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Weekly Update: 2022 Week 6

· 2 min read
Katie Niepp

Purrnelope’s Country Club Weekly Update: week of February 7th 2022

In case you weren’t aware, our team’s roots run deep through NFTs. For example one of our good friends Henry the Grape (FKA NFTYoda) swung by our twitter spaces this week. Henry is a tokenomics expert and a Cyberkongz OG so naturally we talked $TOKEN and more specifically, vesting, emissions, alloca… Here’s the main takeaway:

Our team is working hard to get $TOKEN right. We know NFTs and crypto move extremely fast but we value being careful and thoughtful.

Shout out to Katie for another incredible video about the January airdrop! Those dance moves are the cat’s meow :) We cannot wait to unleash these beats on the public once it’s ready to go!

I hope you have the big screen fired up because we have yet another video for you to check out and this one’s from the heart. We asked you all what you love about the purrs and you delivered! Thank you for all of the kind words everyone, #WeLoveThePurrs!

Shout out to Alex3422_NftNoob for collecting a new Gold purr for 10Ξ bringing their collection up to 29 purrs. Thank you for your support!

That’s all for now, mini meow!