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Weekly Update: 2022 Week 18

ยท One min read
Katie Niepp

Purrnelopeโ€™s Country Club Weekly Update: week of May 2nd 2022โ€‹

The secret is out! Our 8th and final Series 1 airdrop is the Grandma cat and minting will begin on Monday May 16th. As always the art is crafted by our own 1rregularCharlie and we can hardly wait for you to see it! These Grandmas can be redeemed for a fraction of our KittyVault and they will have something to do with that pesky $TOKEN Carlini keeps talking about :)

We know that market conditions have been a challenge as of late. The team at Purrnelopeโ€™s Country Club want to remind you that we are here to build for the long term. Our founder Carlini has said many times that NFTs are here to stay and mass adoption will be a reality. Purrnelopeโ€™s Country Club will be a part of the NFT and web3 future and are so proud to have you all as collectors and supporters.

Our goal is that we make you proud to be a collector and supporter of ours!

Thatโ€™s all for now, Mini Meow!