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๐Ÿ›ฉ Purrnelope's Exclusives

๐Ÿ›ฉ Contract ยท OpenSea ยท LooksRare ๐Ÿ›ฉ

What are PCC Exclusivesโ€‹

Purrnelope's Exclusives are $YARN Yielding NFTs and may receive extra perks in PCC Universe.

$YARN Yieldโ€‹

There are 5 categories in Exclusives, the higher the rarity, different categories yield different $YARN amount.

CategoryTypeDaily $YARN Yield
CAT IFloat5
CAT IIGolf Cart10
CAT IVSuper Car50
CAT VPrivate Jet100

Exclusive Airdropsโ€‹

citition needed

Alpha V1 of Paxโ€‹

Alpha V1 of Pax are coming to a lucky few who hold exclusives at the snapshot.

Exclusive Airdropโ€‹

An airdrop was planned for holders holding both Cat & Exclusive. Every airdrop for every Cat - Exclusive pair,

Mint / Saleโ€‹

The price was 0.1 ETH per Exclusive. Sale started at 21:30 UTC, Jul 22, 2022 with 3 waves:

  • Wave 1: started 21:30 UTC for Wave 1 allowlist to mint, up to 3 Exclusives each address. All Cat owners were in Wave 1 allowlist.
  • Wave 2: started 22:30 UTC for everyone who minted in Wave 1 + Wave 2 allowlist to mint, up to 3 Exclusives each address
  • Wave 3: started 23:30 UTC for public mint, capped at 3 Exclusives per transaction

500 Exclusives (ID 0-499) were free giveaways for previous social/collab project raffle winners.

Public Mint / Sale closed at 12:00 AM UTC, Aug 3, 2022 with 3,462 Exclusives minted.


Mint Statisticsโ€‹

Total minted: 3,462 PE (ID 0 - 3461)

  • DevMint for giveaways: 500 PE (ID 0 - 499)
  • Total Sale: 2,962 PE
    • Public: 2,562 PE
    • KittyVault: 400 PE

Category Statisticsโ€‹

CategoriesNo. NFTs% of AllCategory Daily Yield
CAT I2,54273.43%12,710
CAT II72120.83%7,210
CAT III1584.56%3,950
CAT IV361.04%1,800
CAT V50.14%500


Year 2022:

The Exclusives Contractโ€‹

Exclusives are ERC-721 NFTs (Etherscan), it's using ERC721A to save gas. And it's using Chainlink to generate a random number to off-set tokenURI for each token during the reveal.

The contract itself is named PurrnelopesExclusives.