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PurrCast: ENS subdomains with hodl.pcc.eth

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Papa Cat (Peter)

ENS subdomains, purple, and what comes next.



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Speakers: Hodl (42%), Carlini8 (38%), Papa (20%)

Papa 0:47โ€‹

Right. I'll fix that because everything's great. Say what we're going to do to night. Ghost is leaking, leaking out one to one in the lobby bar, which is very funny. What we're going to do tonight is we're going to talk all things, ambassadors, all things, subdomains, what we've got already what we've got come in and what we can do with it in the future.

Papa 1:26โ€‹

Lovely. So, what I'm going to do is welcome everybody, to the podcast for the 20th of April. It is Wednesday. As always, I'm joined as always by Carlini, but we also have for his first time on the podcast hodl.pcc.eth, Welcome, sir.

Hodl 1:51โ€‹

Good day. Thanks for having me on.

Papa 1:54โ€‹

Absolutely pleasure, my friend longtime coming, it became a bit of a meme at one point that was gonna get you on. And then you kind of stumbled across something really great that has pushed the project forward in a really big way, says Leila, kind of kind of happy to have you on now. So yes, we will be discussing all of that, how it works, how to get the new ambassador role, what it means for us, moving forward, and all that fun stuff. But first, Carlini, if I just come to you, for the first question, I'm going to put 60 seconds on the clock. Why have we changed the ambassador role?

Carlini8 2:44โ€‹

Anything Quickly? Okay, why are we changing ambassador of 60 seconds. So the ambassador all before was clunky, it was manual, it was a lot of work for very little gain. We knew it could be completely gamed, and we tell people how to game it. Because we're, you know, we're open like that we're very much all about. Knowing we know the systems we put in place, almost every system can be gamed in some way. But we're not going to hide it from us more about putting barriers in the way. Because making you change your discord profile picture to a purr is good marketing, right? You make sure an ambassador of the project, so when you're talking in other discords, they see your purr. They don't necessarily ask about it, but they still see it and you know, you're penetrating their brainwaves a little bit. But we know you could just change your picture just in hours, get the role. blardy blar. And that, you know, that's fine. The main issue is just that we had to whenever we're doing anything useful, we had to manually check for the purr's image. And that was a pain. And the automation levels were much lower, because we had to use discord. So you have to pull a list of roles in discord to be able to then benefit the ambassadors. Whereas now, that is no longer the case. The new ambassador program, we know, you know, there are you can split up your purrs and get more than one subdomain, if you want. We know that's possible. That does cost gas. It's effort. And with this new idea of I guess what I'm calling quests. You know, it just adds that level of that barrier in the way to people bothering, I guess to try and game it. And because we're using subdomains, it's on ETH and that's very well, I don't want to say very easy to work with because I don't know that's Hodl's that's why he's here. But I can say hey, Hodl, let's try this and he says okay, So that is, that is why

Papa 5:06โ€‹

I think that was 120 seconds, but we'll we'll take it. Yeah,

Carlini8 5:11โ€‹

I doubled.

Papa 5:13โ€‹

So Hodl, yeah, if I can bring you in on that to kind of speak to maybe just a quick word on what subdomains are, obviously, with that linking to the ambassador role, and then how the ambassador role is now going to work. Sort of from now on, how do you get it? how that all works?

Hodl 5:32โ€‹

So what subdomains I guess, I guess the subdomain really is, like a verifiable username, you know, that we can link the subdomain to the NFT. And no one can have a subdomain, MSA haven't got an NFT. And I think the thing, the things in the blockchain and you know, web three as a whole is things tend to be very isolated. individual contracts don't really kind of communicate with each other. And you know, the individual chains definitely don't communicate with each other either. And what kind of writing this custom resolver for the ens has allowed us to do is kind of bridge that ens in itself, has a gateway to the outside world as a gateway to web. So where we can kind of query that and we can kind of query ownership and resolve addresses in a very kind of neat and kind of organic way. And yeah, the ability for us to kind of leverage that to be able to link to the purrs enables us to link it back to web two. And then we can kind of really make things come alive and make things you know, I say more linked, and more verified, and between those two worlds, which are so far apart.

Papa 7:07โ€‹

Awesome. Yeah, I think the phrase that we use the other day, or that you coined, that I got credited with which I 100% will take is it makes your it makes your username, your display name, a verifiable profile picture, right. So the links linked together, especially with our subdomains, obviously, every subdomain has to be conjoined to one of our main collections, one of our cats, one of the purrs. So yeah, those two are like inexorably linked.

Hodl 7:37โ€‹

Yeah, absolutely. We've got people out there representing purrs with, you know, that profile pictures, and maybe there's some people opted to do that, because you want a different profile picture? Well, you know, we get the best of both worlds. Now, people can use whichever profile picture they want. Obviously, using Purrnelopes is absolutely fantastic. But they don't have to, they can use, you know, they can use their bored ape, they can use that Kong, they can use their VX, they can use whatever they want, what they can use that pcc.eth that's attached to that cart, and they can still wrap also at the same time, and they can still get ambassador benefits. So it's really great. There's a lot of lot of competition for profile picture space. And I believe we are the only project that's that's ever done this, which seems absolutely bonkers. I mean, it's five months, since we, you know, we launched the original contract, which is wild. Yeah, we put it out into the public, we were very, very open about it. I was very open with a lot of developers about it as well saying, you know, if they needed any support, in terms of rolling out for their own projects, I've had a few people kind of messaging me. I know, Kong's and spoke about it quite positively towards the end of January, you know, that was kind of four months ago. But as of yet, as of today, and there is not another single NFT community project that has launched subdomains. So yeah, but we are, you know, taking it, I guess the next level really where we're pulling it, and we're going to add some utility into it for bility at the start, but definitely integrating it within our ecosystem. And then, you know, just just keep moving forward. I say it's really, really great from a development point of view to be able to use it. And actually, you know, physically it'd be useful for you know, outside of web three, outside of that Ethereum blockchain Yeah,

Papa 9:52โ€‹

yeah. Amazing, man. Really, really cool. Yeah. So Carlini, if you want to talk about the initial in Initial utility I guess, I know you mentioned it in your dream or torium article, medium article which dropped yesterday, which I'm going to pin in the space now for anyone who didn't see it just yet or didn't give it a read. So yeah, if you want to talk about the initial utility that we're going to be bringing to the ambassador role and to subdomains in general.

Carlini8 10:23โ€‹

Yeah, of course. So the first, the first sort of power that the our sub domain has is the proof of ownership, which I think is very key for NFT projects like ours. Because as Hodl says kongs were thinking about doing it, but they were not going to use it as proof of ownership, they weren't going to touch the NFT. And I went back and forth with our quite a bit until eventually convincing him it's the most powerful part for us. But we will see subdomains used in lots of different ways, purely because they can be, but for any project proving that you own that NFT without mimicry, you can't mint bored ape, change it into a hexagon on Twitter, because technically, it's an NFT, because it will have to be for us DOT PCC DOT ETH, which you can only have if you own as it currently stands at PCC. So with that information, we then automatically know that every subdomain that we have registered owns a cat because or, in a way owns a cat because the cat owns the sub domain and you own the cat. which unlocks, I guess, almost unlimited potential. It depends what you can think of, and what I guess the web two world of API's can do. So for us straight away, we'll be having a weekly giveaway. And that will not require any dot PCC dot ETH to enter. You've already entered just by having a dot PCC dot ETH. And that will be a kitten giveaway. Once the giveaway is done, we don't need to ask you for your wallet because it'll just go to wherever your PCC dot ETH, it's just automatically done. It's all very simple, Bish, bash, Bosh done. And then we're going to be doing a slightly, I guess, I don't want to say, higher end one. But like, one with a few more requirements, which will be, which is what I'm calling quests. And again, it's kind of mocking the current state of games in this space where you know, a quest is really just a transaction that doesn't really benefit anyone at all. Like, no one is actually better off because you've sent your hero or your, you know, your companion on a on a side chain to go and do something. No, that is not actually done in effect. Whereas in what we would call, you know, real games, generally, you're interacting with other people in a big online world. But what our quests will be is something that does interact with other people, you know, you can build we'll build up our own community by saying, hey, go in like 10 tweets from other dot PCC dot ethers, or hey, follow the dot PCC dot ethers. And each week, we can give one thing or maybe a few things that are required in order to qualify for that for a chance to win that week's giveaway. And the harder we make it, the more things you have to do, the more you reward those who can be bothered, because less people will do it so that their chances go up like only one person completes everything. They then automatically win. have 2 complete it, and it's 5050, or 100, you've got 1% chance. So it depends on the community. And what we're hoping is this bill to see even more so we do, what we do have is a very good community here. And I know everyone says that they have to say, but you just go into our Discord and you see actual conversation. That's very rare in the NFT space i i am in 200 Discord, and I often pop in just because as I often say, I love stealing ideas. So if I see something good, I'm like, Oh, how can I do that for us? So I go into plenty of discourse maybe once a week. And you know, without fail 90% of the time, there's at least One One explanation about floor or one or why gas pay pending or bloody blah. Whereas you come into as going to regret this massively what are people talking about? Question questing?

Papa 15:16โ€‹

No question.

Carlini8 15:17โ€‹

Well, question. Okay. Well, I mean, yeah, that makes sense. But if you go, you know, if you go a little higher talking about the foot render piece for everyone, we've actually got it. It's come in a sec, put it in the lobby bar. So we have a good level of chat in community, people actually talk to each other people actually know each other, you know, they're talking about X, Y, and Zed, and they know you know, the marathon, the marathon this weekend. That was, that was crazy to see the support in the first place to to get the donations over 10k. And then just everyone tuning in or watching someone right on my refund, but from online, when you know them as a cat. That was wild to watch. And what we can do with these quests, is get those people talking more you can get your community to follow each other on Twitter easier, there's none of this hashtag ape follow ape, because guess what, you've got a list here, which we will improve. Again, I've said we do know, the level of gamification that we've done, people we've already had what quilt dot PCC dot ETH, there's been a couple of grand Celtics PCC dot ETH, for some reason. We know this can happen. So we're already working on ways before it's even was even launched. We've been working on ways to get past these inevitable scams that we knew were going to come and in reality, the level of scams that they are, you know, they're just getting a follow the the end of those are going to follow from our community, they can't get the roll because they don't have that proof of ownership is crazy. And guess what another request could be unfollow all these scammers, we found that you might have followed from searching dot PCC dot eath on Twitter, go go and follow them. So you can feel good about it, we can literally provide the links to do that. We, you know, that's going to be need to be built. But it is possible. So that's we're, we're very much thinking about that. And then it is also exposure as well, because talking in discord gets your chat in to the people sort of one on one building that relationship with the community. But it doesn't expose the community to anyone who hasn't already gone. Oh, let's click that link to this discord because you have to join or as Twitter you're just shouting into the chasm and seeing who can hear but if everyone's shouting together if everyone's one quest is use the Hashtag. Hashtag PCC and tell everyone your favorite thing about the project and you could literally just scroll the hashtag and see why it's great. And maybe a couple of people that don't own a PCC will click that. Join the discord and embrace our community. So it's, it's a level of marketing as well. And you know, we're not going to be laser lines. If I send all of you to do one thing it will be a tight nate Alex. That's the only that's the only quest. We're only thing we're gonna do. Week one attack nate Alex new reason, Alex and like for him his tweets, week three unlike those tweets. And everyone's not liking any of his tweets or 5000. The ambassador program, you know, we're not going to become lazy lions this. It's not going to be like oh, this celebrity is said they're, they like NFTs go spam their posts. No. We're we're very careful about our community, which you can see from what I've just said about the chat in our Discord. We don't want to sort of do actions like that that would bring in the wrong people. And I know what you're all thinking that oh, subdomains aren't that big. All it is is to show on Twitter. NFTs live on Twitter and discord. That's that's where you talk about them. You go on Instagram suddenly, you know, pure scams. So we are we are focusing this on Instagram and disco on Twitter and discord is because where that's where we do everything. That's where NFTs are. But that isn't where subdomains have to be. So Just you know, big picture, I tweeted earlier how

Carlini8 20:05โ€‹

fortnight has an API, you can tell how people have played. Like in the last few weeks, you can tell if they've won, you could. You could have your own fortnight clan that has a subdomain. And if someone has won, you could automatically send them an NFT if they've won a game in that week. Or maybe a clan sets a challenge where if you get over 20 kills in one game, and bringing that back to us, we can do that with our games nights as well. We can give out rewards for winners of games nights, because we can see with other web two projects as API, what has happened if we know in advance, so it's really just, you just let your mind go you open the floodgates and think web 2 API, how can you link proof of ownership into a community? And then, obviously, I then have to try and rein that back in for PCC, but still, I just, you know, you can always in some way, like that fortnight idea. Suddenly, I've just changed that into NFT Worlds in in our country club game. Who's killed the most zombies that week? Are they a verified ambassador? If yes, get this, you know, there's just once once you just start thinking of the possibilities, it gets hard to stop, because it gets a bit insane over what can be done. And the key it always comes back to is that you're building around this core ens we are building around PCC dot ETH. Technically, and then the community is coming around that and the just the levels of improvement that subdomains can do it. I just don't know how other communities haven't caught it. It just seems so obvious to me. And I don't get why they don't get it. And I must click for them soon.

Carlini8 22:18โ€‹

Because with this level of Twitter, and discord integration, so people often come to me and say they're worried about collab land, which is the only reason Discord is kind of good for NFTs because you can verify the NFT with collab land. Now imagine for a second you don't need collab land at all you're worried about, you're worried about it getting hacked, you're worried about it asking for some kind of verification. Because it's built up that level of trust. If collab land DMs you at a reasonable time, you've just joined a server, they want you to verify your NFT. And then suddenly, a row collab land that just watches the people that come into the discord. Maybe they can check their wallets, see if they've got an NFT worth stealing, and then they send them a DM. And all of a sudden, because of that built up trust, while collab land doesn't DM anymore, some people might think that it does. And it's a level of attack. Whereas with subdomains that's, that's done that's already registered, we can already link this so subdomains have the potential to be a future collab land level competitor without the threat of hack now, collab land, like I said, is really is got NFT discord on its back, it is carrying at heart, so no hate to them. Because all they are a vector of attack. That's not their fault. They're doing an amazing job. And they've completely changed their system to avoid scams. But people are dumb. Humans are dumb. They are, we see that so much in this space. And just the extra level of protection. I can see I can see that being a thing in the future. I have this level of conviction on so many other things in our project as well. It's It's kind of insane. That token, for example, should be at this level. And we're going to be using it at the same you know as much yet. It's not in everyone's faces so people don't care as much is all the I don't know when it'll flip but at some point we'll flip from people will actually start thinking over just allowing marketing to wash over them. We are at 618 subdomains and I tweeted a day and a half ago of we were in the 300 I think

Papa 25:00โ€‹

So 618 And we've got I think, 350 dot PCC dot ETH. Just yeah, it was on Twitter,

Hodl 25:09โ€‹

we're running over, I think it was around 360 or simer watts, which is kind of incredible railway, knowing that, I think pretty much every single one of those got a real person. You know, 50% of all of our subdomains that registered are out there represented on Twitter and in our Discord. And everyone's kind of just, you know, jumped up. And they've been doing it since I mean, one, since the start of the week.

Papa 25:41โ€‹

started ramping up. Yeah. Over over Easter weekend.

Hodl 25:44โ€‹

Yeah. So it's, it's kind of incredible.

Papa 25:47โ€‹

I do have been so the kind of the, I guess the byproduct is that the right way to say it, but the bar Hodl that you've built for this new ambassador role? It doesn't, doesn't just do the ambassador role.

Hodl 26:05โ€‹

It doesn't just do the ambassadors are a

Papa 26:08โ€‹

fun little game attached to it. But we've all that all of us staff have been playing for the last few days.

Hodl 26:14โ€‹

Yeah, so So we wrote the bottom originally, just to literally do that Ambassador thing, the thing that's, you know, pepper and go through doing, automatically removing people from their profile pictures, just a way of automating that. So yeah, it just started off like that. A case of you know, it goes to Twitter, pulls out all the PCC dot ETH names, it matched them up against our Discord members, and then it allocates roles based on the PCC dot ETH name has to exist. And that just has to be a singular of that PCC and our server. And they have to be represented on Twitter. But yeah, like, Carlini, you said, The possibilities really are endless on the stuff you can do. And especially with the Twitter API, so Twitter API is quite rich. So yeah, kind of pulling down the individual people's followers who they follow. And to give them a little kind of scorecard of, you know, how many of you following up with the PCC dot ETH. And this kind of sometimes this is a community that pretty good at this game, to be honest. I don't even know how they're that good, to be honest. Because I've access to the data that feeds into the bot in the background. And I struggle to keep up with them. And on occasion, so yeah, that's, that's kind of incredibly fun. One of the next things I'll be doing is doing a leaderboard for that. So we'll probably see, like top 10 or something like that. Who's following the other PCC dot ETH? And then build it out? Yeah, some some extra things. We've got a couple of extra things in there as well. I don't know if you want to talk about them today. Or not?

Papa 28:08โ€‹

Yeah, why not? I can't remember what you actually call it. But it's like a, like a balance sheet. Essentially. Yeah.

Hodl 28:16โ€‹

Yeah. So we've got, we've got like a balanced checker on there. And this isn't the collection log. And the collection like will be an NFT, I will think of some kind of way more fun. For people. Yeah, something that's in your wallet, it's on the blockchain. And it's probably a little bit more graphical, a little bit more fun. But there is a weigh in on this bar of typing in your ens label, and a command and it will give you your balance of all your AirDrop tickets, how many cats you've got how many kittens you've got. And when the new when the new companion goes as well. You'll see how many of that

Papa 28:52โ€‹

was close their right.

Hodl 28:59โ€‹

To drop any alpha,

Papa 29:00โ€‹

no, we're not far away snapshots in five days, I think they're dropped. As promised. They're very nice, very nice.

Hodl 29:09โ€‹

We've got that we've got we've also got a couple of other little things as well and ENS utilities. So the ability to query a cat and check it that's got an ens attached to it.

Papa 29:21โ€‹

Yes. Which is a very, very nice feature if you're eyeing up not that it isn't possible to remove the subdomain I guess but yeah, if you're writing what happened and you want to kind of see if it's got one attached already.

Hodl 29:33โ€‹

Yeah, more I think you get if you go to the website and you tried to Yeah, he tried to put an ens on a capital already got weary that as well. Yeah, and then we've got we've got the raffle feature in there as well, which we've we've kind of built in. Yeah. But isn't kind of fully, fully rolled out yet. But the idea is that I know we don't do what relish raffles very often. And, you know, some of these smaller projects, do them a lot more. But whenever I entered, why it was raffles, it was always kind of a pain afterwards that I'd have to go through, and I would have to submit my address in a separate channel. And that would usually be kind of time locked. So again, the PCC dot ETH to automatically collect people's address to give it to projects, if we do whitelist, raffles whitelist opportunities. And we'll probably be doing a few small giveaways through that to refer but as well, absolutely. Just to test out, well, that's quite small utility. But we've got to start somewhere,

Papa 30:47โ€‹

I think it's gonna be carnage, I don't know when I don't know when to when to open it up, she'll open the ambassador bot now.

Hodl 30:55โ€‹

Like I was saying earlier, so we've obviously done quite a lot of testing on it. Twitter, raised a limit and isn't kind of super public. And they have limits and numbers. But they vary based on the amount you span in the API. And they give you certain call downs, because they don't really tell you exactly what they are. And so yeah, be interesting to see what kind of happens, I think there'll be periods where you'll see the bot, which was not responsive at all. And what the bot will do is it'll kind of just back things up and hold them and wait for its API block to be released, and then it will fire them off again. So you might see periods for that. So I think to the start, we will I say we've only got a few limited commands in there at the moment, I did add an extra one in there today. For you guys that I think you'll like the ability to get a random hint,

Papa 31:54โ€‹

which was good.

Carlini8 31:55โ€‹

Oh, you should not have told them that right?

Hodl 32:00โ€‹

I mean, as long as we honestly slowmode it appropriately, I think it's I think

Papa 32:06โ€‹

is is live. So it's Twitter, hint, ens count number,

Hodl 32:12โ€‹

PCC and label as well, that does those things. But yeah, we'd say one person to do the head to then ever on will be on it. That will give a random follow up but you aren't following. And I could say, you know, it'll be on slow mode. So you query that once every hour or something?

Papa 32:33โ€‹

Yes, slow mode is set to an hour. And I can already see several people typing in the ambassador bar. Just got

Hodl 32:42โ€‹

it will. It will occasionally. Yeah, it will occasionally say I'm not giving you a hint now. I did kind of code that in. So especially, you know, if you get down to two or three law, bots not going to you know, hint, you're not going to get hint 100% from the time.

Carlini8 33:04โ€‹

The purr was the hints. And then in the same minute, he typed hint. He watched him. So he got himself. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, he didn't

Hodl 33:19โ€‹

do because that's what that's what I did. So saying the bots, there are queries, so you're not following. And if it picks a random one out there, and if it picks yourself, then it says to you now you're not you can't get one this time. So the more the less people you've got, the more chance you are what's going to say now, basically.

Papa 33:42โ€‹

You know, and Hodl, do you want to speak on? I know there's already been a few. A few questions in terms of Can you can you gain can you gain this system? Obviously you mentioned the site quit quilt dot PCC dot ETH. how do we mitigate that? How do we how do we fight that? Yeah, so

Hodl 34:05โ€‹

we we've built into the poll mechanism, a way of blacklisting Twitter users protected Twitter users and were counted either way, so you know, if you if you're protected accounts, and you won't be you won't be able to query your thing I don't think you'll be eligible for Ambassador and also people were asking for you to get 100% of the followers you know,

Carlini8 34:35โ€‹

it's just a bit of a like good. I can see a world where people just troll by making dot PCC dot ETH following everyone and they're making themselves private and removing people from following them. So it will drive others crazy, except them. So it's not that we want to discourage Should you know people to be able to be private if they want to be? It's just it doesn't really work with the system. That's all. So you can, you can even be private and dot PCC dot ETH rapid if you want. It's just some of the, quote games won't be won't be there for you just because it kind of breaks Twitter API's. And I think it could almost be possible if requests to follow could be found, because then at least they can be declined.

Hodl 35:38โ€‹

The thing is, with a lot of these things, we've obviously kind of written it, and we've put it out there, it's very much in a beta stage. So you know, we'll carry on kind of, I guess, tuning it. We've got a method of blacklisting people as well, specifically, so fake quit, for instance, and the fake grand Celtics that were that were out, you know, they were removed. So people weren't getting penalized for people weren't getting penalized for not following them. And when do you know, encourage as well, as you know, if you're spotting people that are fakes, you know, report them, and we'll add them to the bottom. And that kind of raises community awareness as well. We may at some point at a bar, in fact, we probably will probably out in a command to be able to pull the blacklisted accounts. Think or kind of be useful as well.

Carlini8 36:37โ€‹

I know website, where this will, eventually, okay. Don't worry, I'll not say. But I'm just seeing like visual leaderboards as you are at the top of that site as you come in. And then the ability to get hints down the side. And but the quest of the quest of the week in the very middle, the prizes underneath, you know, it's all designed this website's designed in my head, I just need someone who can build an awesome website that somehow integrates with this part and web three and web two and bends towards all the rate limiting.

Hodl 37:33โ€‹

The rate limits is the hardest thing because that's outside of our control. I guess that's the that's the biggest struggle for me to be honest, Twitter API is actually fairly decent to work with. But yeah, would you rate? And I guess the more people start playing as well, you know, the more we're going to start hitting those rate limits. But what can you do?

Papa 38:03โ€‹

Yeah, I guess that's the last the the one thing that we can't that we can't get around just yet, but we can we can work

Carlini8 38:08โ€‹

on flow mode.

Papa 38:13โ€‹

Go yeah, I've slaved over that. But that's only one purr person. And and we have like 350 people. And 354 By the looks of it.

Hodl 38:27โ€‹

As it's sleeping for 530 seconds.

Papa 38:31โ€‹

We killed it already. That was quick.

Hodl 38:34โ€‹

Yeah, well, it Well, I mean, I think we are like three or four. By calling black in your head, give me an overhand. Give me an overhand I need to leave you at about 86 minutes,

Papa 38:50โ€‹

we titled it.

Hodl 38:52โ€‹

So I'm not surprised honestly, not surprised. As long as I don't, honestly don't care about race. You know, like that, because it will just come back to life. And especially if you've got a hit, you find what will happen is it will queue up your hand, and then it will ping you so you'll get a ping to say, you know but what I will look at is, you know, doing some more caching within the, in the application and try and rich API calls. And I'll say I've got that. Doctor, I'm going to add in and do some of that. And, you know, also happy to take suggestions, you know, ideas from people, you know, in the community. I say that quite a lot. But yeah, I hit me up if you can think about

Papa 39:50โ€‹

I'm sure people will. Absolutely yeah, it's it's super exciting. I think this has gone gone really, really well so far. I think what excites me the most is, is how we can keep bringing stuff to it. And we can keep adding to it. And there's, there'll be new avenues. And like you just said, Hodl you know, people, somebody gives you an idea. And then that sparks into something else. And something else, something else. So yeah, I mean, people already trying to just find everyone on Twitter and follow everyone is great. And then it's and then it just keeps keeps snowballing from there. I think. I think somebody got a PCC dot ETH, subdomain yesterday, and they had just over 70 followers, and I think they're now sitting on 200, within like, less than 24 hours. So yeah, there's there's plenty of us who are trying to try to find you and trying to and trying to access everything. I've been getting tagged, the account has been getting tagged in a thread of some sort. BNF I think Nibi dot eath. I think they're in here. So hello. been chatting with draft beer dice. Great name. When I tell you I was will be cool draft beer dot PCC dot ETH. Hodl I'm gonna tag it a new if you have the opposite, if you have the ability to see it. Whilst you're also on space. There's I don't know what your setup is right now.

Hodl 41:14โ€‹

Oh, I can probably get it on the Yeah,

Papa 41:18โ€‹

tagged you just there's some good questions in there in terms of what subdomains are and where they can go. And what the what the benefit that we're doing, the way that we're doing it, what the benefits are. The Fred, have you seen that

Carlini8 41:39โ€‹

was tagged? How new is

Papa 41:43โ€‹

it's been going on basically the whole time we've been on here.

Hodl 41:45โ€‹

The other thing with the ENS subdomains, so ens have created a set of smart contracts. There's kind of several elements to them, but you've got the registration contracts, and you've got the resolver contract. And they're both public contracts, which conform to an interface that, you know, and you've got the ability to create custom ones and swap them in and swap them out. And people create domains, and they create subdomains, and they all use the, you know, I can Budweiser got beer dot ETH, and then they've got UK dot beer dot ETH, and, you know, everything that they do, and everything that everybody else does is always worth the ens public stuff. And what we've done, and again, I know, within the NFT world, we're the only people that have done anything like that, in terms of utilizing soap today. But I've yet to see anyone else outside within Web three, use that stone, anything that utilize a custom resolver or a custom registration contract. And that's what we've done and ENS have provided that they provide all the documentation. And, and, you know, that's how, you know, I'm, I'm obviously developer, and I've been, you know, developer for, you know, getting on for 15 years now writing code, and I'm not particularly fantastic. I kind of learned specifically within Web three, and the guys that are into blockchains, and stuff, they are, you know, kind of incredible, some real, real big brains and, you know, academic loads of people, but you know, what, our people, and they are people that have got real big brains, you know, well into their stuff, and they really know what they're doing. And I'm not kind of like that, but I've got good ideas and visions and stuff like that, you know, I think how things work. And I just can't honestly believe that nobody else has done this yet. But you know, our resolver all it is is a mapping between the ens subdomains, it's all the contractors is just map, the ens subdomain resolution to you know, an idea of a cat. And then within that contract, it calls the cat you know, who owns this cat and returns back that address. And it kind of is literally as simple as that. You got to have a little bit of vision and a bit of, you know, I guess of an idea to be able to make that work, but literally customers or as custom registration contracts and interfaces, all the documentation is on. It's it's all there for people to you know, go through and do their own things. And I'm quite sure that, you know, once this starts happening and people start taking this technology and they start realizing how adaptable and extendable ENS is. Then we'll start seeing some really, really cool implementations You know, on things, you know, even like, cuz I mean, our, our, you know, our thing is cool, you know, it actually moves with the dynamically with the cat. Because it literally just like I say, you know, there's a map in the contract that resolves the DNS subdomain directly to the cat and then returns back that address. And we auto resolve the profile picture, which I think is incredibly cool. You know, everybody that's got one of our subdomains, that sets it as a primary as a primary DNS on their accounts, they go to any support daps. And it will show you know that they're reverse resolution that you know that they're ens. And also that profile picture, which is just really cool. Really cool, like so this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Carlini8 45:51โ€‹

The profile picture, remember been the hard bit that you are working on for like the majority of the subdomains time. And it just kind of seems, I guess, taken for granted at this point. Because when you look at like the early, not even subdomains the early domains, like you give yourself what was on Times Square for Ens is sort of reveal of the profile picture aspect of it purely because you were one of the only people who bothered to attach your profile picture to theENS I'm sure there's technical words that isn't attached to that. They

Hodl 46:40โ€‹

just couldn't watch. It's such a difficult and convoluted process. And the other thing is as well, is it costs gas, you know, if somebody wants to put their NFT on to someone wants to put their NFT onto their domain, or subdomain. Yeah, they have to pay gas charge. And you know, we don't we auto resolve it. We also send back that data that web 2 applications can then you and what your i Yeah, it was it was one of the most difficult pieces of it. And I'd say the documentation for the custom resolvers in the custom registration contracts is there it is, but it's not the best. But you can certainly you know, I say all worked very well. Rinkeby as well

Papa 47:30โ€‹

think we've also got our first emoji dot PCC dot ETH as well.

Hodl 47:38โ€‹

Yeah, I mean, I can say that he got and he is perfectly possible. I think if you register them through the contract, probably I don't think they're the right thing. No, necessarily for random last year, Mr. Bags. Moneybags

Papa 47:53โ€‹


Hodl 47:57โ€‹

but but yeah, I mean, you know, I just don't get it like Hodl dot eth sold, I think last week, like 30 Ethereum or something like that. But it wasn't last week, it was like last month something 30 Ethereum I could just go in to to my favorite project and register hodl.pcc.eth and it's cost me $20 You know, and people can come into our community and they can watch whatever name they want. You don't need to worry about you know, people name squat and stuff like that because there isn't any benefit to people name squatting either. It doesn't you know, we don't display that data in terms of the cat people can't see it when they're buying them or whatever. There's literally no reason apart from spy to register somebody else's name.

Papa 48:49โ€‹

Yeah, which is also not the vibe of our community. It's just often inspired guy that make no sense but

Hodl 49:00โ€‹

the pranksy and someone actually pranksy someone register Gary Vee

Papa 49:04โ€‹

on we've got a guarantee. Yes, indeed, that

Hodl 49:07โ€‹

everyone was that excited because they are currently is registered running.

Papa 49:11โ€‹

Yeah, I think it's really cool, just like you said, to, to basically to link something that's then personal to you. So obviously, you for example, as Hodl to then link it to an address that also has a link to your favorite projects that you can then use to connect with everyone else who is also in your favorite project. It's just Yeah, it's It's wild. How, how much fun it's been just as we kind of teased that little bit of the part of like, where you can easily follow everyone who's doing it and that's how you'll be the ambassador and all this other sort of stuff. And then all of a sudden it's like, now everyone's trying to get it. Now we've got 353 out of 354 it's like, ah, wonder one to find and it's like, it's, it's all of that sort of gamified.

Hodl 50:05โ€‹

Honestly, though, like, you know, a lot of people say that cliche now, but we are early. Like, seriously, Ens is going to, I think so anyway, and Ens is going to underpin the foundations of web three. And if you think about an era of, you know, the internet, where DNS or website and email address, you just can't even fathom it. Well, that's literally kind of where we are in web 3. And, you know, when we get to the point where, and I mentioned this at the start, so you know, a little bit about, you know, isolation, and, you know, people developing stuff in isolation, you know, and there's an awful lot of that, even just within a theory. And so, you know, people writing contracts that don't really communicate with any other contract on Ethereum, Well, imagine when we get to the point where we can communicate with the other chain. And we can forge data and read data between layer twos, and Ethereum and, you know, stuff it's going to be, it's going to be really, really incredible and very, very powerful. And in the ens, is going to be like binding that all together between the entire ecosystem across chain layer twos. And as we can see,

Papa 51:32โ€‹

yeah, I know you're saying the right stuff, because I can see bags just dropping applause emojis. Cool, this must be good stuff.

Hodl 51:40โ€‹

No, it really Yes, I've, like so much over the past, I would even say just the past couple of weeks, the amount of and it might partially be because of the Twitter algorithm as well, a little bit, but I see ens so much now, like, and, you know, when we launch this, this, to me almost feels like that we should have had in December, when we actually launched, he this almost feels bigger, which is kind of crazy, but they're gonna say we need six months ago, but people are opening their eyes to it, and people are realise. And that, you know, ens subdomains, you know, readable human addresses is the future and that's

Papa 52:35โ€‹

also making ambassadors purple, which was a big

Hodl 52:38โ€‹

one that was that was the thing that people were most happy about that

Papa 52:45โ€‹

and I felt bad we put a new put a new to work doing all sorts of stuff out right in the barn should just change the room purple.

Hodl 52:53โ€‹

Back on, everyone's like this is the best everyone's waiting for. We want that purple name.

Papa 53:03โ€‹

Absolutely. And the fact Yeah, the fact that you can do it or we can do it all automatically through through the bot that you've built, and we can then push it and do everything else as well. Yeah, is is pretty wild. We're coming up to the hour here on spaces, which has been great chatting through everything and what we've got coming next and what we can build as Hodl has said if you've got any suggestions on anything else that you want to see the bot do in terms of stats that you want to see about yourself about other community members. Then drop him some suggestions wherever you can find them Twitter and the discord everything else. I think what we're going to do is jump over to voice on Discord for a little afterparty. I don't know what time limit you set on it Carlini but I believe you have a giveaway to do

Carlini8 54:00โ€‹

I have a giveaway to do?

Papa 54:05โ€‹

you have a giveaway to do you tweeted yesterday with the mega dream tutorial article. So I thought that would be a fun little thing to do. And then also if anyone has any questions, they can just jump in the lobby bar where we'll be hanging out for for at least half an hour or so. And answer some more questions but yeah, I

Carlini8 54:25โ€‹

thought you could do the giveaway live there as well. 321 Crypto kitties.

Papa 54:30โ€‹

He's done it snuck it in lovely stuff. Hello, thank you so much for coming on your first purrcast I'm sure not the last with all the fun stuff that we're going to be building. So yeah, appreciate you coming on mate. Appreciate your time.

Hodl 54:49โ€‹

Before we disappear, Mee Mee Mee shouter again, that you know, anyone got any anyone's got any suggestions? any ideas you know as long as it's not shill rectum

Carlini8 55:07โ€‹

any websites in my head can you just build it? Thanks.

Papa 55:14โ€‹

Build website. Thanks, bye. But yes, appreciate everyone coming to listen, this will be recorded as always it will be live on our YouTube I think by midnight. It will be live as soon as this finishes on Twitter. And if you're listening back then hello from the past. Hope everything is great in the future. appreciate everyone being here right now and we'll see you in the lobby bar in about 45 seconds. Oh YEAH.