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Carlini8's Tweet Thread On .pcc.eth

ยท 4 min read

People are starting to notice our sub domains at @PurrnelopesCC if you don't get it, let me help

.pcc.eth is:

  • Proof of Ownership
  • Your Wallet Address
  • Searchable Profile Picture
  • Your Community
  • Proof of Flex
  • Marketing for your Community
  • Integrates your Brand
  • Bot Integratable
  • Free

Proof of Ownershipโ€‹

You can only have a .pcc.eth if you own a Purrnelopes Country Club Cat. The ENS is tied to the cat, not an additional NFT, not your wallet, the cat itself. If you sell your PCC, the .pcc.eth goes with it. This is incredibly powerful and will only get more so.

Your Wallet Addressโ€‹

The first reason everyone tells you to get an ENS domain in the first place! Turn your 0x09284530983450lksjdflk9-098324 into a nice and easily readable / sharable YOUR-NAME.YOUR-FAV-NFT-PROJECT.YOUR-CHAIN (.eth or noob)

Searchable PFPโ€‹

"Is #ApefollowApe still a thing?" - We hear all of the new legit BAYC cry and all of the influennnnzooors just farming engagement along with the bots trying to farm followers to sell the accounts. This isn't needed with the power we are soon to unlock.

Until then, there is still this very simple method to follow the rest of your community:

Your Communityโ€‹

"Why is this project great?" "Bro, it has a great community!" With using a subdomain for your community and encouraging people to connect publicly on twitter dot com and nudging them to engage together you are going to send a community into hyper drive.

Proof of Flexโ€‹

A Twitter Hexagon helps pfps, you see a hexagon Ape, more likely they are real than a circle. HOWEVER - any NFT goes hex. I can mint a BAYC image and hex myself up without owning it. When ENS hexagons come, that is IMPOSSIBLE. You have to own a PCC to get .pcc.eth

and that means that there is no way to fake it once the ENS hexagon equivalent comes along. Fake BAYC farming will take a big hit the day that comes and .bayc.eth is a thing.


Part of the reason people use a pfp as a pfp is for marketing. You don't work for the project, but by putting the exposure out there you raise the value of your collection.

There are currently 260 registered .pcc.eth on twitter and we haven't even tried to up that.

Just wait until we start trying in the not too distant future! 500 verified community owners all using this website to talk all things NFT Infront of the world? Easily searchable and encouraged to follow each other? What about 1,000? Dare I say 5,000 long term? A huge positive.

Your Brandโ€‹

Integrates your own brand. You may be known to the NFT world as... whoever you are. You don't have to lose that brand to become a .pcc.eth. You can just claim name-now.pcc.eth and you are still your own brand while showing the first discord you open in the morning.

Bot Integratableโ€‹

We can use the twitter API to find everyone with a .pcc.eth. We can do the same with the discord API. We can do the same with the Ethereum blockchain.

No alpha, not now, that is soon to come, but that does sound like cool things are possible right? Right?


It is free! We (or whichever other community sees us, thinks this is great and copies our method - OUR CONTRACT SAYS COPY US!) pay to renew the domain ourselves. You have to pay gas to claim (sorry it is ETH) but that is even cheaper than a normal domain you never pay again

.@ensdomains is very good to build on. Our custom resolver is opening up possibilities we didn't think was possible. This is the first iteration of a subdomain tied to an already existing NFT collection. The possibilities and integrations are huge and we are here for it!

As with everything we do in this space, this is a step in the right direction. The future is going to be huge for subdomains within NFT communities (and loads of other things, but I am talking specifically as a PCC founder here). The current utility is bigger than most NFT...

...advancements and the ceiling on the possibilities is even higher. Just open your mind a tiny bit and think about what linking your brand, your fav brand your wallet, ownership, flexing, bots, marketing all together can lead to.


While I am here, if you are interested - we always answer any and all questions, including ones others would deem "FUD". Come at us: