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60% Profile Picture Advertising

Β· 4 min read

As pledged in our roadmap at 60% completion of the sale:

You will be paid to have your discord and Twitter profile as your profile picture, no more advertising for free, these funds will come from the sale not the Community Wallet at first.

This starts tomorrow, 14th August, 2021.​

We have had a few questions about that β€œat first”. It is possible for the community to propose that a percentage of the income is used to keep this program going. I don’t expect it to, but that is something that could be proposed. More on the community wallet, tomorrow!

5% of the total take has been budgeted for this program. That is 40 ETH. We are paying for two socials, Discord and Twitter. That means 20 ETH for each social will be givenaway. We will be doing this for 2 weeks, 14 days. 1.429 ETH will be split per day per individiual with a pfp on that social. If you are the only one (you won’t be) 1.429 ETH a day. If we somehow get perfect distribution and perfect PFP use you will be looking at a cool 0.0001429. Don’t worry, there are 14 days so that ups all the way to 0.0020006. (0.0040012 if you do both socials!) None of these figures will be true, it will be somewhere inbetween and I imagine far far close to the 1 (we only currently have 1,600 holders making it a 1,600 cap anyway!)

Personally I am going to guess at 250 for each social. Which means if you did both you would be looking at 0.16 ETH also know as the mint price of two PCCs! I could of course be wildly wrong, but lets see!

This starts tomorrow, 14th August, 2021.

So, how do you do it?


Firstly, you need to join our discord, that can be done via: or by going to and clicking the discord image.

Once in the discord you need to get past the spam bot blocker, prove you are human completing a capcha you recieve via DM and then ensure you have a Purrmelopes Country Club cat in your wallet.

Go to the #front-desk-help channel and type !join. will then verify you own a PCC and give you the Country Club role. With this role you can see the ambassador-check-in room in the Community tab. Ensure that your profile picture is a PCC that you own, enter that channel and click the cat emoji. This will give you the Ambasador role. A snapshot of every Ambasador will be made late on every day (GMT Late) of the promotion and results tracked for the duration.


A Kryptosign link will be provided both on our twitter and in the discord. If you sign this it will link your twitter account to your wallet address.

Ensure you have a PCC as your profile picture on twitter and sign the link. A snapshot will be taken every day (GMT Late) to check you still have a PCC and your profile picture is still a PCC.

If you change your profile picture mid way through the promotion, just sign the link at that point and not before.

You only need to sign this once.

As I type this the current cheapest cat on the market is 0.108 ETH. If we were to assume you were to change both your discord and twitter profiles for the duration of the promion, that equal amount of people changed for discord and twitter (just to make it easier for sums) and you hav no cats at this very moment…

As long as 370 or less people were to change both of their profile pictures then buying the floor, changing socials and claiming the reward for the full 14 days would be a profitable play. It would create at the very least, a free PCC. A higher number will still be profitable as long as the price of the PCC doesn’t drastically change.

Do with that what you will.