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PurrCast: !quest NFT NYC - RRBAYC - Purrs4eva

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Papa Cat (Peter)

This is the recording of Purr Cast 22nd June

Carlini definitely doesn't call anyone a C word



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Speakers: Carlini8 (65%), Papa (35%)

Papa 0:21โ€‹

Right let's give that a go so

Papa 0:36โ€‹

hopefully I survived the spaces things are looking better what we are going to talk about two night

Papa 0:51โ€‹

we're going to talk quests are hopefully going to talk a few updates and get to the bottom what's been going on at the country club last last few days or so. So yeah, I think for that would be a fun place to start a good place to start

Papa 1:14โ€‹

please bear with me because not feeling amazing

Papa 1:19โ€‹

should be okay we should survive let's get my co host and fully realized as me yeah being well gonna check this recording should be fine I'm still here. Ah

Carlini8 1:46โ€‹

you think this is the real spaces?

Papa 1:50โ€‹

Oh no. This isn't even the real company Twitter account?

Carlini8 1:55โ€‹

No, we exchange it

Papa 2:00โ€‹

that way all my passwords they were all

Carlini8 2:01โ€‹

everyone in this space is just paid stooge.

Papa 2:08โ€‹

So bots bot accounts you're

Carlini8 2:10โ€‹

all a bunch of bots

Papa 2:15โ€‹

ah, I hate him. I'm I feel pretty rough. Not gonna lie. Okay, so you might have to you might have to carry I think it's just just mega pollen. Big pollen day. I just My eyes are just so puffy. So yeah, Bear Bear with me. But I'll survive It's okay.

Carlini8 2:38โ€‹

Just looked at the texts that comes up underneath this it's got me saying you roll a bunch of drops like it don't say that.

Papa 2:55โ€‹

Amazing. Catch that on too early. Oh, absolutely. scammed.

Papa 3:04โ€‹

Excellent. That'll be on YouTube as well.

Carlini8 3:07โ€‹

Do you want to see that? Well, yeah, so

Papa 3:13โ€‹

Oh, gosh, say

Papa 3:17โ€‹

oh, yeah, it was just me last week. And I think I kind of gave a a brief outlay of where we're at what we're working on what's kind of coming next. Obviously things have been a bit crazy with the space in general but last kind of week and a half or so. I don't know if you wanted to cover any of that ground the that I kind of went over last week or whether we wanted to get straight into quests and comms drop in You're dropping your opinion of us

Carlini8 4:01โ€‹

believe they should like it goes straight there

Papa 4:12โ€‹

goodness May. What a start or start to the show. Yeah, I don't know if you wanted to cover any of that. Obviously, as most people listen to this will know you've kind of been through been through these kind of like market fluctuations before. I wanted to touch on lft NYC as well as that's kind of going on. Well, less the conference because apparently no one's going to those but more kind of the announcements around that. So there was a doodle one yesterday that bought a yacht club video that I think you just briefly mentioned just now in the in the lobby bar. And then what's been going on with these quests and what we can what we can expect I didn't really want to, I don't really want to kind of like pull the curtain back too much. But I think there was a couple of couple of comments that we've seen today where it's like, okay, let's kind of maybe outline a little bit more of what's going on. But yeah, kind of take your take your pick from any of those topics, I guess, right?

Carlini8 5:16โ€‹

Well, you know, I don't really talk on these things. But oh, I'll give it a go. So sorry, CryptoKitties, and go from bear market downturns. So, my first bull market started with CryptoKitties. The thing is, it's clear now that the, the free cash, the free money we were all getting just for, you know, opening discord and Twitter is now gone. A lot of the people who were only here for the free cash are now also gone. And there are, there are tears. So you will see people continue to leave. As it gets, you know, harder and harder. That doesn't necessarily mean it gets worse and worse. But the longer something is down, the harder it becomes mentally. And really all you have is your, you're not fighting against anyone else. You're fighting against your own brain, your own mind. And, and that feeling of, it's always your all time high figure your all time high net worth. So personally, I wasn't tracking it this time around. Remember last time I have my apps. What was it block phi used to be the big one along with Delta, but I think they've now been bought by FTX. So it's got the same logo, but it calls itself FTX, which is very, very annoying for a phone app to have the same name as an exchange when it does something different. But it is what it is. So, you know, 70 and 80. And I just watched as that number dwindled, it just went down and down. And like, it wasn't a hugely significant amount of money, because I was gambling at the time. And I was doing well. But I was watching, you know, quite a lot of money. Just go down the drain slowly and slowly as as I have my first kid as well. And you know, life's changing, and you just downside as the number goes down. And I was always just thinking, right, that number, that's what I need to get back to. But that's just silly. That's, that's how you get in your own head. And you need to detach from that right away. And I know it's hard because I didn't do it my firstborn, I continuously watched it. So I'm telling you to do what I can do. And this time, I kind of didn't trust myself. So I just, I just don't know what my all time high figure was, you know what myNFT's were, they're all spread out as well, which makes it harder to track. And that was partly intentional. Because now you know, I just don't know, I have doodles here. You know, I've gone in and out of eights and eight and things like that. So punks, I have no idea what my all time high value was. But you just need to make sure that you're not revenge trading, they call it trying to get back that number because that number wasn't real. The only real numbers when you cash out until then you're trading your mid trade. If you hold peers, your main trade even if it doesn't feel like it. If you count them in your net worth your mid trade, you haven't you haven't finished it. So you can't just you can't just try and fight to get back to that number because that holds you back. So, you know, I don't know what my number was, but I know I'm very very far away from it now. And in looking back, it was silly wasn't it? Like I remember genuinely asking about the country club near us I was making inquiries to buy a country club. If that's not our this is silly. What am I doing territory? I don't know what it is. So it it's not that bad. Like I know the numbers down and people are gonna have tax taxes that are silly that maybe they no longer can pay. But we've kind of stabilized round the 1k bit above kind of chillin for now and normally you'd You see, like straight level drops were while we have seen them, we, you know, we were over 4k. No, it's not great, but

Carlini8 10:10โ€‹

I have a terrible trader, but I feel like LFTs might be coming back in a thief stays at 1k and settles, people will get boredNFT's. So no new innovation will happen and it will just spark and we'll go again, becauseNFT's were running at 1k, before you know, the start of 2021, the NFT box's launch is kind of sit somewhere, right. And so I had to, you know, run through the numbers and look at the scan all the time. But we launched January 2021, with sub 1k. Which is crazy to look back at and obviously last bear Matthew When you know, right down to 80. So it shouldn't go down there. But again, don't listen to me terrible trader would counsel Trade Me and you'll probably be rich in about four weeks. But you just got to focus. So you, I guess you wanted you wanted a rundown of the there and I've gone on a bit they're

Papa 11:24โ€‹

rundown, you're ever under,

Carlini8 11:26โ€‹

if you can, if you can take the positivity and you know all those people that you look up to that and now you see as mega whales, they were pretty much mostly all born in the 1819 bear. Even 20 You know, they acquired theNFT's that then ran these these punk holders. You know, I bought punks at $200 Maybe 250 I bought bread loads of that other project was you know, I can't say because I always say and you always drink. I pick, I picked her on I was sure it will pay the best and I picked her on cancer treatment. But those those people who went heavy into punks, they made the big returns. And you know, it's hard to say this out loud, it sounds so dumb, but it's not Aetherium or Bitcoin that's gonna make you rich, you know, if if you buy now at 1k, and it goes to 10k, you 10x Your money. And unless you already have size, you know that's it's not really that much because you're supposed to invest what you can where you can afford to lose and what you can afford to lose 10x isn't generally liked. For

Papa 12:55โ€‹

my, my 10 pound DCA eath is not going to make me millions of pounds. So you're saying

Carlini8 13:00โ€‹

no, but what we'll meet is what you learn what you experience. So you've all experienced a bull market now. And you've all been here and played the game. Now if you can take that knowledge into the bear, build that knowledge and come out the other side. That's what all of those people did the start of 2021 with NFT boxes were Pranksy he was not away, he was not really rich. At one point I bought. It may be you know 2019 or 2020 I bought loads of crypto kitties off him. And I paid in pounds so that he could pay bills. Like during the bear market. He was down bad. But he kept grinding. He kept working during the bear. And when it then came to it when the Bull Run started because he'd been identifying certain trends and patterns during the bear market. He spotted it early in the bull. And he went deep into Top Shot like early 2021 He was buying accounts and then they you know 10x Or whatever he was buying accounts money and debt or manually transferring it over. So it's about what you got to do now is build that knowledge. Just just by being here by being active. It's okay, you know to be a side hustle, I guess they call it but really it's a hobby. You know, if you loveNFTS you love sticking around. You're gonna you're gonna learn a lot I hate the word now because it just makes you sound like Zagat bond but you know the people you look up to made an Money inNFT's doing something, they, they built that experience in their first bear, and then profited in the bull. So most of you have probably profited in the bull. So now you're starting from a position of strength. Whereas I, when I got wrecked in 18, I lost money that I put in, I didn't lose profit. So yeah, I guess, I guess that's where, you know, on a kind of positive bad note is focus on trying to do something like, you know, you just think you think Jenkins, for example, that was bought eight Yacht Club, you can, you can take Purrnelope ease and build something within Purrnelope that come the ball. You know, as long as you've got a long enough timeframe, and you know, you're actually doing something and it's good, and it's useful and all of this stuff. I guess, there's, there's so many possibilities, you can also Top Shot has it, they have loads of different accounts that are there for certain things. That's kind of the thing I want to foster, you know, like, we've got reported cat, but that's us. Wait, no, that's not us. As Yeah. It's like the curator, cat type of stuff. Like that's, that site is amazing. And that's, that's what we want to build up from within a community. And just getting involved is how you learn. Right? You. It's the experiences. So, so yeah, that's. So that's, I guess, last week's catch up is, I know, it's bad. We're all we're all in it together. But that's, that's another thing about these communities, these profile picture communities have been built, utilize them. If you know, if you're if you're feeling it, it's okay to reach out to anyone in purse, you know, friendships are formed in these bullets, the best thing I took from from the bear was my friendship group who have gone on to sell companies to insane other companies that we never thought would happen to build projects like doodles

Carlini8 17:42โ€‹

to innovate, like chain faces, you know, there's, there's lots of things that have gone on from within that friendship group. That was effectively it was, I guess it was born in the end of the bull of 2017. But it was hardened in the bear, you know, you actually, you should get to know each other properly.

Papa 18:05โ€‹

Yeah, and I feel like we've kind of seen that in the last week and a half, two weeks or so. even longer than that, I guess. I think like, obviously, last Monday was like the big the big change. But if you if you want to go and look, uh, if you want to go in hindsight, look at graphs, it's like, well, we were kind of on the way down for a bit. I think I feel like the community is like our community that we we've helped to build, I don't want to say built because a lot of a lot of the people that we speak to on a daily basis as part of the community are as much as much a part of the building of it as we are. But I feel that it's kind of not really changed the vibe too much. Still a lot of kind of a lot of GMs flying about every morning, lots of kind of chats about this, that and the other. JT start in threads about NFL stuff already. And it's like, it's all kind of kind of feels the same kind of feels like we're still working together and still chatting about stuff and still going so yeah, I think it's it's a nice viewpoint to have and I'm sure if you'd been on last week than we would have, we would have kind of had the same conversation, but I feel Yeah, I feel like we're almost in a good position with the community that we've got to kind of to keep these things going. And I think kind of the addition of quests in the last what four or five days has been has been really really fun as well. So yeah, the work that huddles done on that to kind of make that make that happen has been awesome. And yeah or the kind of the other extra little bits and pieces that we can we can now do with that is has been been really fun to see.

Carlini8 19:51โ€‹

Yeah, what was what was next racist board IPS racist. Let's touch on

Papa 19:56โ€‹

that because that's been I feel that that's Been around for ages. Like, that isn't that isn't like a new incendiary thing. But this video, basically was an advert for a derivative that I think made a lot of money and was like, I don't know if it's rugby already, but like it felt feels, feels weird to kind of, hey, they suck. But also, here's my project that looks very much the same. To me,

Carlini8 20:29โ€‹

it's not very much the same, it is the same. But this time, it's performance out music in itself, because if you truly believe, because he has been pushing this for a long time, and let's just you know, just gotta get get out there. He's not a great guy, like, there is a lot of pre NFT bad stuff. He's a well connected guy, like you worked for Kanye, and stuff like this, but there is a lot of baggage that comes along with this guy. And, you know, most of it negative and there's been a lot of even coming intoNFT's a lot of silly stuff that, you know, kind of kind of made me never ever really trust His Word or what he's doing. Like, when when you do a couple of things in this space, there are too many things, but there are certain things that if you do it, I just kind of write you off. Like, there's just, there's just no point wasting my mental space on someone that I know is never going to be at the standard of person that I want to consider. You know, there's, I guess early on I was NBA YC I was worried that people outsideNFTS would just see apes and think that were these racist undertones just because it is an issue in certain parts of the world, you know, certain parts of the UK certain parts of the US it's it's fairly worldwide, you know, racism is not gone. And apes. Slash monkeys are often you know, used in that sort of way. So I was worried that not from within the NFT space, but I thought the outside would think it was it was racist, but the claims are. So I studied stats University, pretty much the first, the first rule of stats as you can prove anything you want to like this video is proof that like if you just if you just make up enough random links, you know, all the all those funny charts of like, pirates and I don't know amount of strawberries picked in that year or something like the more pirates there are in the sea, the more strawberries yielded a big just because there's a coincidence that it all lines up that way. But when you actually watch this video, I think for most people that will actually watch it it will harm the cause. Because the so when people actually know what their claims are, and they're like, oh, but why didn't you do this? So for example, they go with the eight ape been racist, like they pick tapes, because it's racist is like I think it's the second point in the video, without at all ever mentioning, aping in or the crypto culture around apes and calling each other apes and, you know, it's it's not racist because you're saying hey, let's say pin and normally back in the day you were talking to some sort of while they're all of crypto Twitter as far as I can tell in 2014 15 We're all just hentai screensavers Right? Like what what, what do they know about anything? From sort of racism, they're just throwing out some weird car to women and shout in let's say, Ben, then there was Wall Street bets and they were aping into everything. And that this was all pre eBay see, it's not it's not just a crypto thing is it became an investment thing and they've completely locked that out. They've ignored that they've not said anything about it and then gone Oh, but it's racist because it's and then you know, UGL ABS is another good one. They've gone UGA is a is a very niche character. Why gamers don't do that they would have talked about a main one when that is gamers love Easter eggs.

Papa 24:54โ€‹

It's like the whole thing. But assume we got a whole

Carlini8 24:57โ€‹

video is bad but that that lame is just so easily refuted by people's usernames, we probably got some random username in here. Like, I just look at the gravity, gravity is one of the like that Mavity isn't even a word, how dare you that's. And they just go, it couldn't, they couldn't possibly have called it Yuga labs because of this evil character in Zelda that turns people into two D objects, like the day to day stuff, almost likeNFT's, you know, two Ds orNFT's? How could it? How could that be the link? Obviously, it's this racist Nazi thing. And that, that's the issue with almost every claim is like, we're completely ignore one very, very obvious reason why this has happened. And actually, we're gonna go straight to the Nazis. And, like, the only, like, the only one that I guess didn't seem to have an obvious thing that refuted it was something about 18 teeth, like, there's some Nazi logo that had 18 teeth, and the body of your club one has 18 teeth. And there's, there's like no other reason for it to be 18 teeth other than it just was. So there's like, one thing that just was an all the others are easily refuted. It's due, it's, in my opinion, a waste of your hour. But of course, if you want to watch it, you can go and watch it. It's, it's up to you. But the guy who's been pushing this for a long time, not a great guy, lots of issues, preNFT's then inNFT's and then profited from effectively selling exactly the same art that he considers racist, not even removing what he considers racist traits, or undertones or anything like that. Keeps the Nancy logo. You know, there's just it's just all made to profit, in my opinion, which I think is quite easily, quite easily seen once you actually do watch it and roll a few brain cells together.

Papa 27:23โ€‹

Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's so weird. And I think it's coming for the king, isn't it? Like, bought apes and Hugo labs have proved themselves to be the company like the project and the space. They're, they're known of outside of this space? Well, kind of like that's the first thing that people will make fun of if you don't know that you didn't know about the space and you've kind of read one Daily Mail headline aboutNFT's are bad. The one that you'll know about is bought apes. And obviously, Seth Green, getting scammed out of his recently probably didn't, probably didn't help that. But yeah, it fell smack to me when it first came out a while ago, of a user, but the stats, you can draw those parallels if you want to, and you can see them if you want to see them. And then you know, there might be truth in it. There might not be I don't know, to me personally, it feels like a reach. And I feel like it's if board apes was our floor. And Purrnelope is was their floor. I feel like people will be looking I mean, look at our logo. It's not too dissimilar as it like got right in on the top right and on the bottom logo in the middle two dots either side.

Carlini8 28:48โ€‹

That almost like goes in the world. But I

Papa 28:54โ€‹

think someone said like, oh, so like Starbucks and Panda Express are Nazis as well. And then someone just circled the SS at the end of Express and Panda Express. And it's like, Oh, no. But I feel to me It smacks of coming for you know, you're you're coming for the king. Like, Let's not miss that. Yeah, exactly. They're the big dog or big ape, and

Carlini8 29:22โ€‹

they've been going for it pre pre top dog. But yeah, yeah. It's, it's just, I think that's, that's enough. Stupid.

Papa 29:33โ€‹

It is stupid. Indeed. Let's move on. The quest spot, as it is now called. I renamed it I think yesterday, or this morning. I can't quite remember times a flat circle. It's now the quest bar. I think we need to kind of like divvy out because a lot of the ambassador commands are still in there and still work. But we've been questing. The team has been questing. The community has been requesting There's been lots of different things kind of going on. We started it, what, over the weekend? And yeah, it's kind of it took a it took a bit of a turn on on Monday, which was, which was very interesting.

Carlini8 30:15โ€‹

Yeah, so I guess the first thing to put out there is this is alpha alpha, alpha naught as in the info you want, but is in alpha beta for release, you know, this, this was the idea of subdomains, the idea of social questing, and then getting something together that can actually work it's like a proof of concept. This is not how it will be. Ideally, it will be off discord, but kind of merged with discord. So what I do like, is when someone goes on a quest, you know, so, shader has been assigned the quest type quest to join them. I'm wondering if there'll be multiple ways to start a quest, the website discord, maybe even Twitter, you know, down down the line to obtain the information. And then from there you, you can be alerted in discord? Like maybe, maybe people can find out, though, there'll be a channel that just says, who started the quest? who's joining it, or whatever. But yeah, we're kind of, we're testing the concept. We're testing what can be done. So like, it's good at the moment to get different things coded into the bot. So we can you know, what the, what did we do yesterday? Or three? What would you like,

Papa 31:53โ€‹

retweet, like, comment and retweet?

Carlini8 31:56โ€‹

So we're just doing things that sort of get gets the codebase up and running. And I guess, you know, prepares people for, I'm not saying these are the types of quests that they'll be that short. Some of them will be like this. But as you can see, with the current one, which is, you know, at this week one, we were testing our will people care if it's over a week where they care if it's tied into law, will it add anything additional? Will people engage more if there's a sort of overarching story where they engage more if it's helping them learn more about the country club? So we're, we're just seeing, I guess, what's what at this stage? We're using you as sort of test subjects, test subjects, which I guess is West subjects, quest subject, which is all, you know, very nice and useful. So it's, it's fun, I like it. I like I like the thought of daily quests. I like the force of a weekly quest. Like, if you think about it, we were doing the daily quests at the start. And now maybe it's a weekly quest. And I'm also considering monthly quests, and how to reset the schools. So for example, if you turn up today, and the score just kept going up by a day, you would always be five points behind shill for the rest of time, even if you do every single question ever, because he'll do every single question ever. And you'll just always be behind him. So the a lot of thought needs to go into how to score it, how to reward it. Because one of one of the issues of just giving out rewards for doing stuff is it becomes entirely transactional. Like if you're only doing a quest, because you think you're going to profit. It the quest is no longer fun. It's not fun at all. It becomes a burden. Because you're like, Ah, I've got to go and do my whatever, that that makes me, you know, $1 and I'll be angry with myself if I don't. And I say that because that's exactly how I felt with defy kingdoms. So I had, you know, loads of heroes and loads of luck tool, and I had to send them on a quest. They call it quest to my property quest. That's in the mining and farming and all of this stuff. If I didn't do it every four hours, I think it was maybe six And then I was literally losing out on money. That wasn't much money. But the stress I felt definitely wasn't worth any of the money that I took in from the whole thing. Because it was just like, you know, university revising, I was I should be revising now, but I'm not, Oh God, I'm about the house. I can't quest. I'm losing money. You know, and I don't want that at all. I want the from the social questing on the main rewards to be social, I want I want competition, I want hype, I want stature, I want people to want to be top of that leaderboard, not because we're going to pay them to be. I'm not saying there won't be any financial incentives. I'm sure there will be we have you know, lots of LFTs sitting in a company wallets that need to get out there and into community hands. So there's plenty of stuff to give out and then token coming in. And you can even create, you know, newNFT's new rewards, there's plenty of stuff that can be done. But I want to build it. Right? First, I don't want to hook people in. Because of the money I don't want. I don't want you paying to quest, and then hoping to earn more. I also want to build out a much smoother experience. You know, I've said cool cats but social and you know, I love the website and how they do it all. I just hate that request is just said this transaction and then get some milk. So that's what I'm trying to change.

Papa 36:56โ€‹

Yeah, I think we don't, we don't want it turning into a essentially like a play to earn gain is is what we're what we're trying to avoid. It needs to be it needs to be something fun to do and something interesting. And there's like the stuff stuff around it. seen bits and pieces with with cyber brokers quests like recently, and I think they had one like the suite there was built around, like a real life party in New York or on NFT. NYC. And it's like, that's really cool, like functionality that you're then building out. It's kind of something a little bit different to it. But yeah, I think it's been really fun. Last few days kind of seeing, seeing us kind of testing the waters with what we can do with it, coding new stuff into it coming up with stuff and like okay, well this work and like our leaderboard work and do we do seasons? And how long have seasons and kind of Yeah, like little little extras and bits and pieces like that. So yeah, this is kind of, kind of the start of that. And yeah, kind of building out some narrative and some lore was really fun. I had to delete, I did a tweet of like me stepping away because I'd been fired. And I was like, Okay, I'm gonna have to delete this because I don't want I was getting some very, very lovely messages from some really lovely community members and like our like, if you're okay, if you leave, you need a chat. And I'm like, geez, like, this is so lovely. Because this community is just the freakin best. But it's like, this is kind of like part of part of the narrative. So I kind of deleted that and got away from

Carlini8 38:37โ€‹

that said about time.

Papa 38:40โ€‹

Just you, okay. So yeah, so that was really cool as well. I think. Seeing where we can go with that. Over Over the next few weeks, few months. Longer. I think it'll be it'll be really interesting and really fun kind of Yeah, building building all of that out. And like you said, different ways of joining it and maybe hiding it a little bit. It's kind of why I haven't answered any questions on it. And I know people have DM me and then we've had some stuff on Twitter have like, what is this? I don't understand. I've missed it. Have I missed something? Think because we've been so good with our updates and telling people what's going on and what we're working on and what's coming next. I think we've been so good at that we kind of suddenly went a little bit quiet because this is something that's built into the law and narrative and stuff like that. If you're not I don't understand what's on the list of commands and stuff. It's like there isn't one you guys are you guys are figuring it out. So I think that's been been cool, but also I can I can very much appreciate some people's frustrations with it as well.

Carlini8 39:48โ€‹

That's what frustrates me about this space is we didn't tell anyone anything. And I saw you know, I mean loads of discourse and I saw loads of But like, just people asking about what is this question? What are everyone doing? Why is everyone mentioning Carlini? Why was this reporter cat tweet? And he's kind of what happened with goblins. Right? They were. They were completely unknown. And there was so much speculation and everyone's like, Oh, what's this? Who could it be? They just they pump it off the unknown. And

Papa 40:35โ€‹

there was a deep hole is at UGA. Like who are they? Like? Nobody? None of this neither of this

Carlini8 40:42โ€‹

Yeah, so it was like short a podcast with briefly with one of the goblin guys a while back. You know, why about maybe six months at this point as time is crazy,

Papa 40:55โ€‹

for years ago,

Carlini8 40:56โ€‹

by not spoon feeding all the information, the people who are interested will go out of their way to find the reason what what it is. And, you know, it kind of defies logic, but it's an interesting thing to take note of, you know, there's been there's been more interest than had we just told everyone completely everything about it. Which you know, it sucks to say out loud, but this is what it is, I guess. Yeah,

Papa 41:32โ€‹

I think it's it's the same with anything. It's It's murder mystery shows. It's watching something you know, I I remember watching a very big tangent, but I'm watching a version of murder of the on the Orient Express as a kid. So like a movie that was made I don't know late in the 70s or something. I remember watching it and it was like a rainy afternoon or the weekend and I was like, Okay, fine. Like this is on the TV watch that could get into streams and anything back in these days guys, this was before Netflix. watched it at a good time where they're thought okay, fine. And then years later, the remake the big glossy remake gets done with Kenneth Branner and stuff and the slight I still enjoyed watching the new version of the movie but I didn't have as much fun with it because I knew exactly what was gonna happen I knew exactly where it was going. I knew the mystery. So your enjoyment of that story is then lessened because there's not as much fun to be had from it. The unknown is like the thing that is like okay, this is interesting.

Papa 42:40โ€‹

Okay cool what's going on? What's

Papa 42:41โ€‹

going on? What happens if I do some my grandma to this address when I get it back? Well I know

Carlini8 42:46โ€‹

Yeah, we haven't even spoken about we got seven e what we didn't address got 70 Oh grandma's from you know nothing just send her grandma here. And it was okay.

Papa 43:05โ€‹

Okay, can do so hopefully hopefully they get found so how much I can stop doing spaces from this broom cupboard I'm doing it from

Carlini8 43:19โ€‹

my pet what's what's the floor of

Papa 43:25โ€‹

02 sticks I think last I checked

Carlini8 43:31โ€‹

0.0 to three times that times the two are sort of well we had 1.8 grand sent to us for no reason i That's something might happen. Something might happen

Papa 43:54โ€‹

I haven't heard from report cat in a while

Carlini8 43:56โ€‹

either investigator is quite worried is dangerous because they've been they've been much mention of reporter cat today

Papa 44:07โ€‹

I think so. I don't have I don't have a good way of tracking it in all honesty reporter cat last tweeted 22 hours ago saying right but get on it you egged me on? Let me see what I can find. And that was the last anyone heard from them.

Carlini8 44:23โ€‹

I love the last

Papa 44:28โ€‹

oh my god that's amazing. Like Yeah 69 is like have you seen this Have you seen this guy?

Carlini8 44:38โ€‹

Oh for his nugget stop PCC

Carlini8 44:55โ€‹

oh and and the grandma that flies off Peter, what's happened? No.

Papa 45:11โ€‹

My meeting was still going.

Carlini8 45:16โ€‹

Yes, been a lot of good stuff like the grandma that flies off the different missing stuff in crypto voxels.

Papa 45:27โ€‹

That was very cool. We got the milk carton as well, which is good.

Carlini8 45:32โ€‹

And that's, that's kind of the goal, right? You we, we want to create reasons for people to, you know, get fun stuff like that out there. That goal goal one of I guess anything social of Purrnelope is, is to get you're engaged, we we want you to you want to be involved with the law of the country club and just have fun with it. Obviously, you don't have to people, people were helpers from many different reasons. And while I know no one is going to be holding for the law, we want that to be an addition that wants you to stay right you want to get involved, you want to find out who Chavez is you want to find out what's going on with the collective and Purrnelope and reporter cat and a couple of other plans, like planned from a long time ago. Cats that come come in, create your own cats Be your own characters, you know, like, again, going back to Jenkins, Jenkins, the ballet was just quite a fancy looking at. And then Valley clothes when it could have could have gone another way not all valleys dressed like that. And became a whole sort of, you know, thing, business company, all of that huge investment. But

Papa 47:06โ€‹

like Lionel Richie is involved.

Carlini8 47:09โ€‹

This sort of stuff can can come from an engaged community. So our plan is to engage you. But we also need to make sure that if you don't want to be on that side of things, that it's okay, you don't miss out on too much. We are obviously going to reward people who, you know, get involved that you get rewarded for efforts. Yeah, before he got last reporter cat had found another letter he was hinting at. Not sure what happened there. Maybe, maybe it'll never see the light of day now. That's a shame. So okay. So I guess to kind of reiterate, all we're trying to do is add on top there is there is no underlying value that you lose by not getting involved in quests, you will just simply be rewarded to get in volved in different ways. And we're experimenting with finding the best ways I have loads of ideas and just seeing them play out. It's going to be very cool. But the the main the main thing is to make sure that you understand if you are just a holder if we engage the community if you're if you're holding for an investment, if we engage the community, so that the community adds value that helps your investment. So while you may not feel like questing, questing is going to help you because, you know, it's it's going to be great. It's going to be fun. And it's going to engage people. Any updates on NFT world slash entity builds the the main guy had some kind of car crash. Gosh, he was he was okay. He was okay. I think it just unsettlement so things were delayed a little we've we've been waiting to have our team walk through for a while. Yeah. We're just waiting on the final info for that. I think maybe the last time I spoke that was like, just pre pre pre crash. You didn't know that but you don't know who it is. But the Queen was in a car crash

Papa 49:46โ€‹

lead with us okay, but yeah. So yeah, I think That stuff is coming as well, obviously, which is very, very cool. But yeah, we need to kind of make sure that the people working on it are a okay to be working on it. So that's, that's kind of that's understandable I also have a lucky cat update the people who one there's I set up a little Twitter group. So please don't DM me from a different discord account that you want. And you were told to reach out to me because oh, boy, I'm get I'm getting that so much recently. Oh, I won in this other thing, they told me to reach out to yours, like, really didn't

Carlini8 50:46โ€‹

have the month for two months,

Papa 50:51โ€‹

oh, gosh, Wilde said the people who want there's at the back end of May, I think I've got everybody's sizes now. So I'll be getting those, I'll be getting back in touch. And getting those out to you. We're going to do things, it's gonna be a little bit weird. We, I think we I feel that we kind of underestimated demand for these T shirts and what they were going to be, we want to make sure the people that buy them are people that are or that want, we want to get them into the hands of the people that want them essentially, if that makes sense as a weird kind of sentence. So what we're going to do is basically drip feed them into into the community, there's going to be different ways of accessing them. We're going to have codes that will allow you to purchase the t shirt. So through different through different means. So if it's turning up to games nights, if it's you know, listening into spaces, if it's completing X amount of quests, if it's just chatting those in discord and having a nice time, we're being nice to people, or whatever, all the stuff that the people that we want to give these T shirts, or that we want people to have these T shirts do anyway. That's kind of the way that they will be accessed. So I think if you look at the website, I don't know, Jamie's probably screaming at his phone right now, because I've given away too much from saying the wrong things. The price of the lucky cat T shirts has changed. And to unlock it to get it at a reasonable price, the price that we want that we were going to sell them at you will need one of our codes giveaway to get the codes is to win them or get them through different means. More on that in the next few days.

Carlini8 52:53โ€‹

Sorry, is it is that? Is it 99 grand or is it like 69 420

Papa 52:59โ€‹

It is 8888882

Papa 53:02โ€‹

because it's like a cat.

Papa 53:06โ€‹

not a it's not a path. I'm sure there'll be a couple of couple of maxes that will buy all of that cause I think is 88,888 quid

Carlini8 53:16โ€‹

yeah ADA grant so it will be it'll be sold out if it was

Papa 53:22โ€‹

gone already. So yes, they will be coming to everybody in lots of different ways. So yeah, we I know I know JB feels very very strongly about this and so we should because the t shirt the him and Katie have have put together is frickin awesome and I've only got like the beta version but yeah, we want to make sure that these get into the hands of people that really really want to put and really want to what kind of when I'm out and about that will be that'd be getting worked on next few days so are his eyes peeled

Papa 54:07โ€‹

and I think that is

Papa 54:09โ€‹

that's probably all I've got

Papa 54:12โ€‹

is direct rushes to try carbon for life as code

Carlini8 54:22โ€‹

Why would reporter cat selling lucky cat T.

Papa 54:27โ€‹

Unless that's where he's holed up. He's holed up in the stockroom. That's why no one's heard from it. JB just assumed he was working there is that right? Yeah. Can you get some merch orders that please thanks very much.

Carlini8 54:41โ€‹

Where guests stay update because we haven't really said anything obviously with this Gotcha. downturn and I got completely sidetracked by grass. Yeah, yeah, we are. We are ready to go. We're just trying to to wait for a better time, because we know you guys will buy, like your phones, you'll want some you know, there's an airdrop, if you hold one of it and one of one appears or if you have five pairs of overlays, you get five that's too reward the current community, but one of the goals of the sale. So the main goal is to raise funds to increase the runway. But another one is to bring more people in sales bring people in and sure it will bring flippers in and people who just want to try and profit and there'll be in and there'll be out, but we've done that before, that was the same for our original mint. And the plan is what that does is it brings people to the discord it brings people to the community. And they can see that when we tweet, you know, these long threads that say, we're built different, you know, we do things differently. And, you know, we're actually trying to doNFT's right? There will be you know, there'll be some stickiness, some people will see that we are built different than we are doing things differently. And we are with sticking around maybe they'll try a quest or two and they'll become you know, one of the the main community members that you just, you know, you see and chat to every day. So the goal is to to increase holdings account via I guess the advertising of the sale because in this space, nothing is more alluring to people than a sale right now maybe not. It's pretty tricky to sell out right now. But when we start seeing a little bit of strength will be will be good to go on the sale. And we've we've got a lot of sort of things lined up to fire out as it happens that have been ready for a while now because we were planning to we were planning to do you know, ages ago at this point, we should have been, I don't know maybe a month ago I can't fully remember.

Papa 57:12โ€‹

It was basically it was under the end of May I think with one thing and another

Carlini8 57:19โ€‹

hoodie has it just a hoodie was sort of right we're now ready to go there made the hoodies exist it's just the unboxing experience now because those of you that have received merch have seen that you know we did why say we did Jamie did quite a lot of thinking and planning and how to actually make this special you know, the merch is for for what it is the quality it is the merchandise you know, it's really cheap, it's great value because there is no profit we are not trying to profit at all on merch we're that's like advertising, I guess, you know, getting it out there into our community's hands. But the experience we were trying to make feel good, we wanted you to get your package and share it on socials. Like we've had lots of boxes with the tape on it or it opened up with the word search and the badges and you know, people wearing the merch and reviewing it and saying it's better than this than the other. This was all part of the goal. But now this hoodie you have to you have to burn 10NFT's for which sure theNFT's have just gone down quite a lot of value. So it's it's quite cheap to get it right now. But we tried to make sure is that experience is also good and different and more I guess you know, maybe see if we can go a little higher with with this stage, just because it is you know, you have to burn 10 FTEs to get it September when we fight these out is now a long time ago. So what's what's a few few extra weeks to make the experience better? When you guys didn't know it was actually a few extra weeks because it was supposed to be sale right hoodies. So now the hoodies are ready to go. Working on the unboxing experience. The market downturn has made us switch focus because the focus was sale, put his after sale and now it's sort of continue working on the sale while planning when to do it. So there's a lot more sort of, I guess, research and checking now. So pretty soon, we might we might be shipping them before. Well We'll have to see

Papa 1:00:09โ€‹

had a question from quit in the server saying that he burned his grandma just wondering when I can expect my physical grandma to be delivered will that be before after hoodies?

Carlini8 1:00:26โ€‹

That's got nothing to do with us

Papa 1:00:28โ€‹

why he didn't realize you have to burn five grandmas to get your physical grandma

Carlini8 1:00:33โ€‹

but the grandmas have grandma Burning has nothing to do with us I'm afraid that's so new the quest bot was compromised and the wallet was changed

Papa 1:00:46โ€‹

not only not my fault

Carlini8 1:00:48โ€‹

yeah due to the pandemic supply of grandmas is actually pretty

Papa 1:00:55โ€‹

good supply chains inaccurate she's struggling with you can get a Twitter account that will notify you when there's grandma's back in stock. But it is first come first served by community

Carlini8 1:01:11โ€‹

run Twitter that the one I've been talking about.

Papa 1:01:18โ€‹

Guess I've actually I'm accidentally following like a PS five stock checker on the purse Twitter rather than my own personal so every so often when I log on late in the morning, it's like oh, notification Oh, what is it us likes and retweets. Oh, PS Pfizer and stuff go get

Carlini8 1:01:39โ€‹

I guess I should say not that I know this is you know secondhand, maybe even third hand knowledge. But the last communication I had with reporter Cat said the only thing is found in the country club is that sending extra grandmas didn't help bill. You only completed the quest to have one and there was no reason to send more

Papa 1:02:07โ€‹

well, hopefully there'll be safe and sound albeit unwell. But my stage as much of anything at this point. I certainly

Papa 1:02:23โ€‹

right. That is our that is our that is our our thank you everybody so much for listening. Hopefully a lot of information packed in there we covered covered a heck of a lot. My eyes now hurt less, which is good. So yes, Fortnite tomorrow. So I will be playing that for about nine o'clock. I think James will be with me. As long as his living situation is sorted, poor guy. So yeah, we plan a bit of that. I will be on my mobiles switch, because we're back on mobile command. But yes, so if you want to come join that tomorrow, it will be good fun, as usual. And then usual stuff on Friday, we'll see how the Key Vault was doing was quite interesting. I was actually fascinated to see last Friday that you hadn't really changed much any terms, which I thought was quite interesting. Compared to kind of how it had been the last couple of weeks. So that was that was quite interesting to see. Stay tuned to the quest bar, we're gonna still be perfecting that it is now called Quest bar, you can find it in the bots section of the server. It is the only bot that has a wizard instead of a robot. Because wizards give quests. Right? So that was fitting. And yeah, we'll see you all next week, we do actually have a guest next week. Something a bit interesting that I thought might be probably along the lines of our like genomes dowel guests that we had on a while back, where it's something that is kind of a use case forNFT's that we maybe haven't spoken about too much. I thought it'd be quite a quite a good one to kind of have in based on this kind of berry market at the moment. I thought that might be fun. So look out for that. And I'm sure we'll have more info on everything else going on at the country club in the meantime. Ask from you

Carlini8 1:04:32โ€‹

is sorry. I don't know who that is.

Papa 1:04:37โ€‹

I think the details there are holder but it is like an education. It's like a service where you can then kind of learn stuff through NFT ownership. And that's how you kind of like pay for it and that's how it's kind of trickled down and the economics and stuff. So like a subscription so nervous, but it's an NFT. But the subscription is to learning things about stuff you want to learn about. It's quite interesting. I'll find you the site. Yeah, I will afford it. But yeah, I thought it was really cool. It sounds like a really different and really interesting use case. And I know we've kind of we've highlighted stuff like that before with the club football game with genomes Dow with other bits and pieces that I can't mention yet. So yeah, I thought it was a another kind of cool thing to to highlight, hopefully.

Carlini8 1:05:35โ€‹

Cool. Sounds great.

Papa 1:05:37โ€‹

Awesome. Carlini you, thank you very much for your time. As always, thank you everybody for listening. And we will see you and speak to you soon.

Carlini8 1:05:49โ€‹

See everyone who's