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Weekly Update: 2022 Week 17

· 2 min read
Katie Niepp

Welcome to your weekly update from Purrnelopes Country Club

  • Airdrop #8 is here! 👵
  • @CuratorCatPCC doing amazing work 😺
  • Check out ambassador bot in our discord 🤖


Purrnelope’s Country Club Weekly Update: week of April 25th 2022

We try to show a lot of gratitude to our community but at the risk of being a broken record…


You all have shown what PCC is all about. The tweets, the discord banter, the shared support and mutual respect shown by all has been truly humbling. We will keep the momentum going!

One community member who went above and beyond is Curator Cat. They made a comprehensive archive of Purrnelope’s Country Club at Please check it out!

Inside you can find:

  • Our weekly updates
  • Team blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Interviews
  • Explainer videos
  • Wiki explanations of our collections
  • KittyVault information
  • and more!

Airdrop 8 is here! We sent out the final companion, THE GRANDMA! You have the placeholder in your wallet (check your hidden folder on OpenSea) and be aware… you have 2 weeks to trade or hodl your placeholder NFT before we open minting for the companions. Click here to learn more from Katie’s grandma!

I can’t let you get away without reading about Hodl’s new impostor bot! This bot tells you how many people are gaming the system on twitter with .pcc.eth and helps you unfollow them! We have over 700 registered ENS subdomains and we have so much more to come!

That’s all for now, mini meow!