Meebits, Mutants from Punks and BAYC. It is the second entry to the PCC Universe. And there are potentially 6 different version of Tier 2.

The sale for Tier 2 has not been officially announced yet, and $YARN is heavily involved in acquiring them.

Some detail on Tier 2 was mentioned in Roadmap 2.0 and interivew by Overpriced JPEGs. And detail may change before it announced officially.

Exclusives Collection

Purrnelope's Exclusives

Purrnelope's Exclusives are $YARN Yielding NFTs. There are 5 categories in Exclusives, the higher the rarity, different categories yield different $YARN amount.

Exclusives may receive extra perks in PCC Universe.

KittyVault Collection

KittyVault Purrks

Purrnelope's KittyVault Purrks are airdropped NFTs to all holders of the cats.

Start from Sep 2021 to Apr 2022 of a total of 8 airdrops.

Other Collections

Purrnelope's Gift

Purrnelope's Gift are a long-term plan to reward PCC's loyal fans.