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.pcc.eth ENS Subdomains

You can only have a .pcc.eth if you own a Purrnelopes Country Club Cat. The ENS is tied to the cat, not an additional NFT, not your wallet, the cat itself. If you sell your PCC Cat, the .pcc.eth goes with it.

It's free for PCC Cats holders to claim on the PCC website beside the gas. As long as you hold the cat tied to it, you will have your .pcc.eth ENS, the PCC Team pays the annual fees for the primary pcc.eth ENS.

ENS domains are booming, and PCC's wizard hodl.pcc.eth created a custom ENS resolver contract that made PCC the first project that links ERC-721 NFTs to ENS subdomains possible. The contract itself says feel free to reuse it for other projects to use!


Wallet Address​

A .pcc.eth ENS is your wallet address, but more readable compared to 0x09284530Β·Β·Β·ac0bef. Carlini's address is carlini8.pcc.eth and Papa's address is papa.pcc.eth. The .pcc.eth ENS subdomain will point to the wallet address holding the cat which has the .pcc.eth name.

You can tell others your yourname.pcc.eth subdomain when sending ETH or tokens to you, and ENS is supported by most wallet apps.

How .pcc.eth ENS works

ENS PFP Avatar​

The magic of .pcc.eth will use the Cat that has the name as the ENS avatar automatically! All major standard web3 platforms like uniswap etc. will display your .pcc.eth name with the cat as the profile image!

Web3 Social Profile​

.pcc.eth subdomains support ENS Text Records, this means you can add information such as your web social accounts to your .pcc.eth ENS subdomain.

There are some services currently support display web3 profile:

Follow .pcc.eth on Twitter​

.pcc.eth is the best way to find members of the PCC community! To follow .pcc.eth users on Twitter, use this Twitter Search.

And more​

.pcc.eth is more than a name and avatar, it's Proof of Ownership, Your Wallet Address, Searchable Profile Picture, Your Community, Proof of Flex, Marketing for your Community, Integrates your Brand, Bot Integratable. Read more on Carlini8's Tweet Thread On .pcc.eth


See Guides Page for all Guide for .pcc.eth ENS Subdomains.

General Guides​

Advanced Guides​


See FAQ Page for all FAQ for .pcc.eth ENS Subdomains.

Learn more​


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.pcc.eth Named Cats​


All PCC related ENS currently owned by PCC Team.

Registered by Team​

The wallet address of purrnelope.pcc.eth is likely managed by carlini8.pcc.eth

  • pcc.eth on Nov-25-2021 by purrnelope.pcc.eth
  • purrnelopescountryclub.eth on Jul-28-2021 by purrnelope.pcc.eth
  • purrnelopecommunitywallet.eth on Aug-11-2021 by 0x1FΒ·Β·Β·1Df3
  • kittybank.eth on Aug-05-2021 by 0x1dΒ·Β·Β·8e93

Registered by Others​

ENS here are not registered by PCC Team but transferred to the team.