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Weekly Update: 2022 Week 19

ยท One min read

Purrnelopeโ€™s Country Club Weekly Update: week of May 9th 2022โ€‹

Remember that nightstand we airdropped to you a bit ago? You can now use those NFTs to redeem the latest Purrnelope Country Club companion, the Grandma! Go here to claim your Grandmas for free! Yes, it is an on-chain transaction so you will pay some gas but donโ€™t worry, there is no rush (yet). Claiming is open until June 13th!

Thatโ€™s not the only website update we had in store this week, we added our merch store! Now you can show off your web3 community in real life! Choose from hats, shirts, and even a GM mug for when you need a special pick me up in the morning!

Oh, and weโ€™ve temporarily closed our discord for โ€ฆ oh nevermind. Youโ€™ll see soon!

Thatโ€™s all for now, mini meow!