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Weekly Update: 2022 Week 9

ยท 2 min read
Katie Niepp

Purrnelopeโ€™s Country Club Weekly Update: week of February 28th 2022

Youโ€™d think we could bask in the glow of releasing Roadmap 2.0 but alas, we can not. For starters we airdropped the latest redeemable NFT to your wallets; the Keyboard Cat! Specifics are to be announced but you can expect that once redemptions are open youโ€™ll be able to smash your very own paws on those keys just like our friend down there:

In other news, we were honored to have some Purr NFTs features in Times Square care of our friends at PLINFT. How cool is it to see some of our cats in the bright lights! Check out some of these tweets from proud owners!
If you caught a glimpse of yours show it off in our discord or mention us on twitter!

From the digital (airdropped keyboard cat) to the physical (physical keyboard that can be redeemed using the keyboard cat) to the digital and physical (Purr NFTs featured in Times Square) back to the digital we go! We have a March Madness bracket challenge happening in the #PCC March Madness thread under our Lobby Bar and our weekly game night on Thursdays is always a great time! Last week we had Quiz Night III and unfortunately Carlini won. Do join us to unseat him from his throne!

Thatโ€™s all for now,

Mini Meow!