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PurrCast: 8th of June, 2022

ยท 39 min read
Papa Cat (Peter)



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Speakers: Carlini8 (59%), Papa (41%)

Papa 0:00โ€‹

Bosh. Welcome everybody to this week's podcasts for the eighth of June. Got great show for you tonight we'll be joined by Carlini, as always, we're going to be talking grandmas as there is our only five days left. If you listen to the recording could be less, unless you're listening like on the same day, five days left them in your grandma, we've got a little mention of this report, a cat who's been discovered who's been milling about the country club this week. And some updates on where we are, of course with Purrnelope exclusives sale, which is coming very soon. So hopefully some more news on that. We've also got a crazy giveaway to roll from amazing community member EVO who's gone a little bit crazy. And some questions from the discord that will hopefully to help explain who we are and what we do to any newcomers. So that's the show we've got coming up for you to night. next five days, what we're going to do with the rest of them.

Carlini8 1:18โ€‹

Well, I was glad that it was hit early on. And because we we wanted the sort of easter egg to just be found. Not us to you know, force the issue bleh Hey, this so it was cool that it was minted and he showed up in the box. And I think it was Abbo who got the first one wasn't it? And it was yeah, he was like, What the hell's this?

Papa 1:48โ€‹

Why is my look different for everyone else, it's

Carlini8 1:53โ€‹

really just shows how you know NF T's can act differently, where they're just interacting with something else in the wallet. And I mean, you can interact with almost anything is just it being in the wallet makes a lot of sense because you own it. So you'd have to worry about someone else's, we weren't going to do it where the grandmas would just be holding the frame of the PCC but then you've got someone else's NFT in your NFT which didn't feel right or good or even possible to properly do. So we change it to the way it is now. And that made that made the very interesting change from people minting their own NF T's to just like we didn't tell you that you'd minted someone else's grandma it's just the community has sort of taken that up they'd like you've got my NFT where now you have your own NF T or you

Papa 2:50โ€‹

pay gas right? The way people perceive

Carlini8 2:53โ€‹

it and I guess just you know thinking forward again. What else can NF TS make us feel? What can how can we change it from what it is now to make people feel differently about the NFT that they mentor hold or want and it's just an interesting change in a world that have been pretty set for you know, four and a half years in what I own mind and hadn't really seen before people saying oh you've got my X or Y Zed and something we voted on doing sort of a trade swapping shop type thing with the teams now the kilovolts grandmas and we can meet them maybe baby now

Papa 3:51โ€‹

was gas out I mean you can set it go and now what's Gasser 65 ish There we go.

Carlini8 4:05โ€‹

All right 65 Tickets for the team so people your grandma's know, our grandma's our grandma's

Papa 4:18โ€‹

but maybe your grandma was there. The grandma swaps F s

Carlini8 4:28โ€‹

how many do we have on

Papa 4:33โ€‹

I think we should have 122 nightstands I would say

Carlini8 4:38โ€‹

that's quite a lot of guys.

Papa 4:39โ€‹

This is some live minute someone to the Hopkins

Carlini8 4:52โ€‹

what's the first one that we met I've sent off the transaction might take a while and put it whatever you said

Papa 5:00โ€‹

He said 122 But yeah

Carlini8 5:07โ€‹

my guess is 132

Papa 5:08โ€‹

Oh, no, I guess the 65 Sorry.

Carlini8 5:12โ€‹

Okay, I put it at 66. So we'll see when those come out. I'd love it. Leak reporter care Alpha?

Papa 5:22โ€‹

I did not. Casey is trying to get me under the bus.

Carlini8 5:29โ€‹

Have you read? Have you read the report? Okay. Ours because we have, I have read

Papa 5:33โ€‹

the report articles that we have. Yes.

Carlini8 5:38โ€‹

You know where we go and I know where we go. That means you can leak.

Papa 5:43โ€‹

Yeah, I can buy wine.

Carlini8 5:45โ€‹

what it's all about. She'll take in the day off NF T's because he's away and then still meeting and sending to

Papa 5:55โ€‹

you did see that. Message earlier is like, this wasn't this like, what is this? Like? What are they? What do you mean?

Carlini8 6:05โ€‹

He said it wasn't me.

Papa 6:06โ€‹

Yeah, he said it wasn't himself. And I was like, What do you want about? He's like this, and he sent me a link that you put it earlier of like, what's going on? I was like, I don't know.

Carlini8 6:18โ€‹

Do you believe in?

Papa 6:20โ€‹

Knife? I have something going on, man. I don't know. And I like it. It's been far too quiet. I know. He's on holiday. He's been far too quiet. Suspicious, very suspicious.

Carlini8 6:36โ€‹

It renamed the account the collective

Papa 6:40โ€‹

suspicious as

Carlini8 6:41โ€‹

good as was Fito. It was he goes he get used to getting into bed with Is he trying to one up curate cat? Maybe is a recap.

Papa 6:54โ€‹

Unless he is curator cat this whole time.

Carlini8 6:58โ€‹

He's not that smart. He's not here. It's okay.

Papa 7:02โ€‹

He's a little late. But it's really

Carlini8 7:06โ€‹

said I want to listen, but I can't listen. So I'm safe.

Papa 7:11โ€‹

In fine. And this is definitely isn't recorded in two places, either. So we're absolutely fine.

Carlini8 7:16โ€‹

He doesn't know how to listen to stuff. We'll cut this part

Papa 7:19โ€‹

out. It's back. I know I don't know how to edit spaces. Because you can't because space sec.

Carlini8 7:28โ€‹

Okay, maybe maybe shows not the one that can't do things.

Papa 7:34โ€‹

That's me though. Yeah, no, I think we've talked about that a whole lot ownership thing of, of Grandma's before. And I kind of, I almost don't want to talk about, like, what we could do with that. Or what any other project could do with that. Again, there's just so much more. That is possible that just feels like isn't getting done. And I don't know why that isn't getting done right now or wants to busy men in Goblin derivatives. It's yeah, it's It's crazy to think of where that can lead to. And I guess you wouldn't even have to have it, you know, from the same from the same collection. See, we want to link purrs and grandmas together. It makes sense. It's really cool. It's a fun little easter egg. But you could link it to loads of different ways of like, if you've if you've got X than Y happens, then you get access to this as long as you have this slide. Well. That's, you know, you could do that with subscription services. You There were tons of stuff.

Carlini8 8:41โ€‹

I don't want to say vampire attack.

Papa 8:44โ€‹

But vampire attack.

Carlini8 8:46โ€‹

What if you? Yeah, so sushi swap, for example, vampire attacks uniswap, but basically copying everything they did and then offering incentives to the people who used it. So what if, what if an NF T project would take something cool that they've got and then allow it to say we allow grandmas to show your board ache in the front? To them we're incentivizing board ape owners to by their corresponding grandma because while they may not fully care about it, it will add it will add some incentive and they might even just take a look because the community has been singled out for you know, this disability. I've mentored our ones often. So we have 65. My issue with selling one to Anthony Hopkins is what if we said someone's grandma was finally being minted I got a guy whose absolute he's never gonna move it. He doesn't

Papa 10:07โ€‹

stop. He's already forgot his seed phrase was brilliant. Yeah, that's very true. I began other people meeting grandmas right now as well. That's nice.

Carlini8 10:18โ€‹

Let's get let's see if

Papa 10:21โ€‹

we do have we do have a countdown going on socials. So I think every day from today until Monday we've got a reminder to Mint Mint your grandma, your as we've been discussing min somebody else's grandma and then give it to them.

Carlini8 10:41โ€‹

Yeah, everyone remember to meet your grandma, because we pull them back just like kittens we will back because we want 10,000 out there. And they're like, how old? Are mutants? Older than a year? Yep.

Papa 11:00โ€‹

And they're getting they're probably like, imagine

Carlini8 11:02โ€‹

how annoying is trying to figure out tokenomics where all the tokens aren't yielded because they're still nightstands. And someone really wants their grandpa but like, I get how if there's some really cool sort of, you know, mutant mega from board apes. And everyone's hyped about the reveal, and people are buying for that. But if you just want to match your grandma, you know, which when you met will just be we made them all pretty much the same on purpose so that you could freely trade without wanting to blow was rare. blardy blar. And it will, it will just frustrate the for the one of experience it

Papa 11:52โ€‹

was the same with the kittens as well, to a lesser extent I kinda like. I like the evolution from kittens. And it's like alcohol, it's like it's the arms and like match the numbers, then it's, you know, if you've got kitten 1000 and cat 1000, then kitten 1000 is being held by the arms of cat 1000. There's like, that's really cool. I like the way that we then kind of took that idea. And it evolved into what grandma's is now, which is very cool. Yeah, so we will get them all out there. I think. Yeah, there's been it's been asked quite a lot. There's obviously been a lot of kit and chat and what we're going to do with that, and the the arena game that I think we kind of got suggested on spaces and was like, yes, let's do it. So all this stuff is still in play. But yeah, they're all going to be out there. Token omics is hard enough, you think about as it is without then kind of hiding half of things that are going to yield token away as well. Right.

Carlini8 12:52โ€‹

Yeah. And the the will. So all token omics starts from day one, I guess. So of launch. And token will then yield for 15 years from that day. And that's all planned out. So there will be tier twos yielding for quite some time. That don't exist yet. But no, they have fought ahead. So while we would prefer all the grandmas and kittens minted and they will be it does allow us to have a little something on the side. So we can set up sort of a dowel treasury, which will get all of this extra token, which should be minted. So day one, because there are 20,000 Tear twos, and none of them will be minted on day one. That's effectively a whole day's worth of Purrnelope Because there's double the double the tattoos and they get half the rewards. So that means the same and that will go there'll be a full day's worth that goes straight to the dowel. I don't want to say dowel because honestly with dowels right now and all run that is just legal hocus pocus over what you can and can't do and what you can and can't call it just just like the kitty bank and Kitty vault like what they call it bank. Like who cares? No one's gonna be tricked into thinking that we're a bank that they can turn up and deposit money, but it is what it is. So I'm not sure what we can actually call it. But that will be token that we can do stuff with. So maybe the community wants, you know, advertising x and we can work with a company though. Want. We can say look, here's the market value of token Are you interested and do our best to try and set up a deal where they don't dump the token and it becomes I'll also be yielders in such a way that we can create an NFT attached future yield, and give that away. So we can make a deal with an advertising agency and be like, look, you'll get this much token for the next 15 years. That might, we might be able to pull in some deals that way. And what's special about that is they always have to think about us. If two years down the line, say we only did one thing, we worked with them, we gave them this NFT eels token, two years later, you know, we're still going strong. They're still going strong, we're not working together. But they're still getting token every day. And if we're, you know, poppin they will owe our bags, they're still they're still doing well, maybe we should reconnect and help our bags more. So you're you're getting these professionals. You know, hyped, hoped to help your projects? And that's, that's just pretty cool. Sort of possibility, I guess.

Papa 16:14โ€‹

Really fun. Yeah, I think it's it's been a it's been it's been a big thing. So Did I did I understand that right, in terms of you saying that tattoos will start accruing token essentially, from day one, even though they weren't actually exist? Do I understand that right.

Carlini8 16:35โ€‹

Yes, but there will go somewhere else?

Papa 16:37โ€‹

Yes. Cool. Yeah, that

Carlini8 16:38โ€‹

was we've entered free, free matches.

Papa 16:43โ€‹

Did way for Oh, that's fun.

Carlini8 16:47โ€‹

So no one can claim those grandmas because we've gone for them.

Papa 16:50โ€‹

And they came home. Yeah, that's nice.

Carlini8 16:57โ€‹

But remember everything. Ones, we will only swap if you own the PCC. So if you if you have a grandma that fits in the kitty vote, do not just send it and expect one back. Because our sort of terms is you have to own the PCC I know it. It feels backwards. But it's just someone who does don't want to say, because that goes against everything I've just said about what has the PCC matching number might just be a little slower than you and then they don't get it and they have to deal with you. Which if you're just sending us the grandma, you know, it's probably all fine. And you'll just work something out with them. But from a project point of view, we have to think about, you know, bad actors. Yeah, all the boring stuff.

Papa 17:48โ€‹

Exactly. We have to assume expect the best because done if you've noticed this community is the bloody best. Expect the best. No. assume the worst expect the best. Is that is that the phrase saying? Well, you know what I'm trying to say I'm

Carlini8 18:07โ€‹

expecting it to all be fine, but

Papa 18:11โ€‹

we expect it to be terrible, but we assume it will be good.

Carlini8 18:16โ€‹

We hope it'll be the worst hope for the best.

Papa 18:19โ€‹

Ask the one There we go. We got there. So who gets the square? Out of peppermint tea? Geez. Brilliant.

Carlini8 18:31โ€‹

I mean, you were talking about how you're drunk on the spaces so

Papa 18:35โ€‹

yeah, well, it's because one was like ah, because I think I mentioned it was like someone mentioned it was beer o'clock and then Mo was obviously like yes, it's beer o'clock. Oh, it was like oh yes please and it's like it was a heartbeat You can can be can be drinking your space there if you've listened to any of the spaces that I've had at least five I've just had a whiskey on like on deck crazy we've now we've kind of goodness me What is this gift James this this giveaway Can we talk about this? We're not going to roll it just yet. So you've still got a chance this giveaway from eBay. He did he did post the threads that you're asking for and why he's doing this and was just lovely. It's just as blown me away it was kind of a we me and him chatted about it a fair bit of like, I want to do something mad. I really want to do it. Well like you helped me out when you like give me this and like do this I obviously like to put the put the tweet together. And it's yeah, it's just crazy. It's one of its I don't know if it's the rarest trait or It's close right the samurai

Carlini8 20:03โ€‹

it's the rarest mouth tray just because the goal was sort of one percenters for the eyes so button eyes the mouth samurai we did have a necklace collar there was a one percenter but they've got curves Oh yeah. Oh tribal helms are they

Papa 20:34โ€‹

the helm like so right so the night ones are rare and then there's obviously colored rarity within those as well

Carlini8 20:42โ€‹

that's that's the thing so that was all that was another sort of meant to be because obviously you plug in the percentages and then whatever happens happens so you know they could in theory in some universe you know the the every parallel theory or whatever it's called where everything possible could happen because not every single pearl was a gold night or something like that for the world because it was supposed to be 150 astronauts base helmet and nights and then nights was split out and see how that plays because obviously we have in no way sort of pushed it it's not like if you have a gold night you get we send you a gold but you know we're not incentivizing

Papa 21:30โ€‹


Carlini8 21:34โ€‹

purely the market that have priced nights higher than all the others purely because we split out the colors, which again I find very interesting.

Papa 21:46โ€‹

It's really interesting. I love seeing that stuff play out. Comes a said the Samurai is rarer than knights and probably second rarest by number after goats. According to open see

Carlini8 21:57โ€‹

there were 41 Samurai 47 Black Knights so yeah.

Papa 22:02โ€‹

Ooh, spicy.

Carlini8 22:06โ€‹

The rarest let's see where's breed because the rarest breed is pixie Bob Are there any pixie Bob samurais I

Papa 22:22โ€‹

don't believe so. There's a ski goggles one that's pretty rad

Carlini8 22:28โ€‹

just looking I don't know, I think the best one just because like what are the chances that actually happened? Was is the one with a mustache

Papa 22:43โ€‹

which one is a?

Carlini8 22:46โ€‹

Five Seven. And I remember thinking like, if that happens, does it work? And there are nostrils so you know technically possible like someone a trained samurai to grow a mustache like that. Just scrolling through I do I am a bit of a sucker for a halo.

Papa 23:16โ€‹

The Halo one is good in

Carlini8 23:19โ€‹

in most collections in general and just being it's quite a just a trait that looks universally good. And I don't know why

Papa 23:29โ€‹

5058 is good because it's got like a little headband as well which seems thematically onpoint 5050 black background blue headband black mask and looks very cool.

Carlini8 23:45โ€‹

Oh yeah. Who's it? I'm sure have seen that. The black mask on the black background

Papa 23:52โ€‹

is owned by only rares Of course. Yeah, black mark and blob sick I've got the threat. I'm gonna pick out a couple of things from it. Okay. Number one. This is from EVO by y. So the thread is why am I given away a per with the second rare astray as it was just established. Number one. I want to draw attention to myself grow my own Twitter following.

Carlini8 24:27โ€‹

I believe he wrote that in a little different way like your brain and skips.

Papa 24:36โ€‹

Firstly, I'm being self focused. I want to draw attention to myself. This is this is how text folds down. But yeah, right. Look, I get that. And then why give something away so valuable with such rarity and a project that is going and growing. So well. I liked that bit.

Papa 25:03โ€‹

Then just they've been really lucky. They've been involved in the community from literally from day one. So, like, even pre pre original mint able to buy some a mid price, including his profile picture and the server I believe. And then yeah, just kind of leaning in leaning into the, into the community angle, I think. Yeah. It's it's not it's it's not for us to say, I shall listening. I'm going to boot him out of it. He's on holiday, you know that shake? Yeah. But yeah, I feel I feel like stuff like this. And she'll did a giveaway over the weekend as well. So if he is listening, thank you for that. But also stop listening and go on holiday leave us alone. Yeah, just kind of amazing of this, this feeling of wanting to give back to a community because you feel like you've got something from it. And the fact that it's something that that me and you are now involved in just feels, feels wild and amazing, and very, very humbling in a lot of ways. So yeah, I just think it's an incredible incredible gesture. really special to do that. Starting on a cat today as well obviously, which is great. So yeah, just kind of this this feeling of giving back, whilst also still being involved. It's just yeah, it's just wild. So thank you very much to whoever the tweet should be pinned is pinned it's the 20 is pin one you can still like and retweet it if you want enter. As we've said, It is the second rarest trait is thrown in a bonus prize as well. I don't know if you saw this Carlini but you now also get a pre registered code to get a physical model of the cat that you win. So as part of the as part of the price Yeah.

Carlini8 27:13โ€‹

Nf T's

Papa 27:14โ€‹

burn five NF TS is sent me the burn transaction. I've got it loaded in the spreadsheet already. So whoever wins this tonight will also get a Shopify code to get them to get a discount on the model. So it'll go from 99,000 199 pounds to zero pounds. So be able to get your own 3d physical model from our friends at plastic alchemy of this samurai cat as well. It was insane to

Carlini8 27:43โ€‹

get a rapper they get a rapper with a model of the rapper.

Papa 27:49โ€‹

They do indeed. Which is a one on one that's crazy.

Carlini8 27:56โ€‹

Big Boy. Big big turbo energy.

Papa 27:59โ€‹

Big Mo energy. We love it. Thank you so much for for doing it. Yeah, it's incredible. I just want to see how many entries we've got. I think we should probably do the giveaway in discord after after we've rolled up here I guess. Because I want to be able to stream it.

Carlini8 28:20โ€‹

Yeah, that lets us share a screen and then I'll just be one roll and done and everyone will be watching no way to reroll no sort of sneaky no so that we can secretly send it to see who's listening because whoever whoever gets it will obviously well unless they don't want to give an address who do we recommend the richest person is to to rob continue

Papa 28:59โ€‹

we can we also accept PO Box addresses it's fine. Or whatever you call them understates

Carlini8 29:04โ€‹

their market is done but

Papa 29:09โ€‹

I saw I saw a great meme of that it was like someone driving a Lambo, but it had like the Domino's little delivery sign on the top just like down down horrendous

Carlini8 29:23โ€‹

whatever errands there's this there's this place in Oxford that delivers always turns up in like a 2021 Mercedes what do you what are you doing?

Papa 29:41โ€‹

Maybe just let's get out something to do.

Carlini8 29:44โ€‹

I mean, I imagine it's his take quit right like

Papa 29:48โ€‹

yeah, I guess so. Yeah, he's doing well. So, so far, let's go to everybody's favorite Twitter giveaway ball Tommy mentioned case anyone can hack it I don't know. I just want to see how many entries there will be. When account one must follow Purrnelope cc and elbows NF TS try was thought sounded like a little corner shop that sold NF T's I always liked it Herberger Welcome to abos MF days

Carlini8 30:41โ€‹

Can I take your order?

Papa 30:42โ€‹

Can I change

Carlini8 30:45โ€‹

one free please

Papa 30:47โ€‹

we don't have that in stock today sorry not for you.

Carlini8 30:51โ€‹

You do have a free summary

Papa 30:57โ€‹

All right. Profile must have hate this must have a banner who cares? Yeah. Description no picture Yes. Okay don't age

Carlini8 31:08โ€‹

our older than a week so it's not just a new

Papa 31:12โ€‹

okay so account age one week or more I guessing one week or more. Latest we Any guess 340 entries loaded. All baby.

Carlini8 31:29โ€‹

I mean, reengineering. No bad.

Papa 31:33โ€‹

Yeah. Very good. We just had a question this Court I think this is probably quite a good time to do it. One other thing that I just wanted to cover quickly before we do this, a title who is in the lobby bar right now? I'm just gonna answer that question in a sec. I just wanted to mention, Geno's big town chef is now minty and it's now free mint so if you did sign up before you can free mint now and then their public mint opens I think in like a week or so. So just wanted to give them a quick mention there's links in the discord in our announcements channel so go check them out if you haven't ot ready teams UK as well so I'm going to give them a shout but a tough question in our lobby bar was Can someone TLDR about per fan now I don't know if you're equipped to TLDR No, but do you want to give it a go well, she made this thing

Carlini8 32:40โ€‹

alright can do is that here's a tweet. I just put in Lobby Bar bash. But you know you can do it to varying degrees wipers because we have delivered lots of different new stuff for a year. We've set lots of standards that other projects then took on such as huge community wallets we 10x the biggest the biggest one before us was 20 if we did 200 The kitty vault pretty much started a a sort of range of projects that would have Dow type properties they changed it but we kicked that off eight drops delivered one a month it was a terrible idea but we you know we got through it physicals are now coming out five physicals six physical sex physicals total two companions we've been told the merch is better than all the other stuff

Papa 33:50โ€‹

I've heard that quite a bit yeah. Which has been awesome

Carlini8 33:53โ€‹

yeah, that was nice to read when it's like I just straight away then what's worse is that what have you had that's worse? Yeah, so a lot of forethought and planning went into the merge lots of nice little bits that comes with it.

Papa 34:13โ€‹

Leading append that has been to Buckingham Palace Yeah, I'm not losing it.

Carlini8 34:20โ€‹

I'm not saying that if you meant Purrnelope Is your become a witch what was it OB to be Hema? Yeah. Paying if you're in appear, you'll become an overview.

Papa 34:32โ€‹

But I don't know any other OBS projects,

Carlini8 34:35โ€‹

you can speak to one. So I guess just to really sum it up, it started with crypto kitties.

Papa 34:49โ€‹

He's done it. He's done it.

Carlini8 34:50โ€‹

I can read this code at the same time people. Yeah. So you know just we've got a year behind it. So actually delivering of actually doing what we say have been very transparent of what we're doing. Most of our men went back in clearly on chain to the kiddie vote or giveaways or, you know, the basically what we said we'll do the on chain actions that show that happened. And the only other bits that you can see is tax and salary, and it's all a reasonable amount. We're just, you know, look into, push on to the next level, play the game more rarely, really, really turn on this, I guess, sort of machine that we've been building, we've got a very solid base of people here that are big fans of the project, we're big fans of them. And with that kind of base is quite easy to find more people like them, that will actually enjoy it once they find us. And they'll find us via the sale or the marketing after the sale or the ens quests, you know, this, we're really going to be pushing social because at the very core of successful NF T projects at the moment, is that social interaction with others with the community is building that love the brand, which is exactly the same as you know, I don't want to say the real world, you know, the fake world, but in the real world, so many people buy on brands without even really thinking about it, just because they think it's supposed to be better, rather than you know, it actually is very few people in this world actually buy the range of options, test them and then send back the ones they don't want. It's mostly branding and advertising and all of that. And unfortunately, that's the NFT word to so we're going to turn on sort of that aspect, we've been building the base, we've got the base we've got, we've got that we can point to look, we've been here a year, which is when you look back to who else minted the same month of us last year 98% are now gone. So we're already in the top 2% Now we want to get to the top 2% of the top 2% So that's you know, we've already got into the top 2% But when we're already there, so first year top 2% Second year top 2% of that 2% And lots of plans to make that happen. And you know what I? The thing I like most about the sale is safety I guess like right now we're in a free mint matter. And most of these everyone always just say Yeah, but it's a free mint so it's fine. Look at the volume look at the volume on these projects. There are projects that have you know, broke 1000 2000 3000 eath that's people not minting for free Yeah, this is my too long didn't read. They're not renting for free. They are buying it the profit people are making minting are coming from other people. They aren't safe they're all going to zero for a reason apart from pretty much goblins who were clearly clearly well funded. And well connected people behind it I did too long didn't read the thread. So yeah, I guess safety your your vote, you know, you're in hands of people who will stick around. And we're going to be really pushing on this next year. Now, if no one's the long form version of that I'll be running a demo in four hours.

Papa 39:17โ€‹

Welcome to my poor talk about how good poser there will be no intermission. No, I, I Yeah. I mean, obviously I agree with the points you just made. Because this is this is the project I'm half as well. Yeah. Like, really good point. Really agree. We are the best. We are actually the best project out there. Yeah. But no, I think yeah, the work that we've put in. So me you and me. You and Jamie have been here for a year and eight days now. I can't remember when Charlie came on, but it wasn't. It wasn't too much longer after this. I don't think just kind of growing from there. Do you have that date?

Carlini8 40:12โ€‹

Yeah. Hi. sound weird.

Papa 40:17โ€‹

My sounds weird.

Carlini8 40:20โ€‹

No, no, I'll be like, Hi. Something like, hi. I know this sounds weird, but pictures.

Papa 40:28โ€‹

Just don't have cat pictures like Yeah. So, ever since. So yeah, I mean, I think it's it's crazy to think that it's been that long. And we've been doing stuff the entire time. And I think they I mean, I've, I've had loads of chats probably more more with Jamie than the new about this. We've kind of like, why don't these other projects doing? Like, you know, they've got like 28th floors. I felt like but not doing anything. It's like, so proud of everything that we've that we've put together and that we keep doing. And yeah, I like I like to go on the thing you said there of we're just going to basically turn on this machine that we've built. And hopefully Yeah, let let it fly and get more people engaged. And all the people that are chatting and hanging out in the lobby bar every day. There's more of them. And there's more more friendships getting built, like you've spoke on, spoken about a few times before, of building all of this stuff together. I think it's Yeah, I think it's really, really cool.

Carlini8 41:34โ€‹

We think we'll split up into teams for something. You know, like when when universities make you pair off with people you don't know. So you have to talk to

Papa 41:45โ€‹

them and do a community draft?

Carlini8 41:48โ€‹

Yeah, I was just I've just seen it's the 29th of April. I message, Charlie. Oh, wow. So I guess Charlie's been in the team longer than us.

Papa 41:59โ€‹

It's actually a project Oh, wow. But he's I'm not fired. This is brilliant. Nice for me.

Carlini8 42:13โ€‹

Oh, we haven't. We haven't set of record quite yet.

Papa 42:19โ€‹

We've kind of danced around there. But yeah, report has been discovered. Unfortunately, he's, he's been writing reports. And they haven't seen the light of day. But yeah, so his case, he's on the case with their custom PFP at the moment with a little pipe and deerstalker which I really like. But

Unknown Speaker 42:40โ€‹

yes, we look perms report

Papa 42:43โ€‹

cat took a few people a while to hack into the website. Which was very

Carlini8 42:50โ€‹

fun. You can see when report a cat was intended or when we're thinking about report a cat because as a curator cat will tell you that metadata hasn't changed. Where where everyone found the password. And that was what February?

Papa 43:10โ€‹

Yeah, I think so.

Carlini8 43:13โ€‹

So four months ago. Report a cat. Report. A cat has four articles at the moment, but we've only put one up and report a cat will be leaking stuff. Like the way I the way I see a report a cat is like it's like a book in Halo. That's someone else's perspective in the world, right. It's another reporting khalaby growing the story with us in real time. And it'll be nice there for people to read up later on and sort of catch up, they won't entirely know. What was I guess? Alpha at the time. You know, it's alpha by experiencing it. So I think reporter cat falls over some big variables sort of hinting at grandmas before grandma's were released. And there are some parts in the next ones that hint towards. I don't think the next one has anything that is currently unknown. But then the third and fourth hint towards what's happening for Tier twos. And there is a fully fleshed out story that you're all going to experience of how this these tattoos come to be. And that so and so, you know, we all know the Well, I mean, I've said all the borings, you know, tattoos will be 20,000 of them. There'll be different types that will be bought entirely with token to be a token sync percent of teaser, the best sync for you For tokens, but you don't know entirely, what they are, why they're there, how that they're what happened to cause this to happen, you know, and that will be revealed through many different pieces. Reporter cat is one of those pieces, where we have lots of other pieces coming, that will all link together to really, you know, some of you won't care at all about the lore or the story, or you know, how we're trying to get to try and make them interactive and more fun. But it's just something we have to do, because some people will love it. What I what I don't like about that sort of thing is how it is, you know, sort of a one time experience, I'm very much into a repeating experience that you can complete, but it's not really something I can fully figure out how to get law repeating I did have I wasn't talked to someone about a choose your own adventure text game. Which will be cool, but I couldn't fully get it to fit

Papa 46:15โ€‹

the Oregon Trail style thingy.

Carlini8 46:17โ€‹

Yeah, it would have been, it would have been fully sort of, on its own, its own sort of thing. And I kind of want everything to interweave and sort of we we want people to also have the option to add to the law themselves. So we do want to build in the community to our law. So you know, the, the best resource I've seen for any community as literally us and it's not made by us. The the PCC archive, here is the best NFT website. You know, I've seen in two years, it's amazing. It's got everything it's got, what the prices of the airdrop what we paid in gas for the each Air Drop individually. It's got the team, it's got all the contracts that I was looking at the other day and it even explained the contract. I can't remember I think it was like grandma's it was going over how the contract for the grandmas worked, which was absolute insanity. It's also got per car so this me saying this is gonna be on the PCC archive. So if you go to us and scroll down is got the grandmas contract. And it breaks down deaf mint, internal mint, mint, mint grandma's it tells you all the functions that we can do with that contract. Which, you know, again, is something that most people won't care about it but for the people that do care about it, it's there. There's there's merch, it shows you all the different colors that honestly reminds me when I look at this sort of thing it reminds me of when I was when the pandemic kicked off, I was collecting Pokemon boxes, so sort of the the absolutely OG sealed boxes of Pokemon cards. And the were those sites that didn't look anywhere near as good as this, but like dedicated to, right okay, my pack says Wizards of the Coast 1999 to 2000 what mine says 1999 So mine is this and yours is that, you know, this level of detail that I can just imagine, you know, five years down the line. This merch section is like well this you know, those logo caps that might be currently there's a table that says merch launch it says etc that I can imagine the be in another box at the end that says recited or something and it's a date that it was no longer possible to get this stuff you know, it's just the level of detail. I have just gotten to kilovolt perps comic cat. It was air dropped on the last day of 2021. And I can just see that just by looking at this and obviously all of that information is on the contract. You can go and find it. But I don't need to I can just be here.

Papa 49:40โ€‹

It's much much easier just to get into it and be like, okay, when was that? Yep. Then clean Bosch. Yeah, it's like it's mad, how much was on there?

Carlini8 49:49โ€‹

And that's the sort of thing that we need to build into our law and reward. We want to encourage people to do this. Now I understand that you might not be able to make this insane level of detail. Excellent website. But everyone, you know, has their own thing Mo is doing this summer giveaway. The shill literally named himself to shill. We, yeah, people named shabbas, who does appear on the website

Papa 50:22โ€‹

saying, I love I was like the little little Polaroid over and he's like, holding his poor up to try and like get the camera like, no pictures of Chavez.

Carlini8 50:33โ€‹

So I guess, you know, I've named three there reporter cat, curate a cat in the shell. And I guess what I'm saying is we want more people doing that from the community because obviously we run those free accounts. So if other people are now Oh. Ah,

Papa 50:56โ€‹

all right. Stop the space. Thanks, everybody for listening. We've said too much. Yeah, freaking love this community. I love this project. We're just gonna keep moving forward. And it's awesome. Super fun to do every day super, super fun, do these spaces and talk through this sort of stuff. We are going to bounce into the lobby bar right now and giveaway this samurai per we're going to announce that Wall Street stream it so there'll be no funny business. Any funny business here. And tomorrow. We have our first double games night. Just something I want to kind of do a bit more. Because we've got a lot of a lot of timezones involve a lot of time zones involved. So tomorrow at 9pm BST, I'm going to be running some garlic phone, when there's some drawing. We're gonna do some giveaways. It's going to be some good fun. And then at 11pm BST James is going to be hosting some Call of Duty if you just want to do some good old fashioned Shubin. He's hopefully gonna be streaming it as well. Tech set up pending but that should all be good. So yeah, double A games night. If you can't make the first one that hopefully you get the second one. If you want to do both. You can do both. But yeah, hopefully it'll get more of that. And I think Colleen we've got poker this weekend as well.

Carlini8 52:31โ€‹

Yeah. Awesome. Let me check we've got to do is poke poke poke? No dates yet? No date games over the weekend.

Papa 52:50โ€‹

Amazing. Two games over the weekend. Just a chain to announcements. No more mobile command for me for a while, so that's fine. So it will be more will be more on onboard on that. Yes, come join us in the lobby bar right now. Thank you everybody so much for listening for joining in for chatting with us in the discord as we go through. Yeah, it's been great fun and we will see you all next week.

Carlini8 53:16โ€‹

Cool. See you in discord. See You