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Physical PCC Model Cat

Model Typesโ€‹

  1. Astro Cat
  2. GM Cat
  3. Golf Cat


The Model Cat is about the same height as the GM Cup:


Astro Cat, GM Cat, Golf Cat Models have different grounds on the base. You can choose to have your .pcc.eth name can be printed on the base.

Cat ID and traits and body type will also be printed at the bottom of the base.

Claim with Model Cat NFTโ€‹

Please read claim description on carefully, the followings are simple demo for the claim.

1. Redeem for Merch Couponโ€‹

  • 5 Model Cat NFTs will be required to redeem 1 coupon for 1 Physical Cat Model.

  • Burn your Model Cat NFTs for Merch Coupon:

  • After the redeem successful, go to #front-desk-support channel in PCC Discord and submit Model Ticket for Physical Cat Model merch Merch Coupon.

  • Provide your redeem transaction, Cat #ID you would like to have for the model cat, and also .pcc.eth name if you would like in the Ticket Support.

2. Claim on Merch Storeโ€‹

  • Claim on Merch Store:

  • During checkout, enter the Discount Code and click Apply button, the subtotal will be changed to 0. And you can proceed the checkout.

  • Communications and Claim support will be done with your Model Ticket submited in #front-desk-support channel in PCC Discord.

Learn Moreโ€‹


Unboxing Video by katie.pcc.eth


  • First Batch started to shipping to holders in July 2022. See photos

Alpha for Series 2โ€‹

In Series 2 models we may see some different bodies, more intergrations like NFC tags, 2FA utility etc.

this was leaked by papa.pcc.eth in PCC Discord. Link