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Weekly Update: 2022 Week 21

· 2 min read
Katie Niepp

Purrnelope’s Country Club Weekly Update: week of May 23rd 2022

PCC Gates

We want you behind these gates!

To do so you need to be sure you’re in our discord, following us on Twitter (with notifications on) and following our instagram! This week we’ve partnered with many communities to raffle off spots in our upcoming exclusive mint. We’ve even given away some free mints through our social media! There just might be some more chances to win coming up soon…

Our founder @Carlini8 shared a thread on all that we’ve accomplished as Purrnelope’s Country Club and all that we will accomplish in the next phases. We have been shy about touting what we’ve done but hope you take the time to learn about why you should join our community!

That’s all for now, Mini Meow!