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PCC Collections

PCC Universe has 4 main collections: Cats, Kittens, Grandmas, and Tier 2 (TBA) that are cat members of the country club. And 3 other Collections: Purrnelope's Exslusives, KittyVault Purrks and Purrnelope's Gift.

The 4 main collections are classified into 3 tiers, which will yield different amounts of $TOKEN per day. Exclusives collection also yield $TOKEN.

Main Collections​

Cats, Kittens, Grandmas, Tier 2s (TBA) are 4 main collections in PCC Universe.


Main collections are classified into 3 tiers, which will yield different amounts of $TOKEN perday.

  • Tier 1: will yield 10 $TOKENs per day.
  • Tier 2: will yield 5 $TOKENs per day.
  • Tier 3: will yield 1 $TOKEN per day.

Details for Tiers & $TOKEN has not been released yet.

Cats TIER 1​

Purrnelope's Cats is the 1st collection in PCC Universe with 10k unique Cat NFTs that grand the membership to the Country Club. Cats are Tier 1 NFTs.

Cats mint started on 2021-07-17. After Carlini revealed himself behind the PCC project, the cats minted out on 2021-08-12.

Kittens TIER 3​

Purrnelope's Kittens is the 1st cat companion in PCC Universe with with 10k unique Kitten NFTs. Kittens are Tier 3 NFTs.

Kittens were minted/redeemed by burning Kitten Basket airdrops.

Grandmas TIER 3​

Purrnelope's Grandmas are the 2nd Cats companions in PCC Universe with 10k unique Grandma NFTs. Grandmas are Tier 3 NFTs.

Grandmas were minted/redeemed by burning Grandma's Nightstand airdrops.

Tier 2 (TBA) TIER 2​

Tier 2 (TBA) in PCC Universe will be the equivalent of Meebits, Mutants from Punks and BAYC. It is the second entry to the PCC Universe. And there are potentially 6 different version of Tier 2.

The sale for Tier 2 has not been officially announced yet, and $TOKEN is heavily involved in acquiring them.

Some detail on Tier 2 was mentioned in Roadmap 2.0 and interivew by Overpriced JPEGs. And detail may change before it announced officially.

Exclusives Collection​

Purrnelope's Exclusives​

Purrnelope's Exclusives are $TOKEN Yielding NFTs. There are 5 categories in Exclusives, the higher the rarity, different categories yield different $TOKEN amount.

Exclusives may receive extra perks in PCC Universe.

KittyVault Collection​

KittyVault Purrks​

Purrnelope's KittyVault Purrks are airdropped NFTs to all holders of the cats.

Start from Sep 2021 to Apr 2022 of a total of 8 airdrops.

Other Collections​

Purrnelope's Gift​

Purrnelope's Gift are a long-term plan to reward PCC's loyal fans.