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PurrCast: Avastars, NFTs, Purrs w/ Walshy.eth

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Papa Cat (Peter)

Avastars, Purrs, MEGA CUBE!

We welcome Walshy_ETH to the show to discuss his journey into NFTs, what comes next, & some other assorted nonsense!



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Speakers: Walshy (42%), Papa (36%), Carlini8 (17%)

Papa 0:00โ€‹

He's a cracking tos, or something else equally ridiculous.

Carlini8 0:04โ€‹

Do you think they'd be better than a phone? Call smelly 100?

Papa 0:11โ€‹

I guess not. Right. This is already started recording, I start recording on OBS. Good evening, everyone. Thank you very much for joining us again, we are back with the per cast. It's the 13th of April, Wednesday. As usual, I'm joined, as usual by Carlini. But I'm also joined this evening by walshy.eth. From our stars, and very happy to have you on the show while she How are you doing?

Walshy 0:40โ€‹

I'm good, but thanks for having me.

Papa 0:41โ€‹

It is a pleasure, my friend. It is a pleasure. Carlini obviously, you weren't on last week because we're having some razzmatazz with midnight movie club. So how have you been the last couple of weeks? And is there anything exciting that you can tease? You go you guys are gonna try for the Alpha? Why not get in early?

Carlini8 1:03โ€‹

I am good. I'm not going to use. Look, the goal is to keep the show here as long as possible. So you can keep trying till the end.

Papa 1:15โ€‹

Shell if you send 100 Emojis across the show, we might drop some alpha at the end or they

Carlini8 1:22โ€‹

count them. Are you creating more work?

Papa 1:27โ€‹

I'll just guess they'll do 100

have been played is use the 100 emoji I didn't even know that was on it. So yes, Walshy really good to have you here, my we're gonna ask you a few questions, which will hopefully spark some conversation and see where we go with all of that. And then what we'll do if there's any questions from the community, we'll jump into our Discord afterwards for a little after pi and do a quick q&a. If anyone's got any questions, I will tag the link to our discord in the space as we go through. So more than welcome to come join us there and come and hang out in the lobby bar and ask them questions afterwards. But first question to hopefully get us going. How did you get started in nfts?

Walshy 2:24โ€‹

That's a good question, sir.

Papa 2:27โ€‹


Walshy 2:29โ€‹

So for me personally, I'm not one of the oh geez from crypto kitties. So I came in much after the whole crypto wave.

Papa 2:38โ€‹

Yeah, I guess that's the earliest we've had a six minutes in.

Walshy 2:42โ€‹

I knew I get roasted by Carlini eventually. For me, it was around the turn of the new year, between 2020 and 2021, I believe, whenever the whole top shot jazz was going on. right around that time, obviously, with COVID and everything setting in, there was a lot of boredom in my life, I was looking for a hobby for something to do. And I ended up delving into the world of sports cards. It was, you know, something to invest my time in. And it was a way to make a little bit of income on the side. So through sports cards, obviously, I got into trading platforms like CLM C, I delved into eBay and stuff like that. So the buying and selling of of goods that I didn't always have in my possession wasn't something that was like novel to me, right, I dealt with a lot of escrow services that would hold on to sports cards that I would purchase from another party. And, you know, I would often buy and sell cards that would never ever be in my hands. So whenever NBA Top Shot came onto my radar, through a YouTuber named Vegas finds shout out Vegas finds you've changed my life. It was it just seemed like it. It made sense. I was already trading assets that I didn't necessarily have in my possession. So NBA Top Shot just kind of seemed like the natural progression for me as far as a buyer and seller of sports memorabilia or sports collectibles. Memories now.

Papa 4:21โ€‹

Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 4:22โ€‹

No, no problem. So once I delved into NBA Top Shot obviously I needed to start to network a little bit more with the people I was trading these NFTs with. So I found discord previous to this. I did not use discord. I didn't even have a Twitter account. This stuff is all new to me. So I jumped in discord. I set up a Twitter account, and I started getting to know the community members within the NBA Top Shot community. From there I met a guy named Kryptos So shout out to crypto as well. At this time, obviously, like NBA Top Shot was doing really well, I was making money on NBA Top Shot. But I knew that the next big thing that was going to give me the best shot at being successful was going to be in the wider realm of NFTs not necessarily stuff that was focused strictly on sports. So I asked crypto who I, at the time I knew it was like one of the OGS what he would recommend for me to look into as far as an NFT project that wasn't necessarily so niche into the world of sports. And his recommendation was decentraland. So he explained decentraland, to me as this basically like this world where all of the real estate or the land plots were owned, by basically the the people that were involved in the community, like the land was all owned by somebody, and that land could be bought or sold, you could put up billboards and advertise, you could do whatever you wanted. And this idea to me, was just super, super interesting. And I wanted to explore it further. So through decentraland, this chain of events is crazy. Like, if you would have removed one of these events, I would not be where I am today. Through exploring decentraland, I found any event that was taking place called the mega cube. And what the mega cube was, is if you could picture like a floating Rubik's Cube in decentraland. So this big, massive 3d Cube, it has six faces. And I think it was like 50 layers.

Papa 6:42โ€‹

So genuinely thought you're gonna say like, so this thing called the mega cube. Now, if you could picture a mega cube. There was more to it than that. So yeah, yeah, so

Walshy 6:55โ€‹

this was an event. And oh, man, I can't even think about who hosted the event. But it was some of the guys from crypto avatars, I believe that were involved in this. So this event like each layer of the cube, and I know this is kind of hard to understand just from my explanation. But each layer of this cube was sponsored by a different NFT project. Right. So avatars ended up being one of the projects that was sponsoring this mega cube event. So if you if you've ever played Minecraft, you know that you can mined little blocks, you hit it so many times, and then the block explodes. That's kind of the vibe of this mega cube, there's like hundreds and hundreds or maybe even 1000s of little blocks on each face of the wall. And when you mined them, they explode and reveal the next layer. Now you can only mined one layer at a time. But hidden behind some of these cells could potentially be a cryptocurrency or an NFT. So obviously avastar sponsor to layer, which is how avastar came into my life. After the avastars layer, there was all kinds of other NFT projects, some of which I took interest in, some of which I didn't. But through the mega cube event, I was able to learn about the wider world of NFTs, I was able to learn more about avatars and I was able to learn a little bit about some more niche communities like whale, I know that he sponsored a layer, you could win whale tokens on one of the layers of this mega cube. So yeah, the mega cube event really was my introduction to NFTs. And it's really what solidified my interest in in what's being built here in web three. From there, I just totally became an NFT junkie, I have not left my computer, like in a year and a half.

Papa 8:47โ€‹

I've tried, I've tried to make you leave,

Walshy 8:49โ€‹

we've tried my best to leave theater, and it just doesn't happen when I go out into the real world. It's just not nearly as satisfying as getting to interact with all of you guys from across the world. You know about our common interest, which is in NF Ts and and building web three out whether it's at a community level or you know, whether it's at developers level. Yeah, it's just been amazing. So that's kind of how I got involved in the NFT scene. If we're going to be brief about it.

Papa 9:20โ€‹

Yeah, crazy, man. Yeah, I think I think probably there's quite a few similar stories where it seems to be one little thing gets you thinking about it, and then you move on to the next thing. And then this summer, that's something else and it's like, okay, yeah, cool. This is fun, I guess like Carlini, like completely different from your experience that we've heard on quite a few podcasts recently where it was, I guess, kind of the same but years ago, if that makes sense.

Walshy 9:48โ€‹

Absolutely. Yeah, I've heard Carlini story a few times now. And

Carlini8 9:55โ€‹

again, I can I can tell it again.

Papa 9:57โ€‹

Let's go again. You must just have on a soundboard went out right

Carlini8 10:00โ€‹

I'm just gonna walk out the room again overall don't get too drunk.

Papa 10:07โ€‹

There we are. So yeah you mentioned avatar as well Carlini What was your like exposure to other stars? Because I know well, I don't even have to pretend to know because I can be like the host is like the surrogate for the audience. Tell me about your experience of getting into avastars like when did you discover it? Was it through a mega cube?

Carlini8 10:30โ€‹

It was not for a mega cube. I bought the eight Purvis soul avastar and the ninth ever sold avastar right next to me here I'm destroying a mic, but then also holding, I have those two printed printed by snow through the guy who then went on later to found out blocks. And it's got my address on this sort of tube, you know, tube, the tubes, posters come in. And above it, it says Carlini8 avastar was, was delivered to my house. So I can I can see Jimmy's in here, Jimmy founded avastar, and was working on it for a long time before it launched. So in my head, it's always really early projects, you know, like we're talking murmurs of it in 2018. And 2019. Is when it in my head launched, I think it was 2020. Was it while she Correct? Yeah, so technically, it was 2020. But in my mind, you know, it was so much older because I'd, I'd been hearing about it, you know, through the development, and it was, it wasn't like projects now where it's like, right, let's get a, let's get a smart contract. Let's get some art, Bish, bash, Bosh, you know, in a few weeks launch it. Now we'll do some kind of roadmap stuff. It I mean, it, it had to develop a whole new way at the time of getting this art onto Ethereum and a created a whole new way for minting. Like, there was just so many new things involved there that it took so long, because they all had to be developed. They weren't copied. And like we've seen, we've seen a very similar style with cyber brokers this year, which just shows sort of, you know, how long it takes for, for people to appreciate what really should matter. And hopefully, we'll see more projects going along that those lines, while also I think a lot of the current 10k PFPs, ourselves included, will be able to when I think there'll be some kind of stand on chain standard at some point, that's fairly cheap to do, because several brokers did it during a period of low low gas fees, and they still paid like 90 Ethereum or something like that, which when you compare it to their mid price isn't that much but for, for just for just any project that's already minted, that isn't going to have a war chest ready to go, that's quite expensive. But I think as technology keeps going, you know, there'll be little improvements here, little improvements there. It will be we'll come to a place where 10k PFPs will sort of be pushed on chain, sort of socially people expect, okay, put yourself on chain now or it's not a real project, you know, that sort of thing. So, I was I was, I guess, hearing about avastar throughout development minted to have the first 10 the founders named similarly to everyone's favorite project crypto kitties. And I minted the first legendary I think, because how it happened is you you had a big sort of unlimited scrolling of randomly generated avatars. So if you just imagine any odd 10k PFP now, but imagine that instead of it being 10,000 of them, that you then just get one you are given almost infinity to pick from a new pick what to mint and they had built in rarities, and my goal was because I knew you know, like, this is going to open up people are going to try and men and my goal was find the first legendary and mentor so I was just like scroll scroll scroll control, find legend. scroll scroll scroll control find legendary and the so the legendary is cost more which was sort of a way to deter people from minting them, which then made them rarer than Commons which were the cheapest and you know the the rarity was built out into the price. And that that was that was my start in avastars.

Walshy 15:23โ€‹

You know what's crazy about that whole self curation process was when I first found avastars I found out that you could do consignments so basically I didn't have any ether whenever I got going into NFTs I was totally broke. I mean, I had NBA Top Shot which of course those of you who were involved with Top Shot know that you could not withdraw money for a very very long time. So I had assets though I did not have actual ETH. Avastars allowed me once I was gifted my first ad a star by by the amazing result. Thank you Rizal. for that. I was able to do these consignments, which now this kind of gets tricky to explain, but you had two different feeds. Carlini explained that there was a list that you could scroll infinitely. That was one feed. So that list would just go on forever and ever and generate different avatars of different rarity and ranking. Then you would have another list where you could send avatars to that you've selected. They were called consignments. If you thought that you found something that was interesting or that you thought somebody else might be interested in buying, you could send it over to the other feed. If somebody then purchased the avatar from the other feed, you would get paid out a finder's fee in ETH. So my first night I think I scrolled for like six hours, and I made a list of 10 cool looking avatars of varying rarities. And I sent them over to the consignment feed. And I actually I made three consignment sales, my first night that I was scrolling through avatars, I forget what series we were in at the time. But to me, earning like $200 in ETH overnight was It was magic. It was not something that I had ever seen before. It was a opportunity that I just did not think was was possible. And it gave me the ability to not only buy more avatars, but to kind of branch out a little bit more into the world of NFTs. For all I know it was it was money from consignments that would that afforded me the ability to you know, buy things that have changed my life, like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and other great projects. So that's an interesting thing to note about avatars that I have not seen replicated to date, I've never seen the consignment structure replicated, nor have I seen the scrolling mechanism replicated. And those are two of the most interesting features in a PFP project that I've ever seen. And I would like to see those again somewhere sometime down the line

Papa 18:12โ€‹

Yeah, it's really interesting to see I guess. Yeah. I wonder if those those things will come back I was like, I guess it's like not easy to replicate. As Carlini was saying like the hard work that when the went on behind the scenes for a couple of years by the sounds of it before it before it actually launched. So you're so you're linked to avatars obviously goes quite far back while she in terms of where where you started from something about a about a mega cube. That is quite interesting to me. But you now you now work with avastars. You are now correct? Yes. So what is your role there? How did you get into it? And is there any question on that you can you can sneak in.

Walshy 18:54โ€‹

So this is kind of a cool story. And it all happened very organically. My first little bit in avatars I was just kind of bumming around discord trying to find people that were looking to hire out bounties like I was trying to do bounty hunts for people that wanted to purchase avatars of said descriptions. Through that I just learned a lot about the project. And I started answering questions for people that were that were asking questions within the discord. I was just doing this to try to help right and it was quick Bell who approached me and asked if I would be interested in volunteering as a moderator. Of course, I'm a I'm a guy that wasn't you know, I was an unemployed apprentice plumber at the time, just delving into the world of NFTs I had time on my hands. So I said absolutely. I would love to do that. So from there, my volunteer moderation position kind of just gradually evolved into a more permanent moderators position. I became the lead moderator after like six months volunteering as a mod, I want to say, and yeah, it was about the seven month mark, that quick Bell got her promotion up to Mission Director and Community Manager position became open. So I stepped on up to the community manager position. And that's where I've been since February. Want to say February 1 or February 6? It was the first week of February. So yeah, it's been exciting. And I've been learning a lot. And it's an opportunity that I never, ever thought in my wildest dreams would become available to me just by pursuing, you know, my hobby.

Papa 20:37โ€‹

Yeah, like, from from sportscaster that is, it's quite quite a journey is really cool. Yeah, I think I think there's, like I said, there's probably tons of stories similar to that, obviously, not to, not to getting to the point where you are now, which is awesome. But yeah, I think that's, that's really cool. So you can Yeah, like what is? Okay, so let's pull it to, from where, from where you started, where she from? Where you kind of got into this to what you've seen over the past? What, two years, I guess,

Walshy 21:13โ€‹

year and a half roughly?

Papa 21:14โ€‹

Is it? 2022? Because if you got in on top shot, then we're over two years, right?

Walshy 21:21โ€‹

See, I got in a little bit like I jumped into top shot right around the time where you could still get the packs without them selling out. But like within a couple of weeks of me arriving things started selling out quick. So top shot had been around for a little bit whenever I got there.

Papa 21:36โ€‹

Yeah. But it was like a little went a bit loco.

Walshy 21:40โ€‹

It was before it went local. I had like a month of collecting. And before all that went down. That was a fun time, which was which was nice.

Papa 21:50โ€‹

So yeah, so we've kind of with what you've seen so far, where where do you see things going? And does that differ from where you want to see them going, if that makes sense.

Walshy 22:04โ€‹

Now, this is not so much of an optimum. By way of like PFP projects, specifically, I think that there was much more innovation. When I first got here, I think that you know, some projects are definitely innovating. But like what I seen avastars do a year and a half ago, whenever I got here, it still blows me away in comparison to what I'm seeing a lot of these 10k PFP projects do even right now, like this week, you know what I mean? Obviously, on chain has been an interest of mine, since avastar was my first love. When collectibles can be put on chain, I like to see it. I know that on chain isn't for every project. But you know, whenever it is possible, I do like to see that. And unfortunately, I don't see as much of that as I'd like right now. The innovation is just it doesn't seem to be there straight across the board. There are projects that impressed me. But, you know, when I got here, it just seemed like people were trying a lot harder to produce a project that was that was showing people something new and showing people something that that on chain tech, or that blockchain technology could produce. Right. And we're not seeing as much of that right now, obviously, mostly cyber

Papa 23:31โ€‹

showing off the possibilities was like, Look, we could do stuff like this. And so there was a lot of, I felt like it was a lot of stuff where it's like, okay, like we're gonna prove that this that this concept works. It's like exactly like early, like r&d proof of concept stuff like hey, like this. That's gonna work, guys. And then yeah, yeah. So I got

Walshy 23:54โ€‹

Which it was a lot of fun to see all of that stuff happening. And it was more new and exciting. And whenever you see, like every single animal that you could ever possibly imagine coming out as a PFP project with, you know, 10,000 10,000 items in the collection. It just, it gets old quickly. And I would really like to see things go back to you know, the innovative mindset that people were in. Whenever the space was really exploding. I understand that there's there's a lot of money here right now. And people are trying to milk the cow while it's while it's in the yard, so to speak. But yeah, I prefer innovation over a flashy 10k PFP any day.

Papa 24:36โ€‹

Yeah, who would do something like that? Oh, wait. I like to I like to think that you know, we're we're whilst was being a 10k PFP project. I like to think that we are trying to push that innovation side of things. We've had quite a lot of interest in the last in the last week or so, with our ens subdomains that we launched at the back end of last year. Was it like a Christmas present? We did Carlini. It was at Christmas time. Yeah, it was Christmas time

Carlini8 25:09โ€‹

thing it was jingle belly.

Papa 25:13โ€‹

It was jingle bell to describe it. It was like jingle belly, but also trap beats, which was really cool. So yeah, like to kind of think we're pushing, we're pushing bits and pieces of that.

Walshy 25:23โ€‹

You guys are one of the first projects that had that I can think of anyways, that that had a vault that that you would basically own fractional share of along with your your PFP token though. So don't be too hard on yourself, Peter, like I do think that Purrnelope is has all kinds of innovations on the go. And I'm a very early Purrnelope supporter for that reason.

Papa 25:48โ€‹

Very early. Indeed. Indeed. You meant well, few men actually.

Walshy 25:52โ€‹

I owned per number four.

Papa 25:58โ€‹

Nice. What do you mean? What do you mean owned past tense?

Carlini8 26:02โ€‹

Come on their own podcast? Yeah,

Walshy 26:05โ€‹

I have to pay taxes, dude, taxes. The tax man has his handout. I've definitely had to sell some items. But I will never sell all of my purrs, just the same as I will never sell all of my avatars. But taking profits is definitely something that I make a point of doing. Just because I've learned this year that you can end up owing more in taxes than you actually have liquid if you're not careful. So not financial advice. But be careful with your decisions out there boys and girls.

Papa 26:34โ€‹

It sounded almost for a little bit that sounded like you bribed the tax man with a purr you're like, Look, why don't give you this cat. And we'll just call it even.

Walshy 26:45โ€‹

I was thinking about tipping him with an NFT of some sort.

Papa 26:49โ€‹

Now you have to pay tax on this.

Walshy 26:52โ€‹

So maybe he'll get a kitten or something. Once he's done my tax report, we'll see hey, gay,

Papa 26:55โ€‹

I'd be nice. Yeah, can make a currency, I'd be cool. Say the other thing that I would like to know, is, obviously, let's exclude avastars. And let's exclude Purrnelopes from this. So talk to me about it. You can show it to me if you want. But talk to me about a project that you like, that might have a low entry point. Right now. The not that you necessarily think like okay, this is gonna go to the moon, like get in now. But just a project that you like that hopefully got a low entry point as well.

Carlini8 27:36โ€‹

And you're not allowed to say a token. Which is technically you know, one cent entry I guess.

Walshy 27:46โ€‹

ERC 20s Do not count for this question. How about that chat,

Papa 27:49โ€‹

um, chat 721, baby,

Walshy 27:52โ€‹


Carlini8 27:54โ€‹

1155 we might accept depending on how they how they roll?

Walshy 27:59โ€‹

Well, I know that you guys are all familiar with the creator of this particular project. And it is not a project that I would jump into expecting to make a flip. But it's a project that I have found to be quite interesting and at least innovative and entertaining. The secret project that Nate Alex put together with, they're doing something with chain faces for the 1.1 I believe, and Carlini is probably going to

Carlini8 28:26โ€‹

allow does not allow that.

Papa 28:29โ€‹

That'll be the that'll be the I knew of today's

Walshy 28:31โ€‹

I knew I was gonna get roasted for that one. But I had to know I think that what Nate Alex is doing is like, he's doing some pretty innovative stuff. And I had a lot of fun with the chain face arena. It wasn't something that I bought with the intention of trying to make a profit on. I just spent some eath that I had sitting around with the intentions of having some fun. And that is exactly what happened. I lost three out of no, I lost I lost all but one of my chain faces. And my last chain face is battered and bruised, but he's living safely in my wallet. And I think I get to have maybe resurrect my fallen comrades here for the next NFT project that that Nate Alex says on the go. So I'm looking forward to that. And I'm hoping to see some more innovation out of that guy.

Carlini8 29:23โ€‹

Mine, but I know that what you said is interesting, because what you said is effectively, I paid for fun. Which everywhere else in the world. Apart from the NFT space is how it works. You know? I guess the difference is the fee is paid. You know you if you go to watch film, you pay. You pay a tenner and you don't get anything back. You're not investing none of that. Sorry kids make noises for which we don't have any NFT space, like if, if a reasonable amount of fun is had from a reasonable fee in NFTs, I'm sure it will get flooded down because, like you're not making a profit. And that's all really the space is about right now. So I'm hoping we get to the sort of situation, the issue, obviously, with chain faces and making them cheaper would be all the sweeping that they had to do. He's been 100 ETH, maybe more, effectively sweeping the dead bodies out of the arena, I think was what he called it, he was moving them, you know, out of out of harm's way, I guess. And that cost a lot of ETH. So as technology moves on, maybe this sort of thing can become more common. at a cheaper price point that makes them more vulnerable for a bit of fun or a gamble rather than an investment.

Papa 31:05โ€‹

I think that's my hesitancy concerns were reduced from whoever like my hesitancy with like, play to earn. As a as a model in general is like, I don't like if you're earning money. That to me sounds like a job. So then I'm playing a game, like to make money, which is that essentially, it's a job, so then it's not a game to me anymore. So if it was more something of like, yeah, like, okay, you can access this game, if you buy the NFT. And then you get to play it for as long as you want to play it. And then if somebody else wants to play it, then when you go, so having it as as access or having the game just yeah, like, like you said, be fun. And you buy it, and you buy the thing, and you have the fun. And then that's over. It's like, I think that's, that's, to me feels way more sustainable than projects where it's like, Oh, hey, like, you can play this game. And it's great, but you also earn money. It's just gonna lead to grinding, right?

Walshy 32:11โ€‹

Absolutely. I mean, whenever there's money involved, you actually you also have to worry, of course, about all of the, you know, the people that have the mind to want to try to exploit your platform, which, of course, we've seen in other projects. I don't really want to get into naming any of them. But we've seen some pretty big PDE platforms take a massive hit fairly recently, because of this type of behavior. Right? So I don't know how that's going to be mitigated in the future. It'll be interesting to see how or if that ever does get addressed. Yeah, but played earns been something I've been interested in ever since I got here with the scroll to earn mechanic through avatars. And I've been waiting. I've been waiting for something to pop up. And I don't think we're quite there yet. I think that we were so far ahead of the curve that you know, there might be another year or two to wait before we see something else follow in the footsteps but wait, I'll be here for it.

Carlini8 33:07โ€‹

You think? You think scrolling was an avastar's first?

Walshy 33:13โ€‹

I don't know of any other projects that did consignments or like scroll to earn if you can think of one Carlini let me know so I can check it out.

Carlini8 33:20โ€‹

clovers was growling I think it was there and I see cat No you couldn't earn chi Can you like do some kind of reaction if clovers was the one that inspired us to I'm sure I'm sure clovers came first

Papa 33:41โ€‹

blink twice if you're in danger

Carlini8 33:47โ€‹

oh wait oh it's Jimmy. Oh it's got a huge sword

Papa 33:56โ€‹

wish I was better record Yeah, well, okay, cool. Was there anything else that is less than sandy area? Is that is that yes, your is your play is NFT chain phases or does anything secret projects.

Walshy 34:15โ€‹

I mean, that's that's a project that I'm definitely interested in seeing how things play out. I had a lot of fun with the first round and I want to see where the second round brings us for sure. A lot of the other projects that I am into a hold on are probably not low entry points anymore. Most of the stuff that I do tend to hold on to now or like, you know, I hold on to my top 10s And anything that's not a top 10 It's It's for sale. Yeah, for the most part, I do have a couple of favorites, obviously that aren't, you know, in that top 10 Blue Chip category that I do hold very dearly and I will not let go

Papa 34:52โ€‹

of because I like sentimental value almost.

Walshy 34:56โ€‹

Exactly. Like I've got a couple little favorite projects that are aren't necessarily things that I plan on turning a profit on, but I just like to keep close by because, because of what they mean to me and what they mean to, you know, my story and how things have played out for me along my along my journey, right?

Papa 35:15โ€‹

I feel I feel that a lot. I mean, I've I've been in NF T's since I guess if we're counting Top Shot than summer 2020. So like, was kind of in in Top Shot early, but was also the most broke I've ever been in my life. Because I, I worked in travel, and then the whole planet shut down. So it's like, cool, so no one's traveling. I also worked in music, like touring travel. So no one was touring. And no one was traveling. So it's like, cool. So that's me screwed. So I kind of like, dabbled a little bit, whilst other people who still kind of had jobs were like, hey, and I'll jump into this or jump into this. And it's like, all kind of like chatting loads of stuff. But yeah, I have like NFTs from I have one. Topshop moment that I'll keep, because that's like my little souvenir, like spent a lot of money on it. And it's was a New York Knicks moment, which was the team that I latched on to, because of New York being like my American sports teams, City of Choice. And then yeah, just kind of bits and pieces from, from like, my journey through there that is like, I don't want to leave that. It's almost like it's kind of the same way that I take photos on my phone, when I'm out when like when I'm with people, or like if me and my girlfriend, go do something nice or anything, like I'll take a picture. And I'll do nothing with that picture. Like I won't put it on Instagram, or Twitter or whatever, put some stuff on there. But it's like, like loads of stuff that literally just sits on my phone. And I kind of feel that like a lot of my NFTs that I have now are the same. They're like, they're a moment in time, where it's like, hey, I really want to buy this thing. You know, I'm looking at, I'm looking at a couple of pieces of garlic, some stuff from like, early NFT boxes stuff when I worked there. I've then got like a couple of other projects that people are like, gifted me because I like gave them some advice or like helped out in some way. And it's like, I don't want to get rid of these. I don't want to sell them because then like a like a time capsule most Right?

Walshy 37:29โ€‹

Absolutely. I can totally empathize with you there, Peter. I think that's really interesting. Man. You were you were into like, what a travel consultant or? Yeah, so advisor, whatever they call them,

Papa 37:40โ€‹

I was like a travel agent. So just like selling holidays to people. And then I moved from that, like, I think 20, maybe late 2018, early 2019. I moved to this company that booked all the travel and hotels for like DJs and stuff. So these like people who like travel the world, and then they would book all of their travel, and then all their parties travel and then like other side of the company would do like the production for the stage shows and stuff. So it's a really cool place to work. It was also hella stressful. Man, you put all this travel in the like, yep, don't want to do that anymore. We're at this after party. It's sick. We're gonna stay here. So you need to like redo everything else, like, Uh huh. Uh huh. So kind of glad to get out of that. But like, Yeah, I think

Walshy 38:33โ€‹

Do you often find yourself reminiscing about your old job whenever you're doing what you do now and being so so grateful that you no longer have to do it and get to do what you're doing? Right now?

Papa 38:45โ€‹

I think reminiscing is probably the wrong word. Because that sounds like font, I think, yeah, maybe. So I wake up and I'm like, Cool. Check a little bit of discord. We'll see what's going on. We'll do some we'll deal with some DMs. What's on the Twitter docket today while we got queued up? What's going on? I'll like I'll chat with the team. What are we working on? What can I start teasing? What alpha can I find out about so I can start like queuing it up? If I'm going to launch things? You know, how can I how can I tell a certain member of our community with well, well placed words? Yeah, it's just it's wild man. Like,

Walshy 39:25โ€‹

there's one particular event that I lived through at my last job where I was an apprentice plumber dude, and I was the apprentice. So I got to do all the dirty work, right? There was this lady that was away on vacation. Maybe you booked her travels, who knows? And she she was gone for a couple days and she didn't realize that her basement was flooding. So whenever we got called in to address the issue, we realized that it wasn't just flood water. There was also a septic leak in one of her pipes. beneath her her cement foundation, so when we're Jack had the the sewage water was up to my knees pretty well. And we had to jackhammer the floor to expose the pipe that was blocked, and we had to cut out the section that was clogged. So of course, I'm waiting through the sewage I have to use, I have to use a jackhammer to get into the light under the cement foundation and expose the pipe that was causing the problem. My jackhammer, accidentally punctured the cast iron pipe where the blockage was. So if you've ever seen the entrance of the intro video for the Beverly Hillbillies where they strike oil it was like old faithful man, it was just the worst experience of my life. And now whenever I'm having a super stressful day, yeah, I just think back to that event, and reflect on how grateful I am to be in the position that I'm in to get to like, talk on spaces with you guys. And you know, hang out with the people I get to hang out with, and have social interactions instead of swimming in shit water.

Papa 41:07โ€‹

Yeah, it's crazy. I don't think my job ever got I mean, I probably had like the travel equivalent of like, wading through shit. Whereas like, gardens, like, I'm getting woken up at 4am to change his whole itinerary and they're on the phone of me and they're hammered and all this sort of stuff, but nothing ever quite as as as Shawshank Redemption is that and she is awesome. So our final question before we wrap up Walshy asked this question to all our guests, and we got it got quite heated last week. I don't know if you listened to along last week we had, we had the boys from midnight movie club on. So Bill and Matthew, who were kind of, I think, a lot of playful banter. But also, I think Matthew took the question very seriously. The question is, if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life. So foods quite quite a generic term, but like one food for the rest of your life? What would it be? Now? Last week got very heated because I think one of the questions one of the answers was pizza, but obviously you can have loads of different stuff on pizza. I think nachos similar thing. I always used to say sandwiches was my one. Because it's like, we can put anything on a sandwich. Just our snacks. So by all means, if that's your if that's your food, go for it. Just have the conviction, but what food would you eat? rest of your life? Go.

Walshy 42:52โ€‹

Oh, man, this is a tough one. Um,

Papa 42:55โ€‹

I know I prepped you as well.

Walshy 42:57โ€‹

You did and I kind of thought of an answer. But now I've realized that my choice is actually more than one food. So how's that gonna go over? Is that gonna count? Um,

Papa 43:07โ€‹

I'm fine with it. I was super chilled about it. They got quite heated. And I think one of the men decided that ranch dressing was the best food. So that is disgusting. Take that as you will. So let's, let's hear it. Let's hear it.

Walshy 43:24โ€‹

I think that my best answer for this would have to be surf and turf. Hmm, I'm a big fan of lobster. I live on the Atlantic coast in Canada. If anybody could tell by my accent, which I don't realize I have by the way. I think I think I'd be perfectly normal but apparently not. I love lobster obviously. Yeah, obviously I love steak. But steaks got to be done. Medium rare to rare anything more than that and we can't be friends. If you eat a well done steak, get out of my road. I don't want to I don't want to see you. Yeah, surf and turf.

Papa 44:02โ€‹

As good as a good answer. I like that a lot. What sides we go in? You got the steak. You got the lobster? You go while you got some garlic butter with that lobster.

Walshy 44:14โ€‹

garlic butter or just regular butter will do I prefer the garlic butter if they got it in stock though.

Papa 44:19โ€‹

But the food you're eating for the rest of your life so they got it.

Walshy 44:22โ€‹

Yeah, okay, let's go with the garlic butter. Then I'll take the garlic butter. And instead of a salad I'm just gonna get real crazy and Canadian here and I can't have poutine as a side can I? Yeah, no. Give me a poutine on the side. Surf and Turf poutine on the side. accom Bucha we're good to go.

Papa 44:42โ€‹

Oh, I'm into it. I'm into it.

Walshy 44:46โ€‹

I got to hear yours.

Papa 44:49โ€‹

I think I decided last week that is Ramen.

Walshy 44:52โ€‹

Ramen like the noodles in the package?

Papa 44:55โ€‹

Yeah, well, like no so like, this is a place in London. I used to go to all the time. I'm with a good friend of mine who I saw last weekend, which was great fun. She's cool. You'll love this. It's called Bone daddies. Yeah, yeah. But it's, it's like thick broth, like, you know, like has been boiling away for hours. It's really good noodles. You get like some slices of pork belly in there. Some little seaweed bits on the sides, like all of that sort of stuff like Yeah. So it's ramen because I frickin love noodles. And that's like the best stuff I've had. So if I was gonna have to commit Surf and Turf got me got me double, double guessing they got me guessing myself because Surf and Turf good show.

Walshy 45:45โ€‹

I think pho(?) would have been my second choice. And if I got if I got an entree with my surf and turf. I'd go with the pho(?). Like, what about Carlini? What's that guy chowing down on?

Papa 45:58โ€‹

Set before? I think he's still on. Still on God. I think he said before that is a it is a snow roast. So your classic British Sunday roast.

Walshy 46:10โ€‹

Yorkshire pudding, all the forelands

Papa 46:12โ€‹

all of that jazz. Exactly. Gravy, I assume. Probably some roast potatoes. Really need to stop ending my interviews with this question. Because it's like 10 o'clock at night here. And I'm like, getting pretty hungry. Just the what we'll do mostly we will wrap it up there. If you want to come hang out in the lobby bar in the discord afterwards and maybe answer some questions. But Ian wants to then we can do that. I know. There's been a few trickling in as we've gone through. So that's the way we're going to play this. But really appreciate coming on man.

Walshy 46:52โ€‹

Can I plug one more thing but yeah, please, please do one more thing. But just wanted to plug this in really quickly. Before we part ways. avastars birthday is coming up for 20. We would love to have some of our friends from from this Twitter spaces and from the Purrnelope's community to come join us there will be an announcement sometime in the future before the 20th we will lay out the times and and the events and all that good stuff. We'd love to have you. And thank you guys very much for inviting me to be on the purrcast today. It's been a lot of fun.

Papa 47:27โ€‹

Appreciate you coming almost. You're ready, Damon right there. Yeah, that's amazing. I didn't realize that birthday was 420. And this thing works out really nice.

Walshy 47:35โ€‹

Everything happens for a reason.

Papa 47:38โ€‹

Exactly what nice. Thank you so much for coming on my friend. Thank you everybody for listening. We will be in the lobby bar hanging out for a few minutes. Shortly after this. I have tweeted from my own personal account HOW TO JOIN OUR DISCORD that is right up there. But yeah, if you if this is the first time that you've heard about avatars, then by all means, please go check them out. I'm pretty sure you can get some you can get involved. You can find some really nice ones on open sea or wherever else you get your NFTS at a pretty reasonable cost. So yeah, go check them out. And yeah, we'll see you again. We'll see you all again next week. So yeah, Walshy say goodbye to the lovely people.