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PurrCast w/ Special Guests Midnite Movie Club!

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Midnite Movie Club

This is a recording of the PurrCast from the 6th April! With Midnite Movie Club!



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Speakers: Papa (37%), Matthew (27%), Bill (19%), Katie (15%)

Papa 0:01โ€‹

We can cut all this out in post, right?

Bill Whirity 0:06โ€‹

Yeah, we'll fix it in post.

Papa 0:09โ€‹

That's how this showbiz stuff works,

Bill Whirity 0:11โ€‹

right? Yeah, exactly. It's all smoke and mirrors at the end of the day.

Papa 0:15โ€‹

Absolutely. Absolutely. I've sent a magic. Yes. That's what we're here for. Yeah. have sent a co host invite to Katie, so hopefully she'll be able to chat as well. Okay. And Mullin should be here soon, I'm sure. Yeah, and then we'll get cracking. Aw, right.

Bill Whirity 0:40โ€‹

Yeah, doing good just got a lot of my To Do lists that I'm just crossing off one by one so yeah, it's like Groundhog Day. Just wake up do the same day like slightly different tasks, but just kept doing tasks all day. And then trying to find time to jump in the discord and hang out and just relax. It's especially as we get closer to mints coming up. Yeah. Just keeps piling up. Yeah.

Papa 1:04โ€‹

Relaxing. Back burner.

Bill Whirity 1:06โ€‹

Yeah. How was it leading up to your visit already? Right. How was Yeah, lead up and everything. Well, give me give me some tips. What should I do what?

Papa 1:15โ€‹

I think just yeah, just just keep at it, I guess. Make sure you take some time to like, you know, decompress. And, you know, get get your eyes off of some screens for a bit. But yeah, like the closer you get, the more the kind of it's, it's gets bigger and bigger. And yeah, I don't know. My tips are terrible. It's Yeah,

Bill Whirity 1:46โ€‹

exactly. Take time. Take some me time.

Papa 1:49โ€‹

I think that's what we can do. Right? Yeah. Well, guess what we can do

Bill Whirity 1:52โ€‹

at the end of the day. It's just in the fate of the people. Do they like the project? They want to get involved? You know,

Papa 1:58โ€‹

life and female converts the moment. Katie, can I get a mic check real quick? Yes, yes. Hey, Domenico.

Katie 2:08โ€‹

Good. How about you?

Papa 2:09โ€‹

No play? Yes. Doing very well. My friend doing very well. Just waiting for one more co host. And then we'll be good to go.

Papa 2:28โ€‹

Missing Yeah, that'll be that'll be that. Yeah, crumbs. Mint was so long ago. That I can't remember my leader.

Bill Whirity 2:39โ€‹

I guess that's good. That's a good sign. Yeah,

Papa 2:42โ€‹

we've kind of just cracked them from there. So yeah, I think that's the thing. Yeah, it's this like, this is bigger than it's actually. Okay. Cool. That's all gone. Great. Loved it. Now, the now the real works. That's true, I guess is like a bit of a meme at this point.

Bill Whirity 2:56โ€‹

Yeah. How's everything going on that end? Yeah, we're gonna get Bounders overview. What do you been up to? Oh,

Papa 3:03โ€‹

gosh, lots. I'll get into that. We've got a got a little bit of a section. Yeah. I think we've just we've just hired a new, like, Business Development slash strategist, sort of person. And they were like, Why are you working on like, 20? Projects?

Papa 3:28โ€‹

Like, exactly. Yeah, we like to keep busy. Like, it's, it's good to kind of, well not stay on top of things. Just, you know, keep keep things grounded. But yeah, I guess it's it's a case of delivering on what you say you're going to deliver. Like, you know, make sure that you that you kind of do what you say that you you were going to do and then hopefully everything else kind of slots in from there. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. That is that is the goal. And then do other bits and pieces that you didn't even say you were going to do and that you committed to, you know, eight months of airdrops or whatever, but yeah. Well, we'll get to that as well. All right, though. We should get cracking Where do you think we are? Whatever then.

Bill Whirity 4:19โ€‹

Yeah, I'm texted Matt to see where he's at. Just making sure he's showing up I don't know sometimes he gets I think right around now is when he's picking up his kids are out of school stuff. I'm not sure. But yeah, we can get started. Yeah, no worries.

Papa 4:37โ€‹

Let's do that. Cool. So what I'll do, I'll do my little opening. scripty bit that I've got going. opener like we do need a theme.

Bill Whirity 4:56โ€‹

I was thinking about that like I've been I've been playing like little coffee, jazz clips before our Sunday coffee talks but I was like man nice to have like a little a little theme intro music kind of like when you listen to podcasts like armchair expert or something that will size the flavors

Papa 5:11โ€‹

zero clue how I would get that work in in spaces. Oh,

Bill Whirity 5:15โ€‹

I just played I just played on my computer and then put the microphone of my headphones. While I'm like getting water, coffee, whatever I'm doing in the morning. It's like let it play for a couple minutes before we start

Papa 5:25โ€‹

that'll work.

Bill Whirity 5:27โ€‹

That's the version of it. I'm sure there's a much more like with mixing boards and fancy stuff but

Papa 5:33โ€‹

I think when they when they migrate Twitter to start when they migrate spaces to desktop Twitter. Be a heck of a lot easier from

Bill Whirity 5:42โ€‹

I think that'd be a game changer. Oh Matt just popped in.

Papa 5:45โ€‹

Oh, lovely. Do you have co host making abilities?

Bill Whirity 5:49โ€‹

No, it just says add a speaker. Oh, am I because I don't think you might be well I have two co hosts. I think they're gonna

Papa 5:56โ€‹

have a request. Well, let me come to speak we can do that. Yeah. You gave me permission to speak. Sorry about that. G Evans all

Bill Whirity 6:06โ€‹

it's all he ever wanted. Every now I give you permissions as well.

Matthew Lillard 6:13โ€‹

Beast into this space. I will now spend the next hour I literally had people here working on a bathroom. So I was like, Oh my god. Okay, but now I'm here.

Papa 6:27โ€‹

So good. These things. So yeah, so I'm just gonna do a quick little official intro delusion. I know. Right? So no pressure. So welcome, everybody to the purrcast for Wednesday, the sixth of April. Got great show for you today. I have Katie joining me as co host this week,

Katie 6:54โ€‹

I'm supposed to say Oh, thank you so much for inviting me and having me co host. I'm so excited to be here.

Papa 7:02โ€‹

We can work on the delivery

Bill Whirity 7:08โ€‹

we have the minute movie club is gonna have acting classes

Papa 7:16โ€‹

so we are really happy this week to be joined by Bill Whirity and Matthew Lillard from midnight movie club. So welcome to the show.

Bill Whirity 7:24โ€‹

Thank you for having us. Yeah, yeah,

Papa 7:26โ€‹

super absolute pleasure. Yeah, really, really cool. So we're gonna have a chat with you guys. Obviously we're gonna find out all about your project, trade some stories, all that fun stuff. We then for the first time on the purrcast, we have an after party, which will be hosted in the Purrnelope's discord, which I think is pinned up above. We've got a quote, a quiz even hosted by quiz goddess. official title. Wham Bam still van she is from midnight. Disco. Rockin the trivia. I am actually reading midnight movie club trivia champ. Oh, that's a story.

Bill Whirity 8:09โ€‹

We got to read here Matt. We're in trouble.

Papa 8:13โ€‹

She will be hosting a quiz in our Discord after the spaces. It I think the theme is movie cats.

Matthew Lillard 8:21โ€‹

delish. Felix for 100.

Bill Whirity 8:27โ€‹

Garfield, Bill Murray.

Papa 8:29โ€‹

Nice. Nice. He's getting into NFTs as well. So tangent. Yeah. So Bill Murray's jumping in so yeah,

Bill Whirity 8:37โ€‹

it's like Kevin Smith announced today about like they're

Papa 8:41โ€‹

saying, You're trailblazing guys. You're trouble. Yeah.

Matthew Lillard 8:45โ€‹

So then we all are, by the way, we all are. So early.

Papa 8:50โ€‹

So early. So early. I think hopefully, both our Discord are pinned up above. If not, we can do that again. Later. We dive in. Beautiful. So yeah, first of all, so thank you so much for coming on. I guess the best place to start for everyone who is new and maybe doesn't know. The project is what is midnight movie club?

Bill Whirity 9:17โ€‹

Yeah, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 9:19โ€‹

**Well, Bill while I'll do this part of the you do the night school part. Well, first of all, let me just give all the credit to Bill read my mind Bill Whirity. Bill Whirity came to me back in December 21. First, we both remember the date. Is that the right date? #### at's right

Bill Whirity 9:36โ€‹

Yeah. It's a date that will live in infamy.

Matthew Lillard 9:38โ€‹

Yeah. And he said, Hey, you sent me an email. I said what do you know about NFTs? I was like, I've been in crypto now for about a year now. And I was like, knee deep into crypto and I didn't understand NFTs and saved my life. I was like, I don't get them. I don't understand. But let's sit and talk because he was like I have the idea, and I want to pitch it to you. So we grab coffee on the 21st. And he basically said what we want, all I want to do is I want to create the first decentralized Movie Studio. And the idea is that we're minting a collection of 5555 NFTs on the 20th of this month. So we're right around the corner. And that the majority of that mint will go into the wall or community wall to produce a series of films. So we're not a one off shop. We are a movie studio designed to make created in the idea of making sorry, feeding my dog as I speak, and making genre films. So horror films, thrillers sci fi film, so those that sort of our sweet spot, that's what we're going after. That's what we want to make. And within that building, around something we call the night school and bringing creatives together.

Papa 11:02โ€‹

Amazing, amazing. Bill, yeah. Do you want to speak more to the to the night school aspect?

Bill Whirity 11:07โ€‹

Yeah. So on top of that, like, besides just making films, which obviously, is our passion, and we also really want to kind of elevate future filmmakers into getting their career started. Because Matthew and I neither of us came from film families, we're from the Midwest, we didn't grow up in Hollywood, we had no ends or anything. So we just kind of started from the ground up, we both began kind of our careers on set as background extras just working on small movies. And so we want to just find a way to enable people to get access to the industry get the skills that they need, without having to just, you know, put themselves in crippling debt of going to like a full on film school, like I did. And so yeah, so we want to offer like, we're gonna have like tutorials, there'll be like classes that we'll do, we're gonna have people in the community swapping scripts with each other to give each other notes and feedback on even short films, like they'll do like rough cuts, and we can do kind of screenings for feedback and notes and everything. We're going to be doing fireside chat, AMA's, much like this, but it'll be for holders. And we'll have industry professionals coming on where we kind of just interview them talk about how they got into the industry got their career started. And members of the community will be able to ask them specific questions so that if you're interested becoming in the art department, or camera person, or producer, agent, whatever it might be, we're gonna bring those people on so you can kind of hear their stories and find out what was their path to getting their career and what is their advice for young filmmakers. And on top of that, we want to give people a shot, you know, to start building their resume. So if we're filming our movie in Washington, Louisiana, Chicago, like Atlanta, wherever, if we have committee members in that area, or people that want to come out to that area, we will hire them on to the movie and like entry level jobs so they can work under professionals and learn how it works. I get actual onset experience, build up their resume. And for those that aren't local and can't, you know, come to set we want to offer opportunities digitally as well. So if you're someone that creates your own music, or you're a graphic designer, we can have you like design some posters and artwork that the art department will use on the sets like that will actually be in the film. We could have editors cutting, you know, kind of like fan trailers and we do all competitions and different art stuff. So yeah, we trying to basically Empower creatives to do what they want to do and strive to do and help them learn how to hone their craft. give them access to people who are doing what they want to do a

Unknown Speaker 13:27โ€‹

whole whole pitch is that can you bring people I love NFTs filmmaking like the film making process and people who love genre films together into one space. And that's our goal. Like i Our belief is that creatives get lost in the journey because of time spent between being creative. And so can we create community that helps bridge that gap that helps you sort of make it through those down periods? And that's what we're excited about. We're pretty passionate about the idea of building community in web three around that sort of Venn Diagram of excellent.

Papa 14:08โ€‹

Yeah, me just just spending a bit of time in the discord today and yesterday, running quiz champ and Biggie. Yeah, just kind of just getting that feeling. I mean, like, I think our Discord is chatting about movies occasionally, like when stuff comes up. And obviously, like, I think at the moment, they're chatting movies, and I think it's something that tons of people are passionate about and brings brings a lot of people together, you know, whether whether the movie is good or not, is sometimes you know, kind of part of

Matthew Lillard 14:37โ€‹

the fun extra to that part of the

Katie 14:38โ€‹

more subjective. So it's like, I feel like it's more inclusive, you know, it's art and so like anyone who, you know, can watch and participate with the art is able to have an opinion, and therefore they're able to join the conversation about it. So I think that's why

Matthew Lillard 14:56โ€‹

Yeah, and the likely rebuilding Add around something that everyone, some people have a, you know, a passion for it, which is perfect, but everyone has a relationship. I mean, you know, there was a time in which nobody knew the box office totals for movie. And now every Monday morning, you know, you'll see it spread across every newspaper, every website, every tweet, there's everyone's following sort of the journey of how much money

Papa 15:23โ€‹

did Moby?

Bill Whirity 15:25โ€‹


Matthew Lillard 15:28โ€‹

Yeah. And there's a passion about old movies, right? We see it now, like, whatever happened during the pandemic, there was this real need to connect with things that people cared about, and loved and were passionate about. I mean, we see it just firsthand, the voracious nature of people's affinity for like movies like Scream. It's like, what, it's 25 fucking years ago now. And people are still excited about that. And I do think that there's historic I mean, people that want that nostalgia. Yeah, so yeah, so

Papa 16:01โ€‹

because there's, it's like, it was like a little comfort blanket or like a, you know, something, suddenly, you could hold on to, to kind of get you through that.

Matthew Lillard 16:09โ€‹

And once you can go out and you're stuck in your house, what are you going to do, like, you get to the bottom of, you know, all the things that you wanted to do during that period. But like movies, and television became a real way to, like, at some point, like, I had three kids, we had five people living in our house for a year. Like, you know, we all were going crazy. And so the idea of getting together, everyone found their own corner of this house, and everyone found their own quarter of the yard and just surviving. So some, lots of times, people were off on their own doing stuff, and my kids were all creative. So they were on that, like kid was playing video games. So he was he was doing that. But at the end, like coming back together to watch movies or spend time crashing a television series together was really part of like, it's become part of the fabric of our family getting together and watching something like Lost in Space has been or,

Papa 17:04โ€‹

you know, we took in the Matt LeBlanc movie. The this is like one of my guilty pleasures, man.

Unknown Speaker 17:14โ€‹

Yeah, I mean, TV series and like it or Mandalay? I mean, this, this people loving the Mandalorian is because in the middle of this, you get baby Yoda. And you're like, Oh, thank God.

Katie 17:27โ€‹

Well, I think just to touch on kind of what you're saying, do it's like a way to, to even connect back with family. Like, I just think of the things that I watch now, you know, and how they've, they're influenced by, like, I just started castle. And I watched Castle because it reminds me of Murder She Wrote, which is a show that I used to watch with my Nana. And so it's like, I'm continuing to watch things and behave a particular way. Because it reminds me of like, My nana, who really influenced a lot of my, I guess, taste in film and being into westerns and mysteries and, and all of that.

Papa 18:09โ€‹

So awesome. Yeah. And I think like the the night school angle as well, Katie, I think that's that's kind of what, what brought you to the first place. All right,

Katie 18:19โ€‹

yeah. Yeah. I mean, I went to art school as well. And I mean, thank goodness, kind of, like, I want that being presented with an opportunity to take a job before finishing school. And so really, I learned how to animate through my job. And so I started as an illustrator, and, you know, learn how to animate, but like, I just, I thought about all my friends who paid, you know, they paid so much. And then you know, it's like, they finish school, and then they wind up working at Starbucks, and they're stuck with this debt, not doing what they're passionate about. And so I love I'm very pro education, but I'm not sure like, it's, it's the, or like a like college and that kind of stuff is for everyone. And so I just love the idea of providing just an alternative for people where like, that situation just isn't going to work for them.

Papa 19:20โ€‹

So like on the job on the job kind of education side, I think is really cool.

Katie 19:26โ€‹

Going back to like trades and kind of what is that like apprentices and being able to, you know, I love the idea of being able to almost do like a call for your community to say hey, will you be in the area, you know, if you want to learn if you want to just get close, I learned so I used to be on I used to be on a film team and just being on set, you know, it's like I was available for like anything and I learned so much just being able to like Hey, why are you doing that? What's what's going on? Let me It helped set up the camera and it helped set up audio. Let me you know, just be helpful. And it was incredibly education.

Matthew Lillard 20:08โ€‹

It's mentorship, mentors. Yeah. Passing down. It's mentorship, it's look in web 3. Web 2 is a one way transaction, right? You tweet something and they're like you, somebody out there receives it. And web 3, you had the ability to start building community, like our whole thing is like, when people talk about utility, like, you know, when people like, we're gonna do a video game. That's awesome. That's amazing. That's great. That takes a long time to do it's really hard to do well, what are you going to do in the meantime? Like, I was like, you can't do movies, why are you doing movies, it takes so long for them to come out as like, because our whole thing is like each step of the way. We're gonna demystify it, we're gonna teach, we're gonna be the you're gonna be involved in every aspect of filmmaking process. It's not like, we start shooting and we show you a movie Seven months later, we're like, Hey, here's the budget. Here's the middle production budget, here's the end budget, where do we make mistakes? Here's the daily rushes, here's the interview with our cinematographer. Here's what happened today, on set, like, here's what we're faced with, here's the problems we've got. So that you're constantly engaging, like our utility is like engagement in the filmmaking process to teach people about the filmmaking process.

Bill Whirity 21:22โ€‹

Yeah, Movie Making movies is just like another teaching tool for this. Because it's like, it's one thing to learn in a classroom setting. And then it's all theory, oh, this is how your day works on set, you have your call time you have this and that, but it's another thing to see it in real time on an actual working set, and seeing the problems that arise, seeing, like the little moments of inspiration that come like in the middle of a set. So all that stuff is what we're excited to share and kind of give people a glimpse more than just watching, you know, hey, we did a 20 minute behind the scenes featurette, after we did this movie, it's like you're gonna be in in the trenches with us, essentially.

Katie 21:53โ€‹

And it's more relational. It's more relational in that way. Because it's like you're being able to pass on like, as opposed to just reading a textbook or watching a video. It's like, yeah, it's a give and take on both ends, like the teacher gets something as, as well as the student, I feel like, you know, this types of mutual relationships where, like, both sides are being able to learn and, you know, network, and just, I mean, that's what movies are about. They're about stories. And this extends the story from just the screen to also the people who are participating creating the story.

Papa 22:29โ€‹

Yeah, for sure. Like, just such a such,

Matthew Lillard 22:34โ€‹

we, we now all believe in what we believe. I mean, it's like, sort of like, well, we think it's awesome, what we think is awesome, because it's awesome. But the question is, like, you know, and the question we're faced with is like, what did people respond to in the NFT? Space? Is that enough? Or is that what people want? Is that the value that people are seeking out in the NFT space? And that's the thing that, you know, we're in the middle of building towards, right, we've been on for 20. And it's been, you know, it's, it's kind of crazy, because we've put a lot of time, energy and effort into it. And we're now at, you know, we're now the question mark, part of the of the journey, like, it's one thing to say all this shit and be like, Oh, that sounds really exciting. It's another thing to educate your community. Yeah, we got 5555 NFTs to sell. Are you gonna put your money where your mouth is? Are you gonna join us on the journey? Yeah. You know, and that's, and that's the part that's, that's super interesting. I mean, and terrifying. Right, yeah.

Papa 23:44โ€‹

Yeah. I mean, most, most good things are also terrifying. Like, with a lot of stuff, not always, like, not all terrifying, things are good. But a lot of good things are terrifying. Like that. Differentiate doing shit,

Matthew Lillard 23:57โ€‹

that's exciting. If you're doing stuff that turns you on, at some point, you're gonna be like, Oh, my God, this is scary. This is a mistake, right? You're like, we're challenging the norms. I mean, we're really trying to blaze it not to sound super douchey but we're trying to blaze a trail in web three and do something it's never been done before. And you know, that we may end up crashing and burning, we may end up selling out in two minutes, I don't know there's something's gonna happen, it's probably gonna be in between those two things. So

Katie 24:25โ€‹

at the end of the day, you did something different. And that's something to be proud of, as opposed to most the majority of these NFT projects are just derivatives and they're not, you know, unique in any way. And so, I don't know.

Matthew Lillard 24:39โ€‹

If people want those. I mean, that's the thing is that people are excited about those derivative projects. I mean, you see these projects selling out left, right and center that are sort of just you know, another project.

Papa 24:53โ€‹

I think it was interesting. I was finally got around to listening, which I probably should have listened to earlier and our founder Carlini is who's listening now? So Hey, boss, he was on a podcast overpriced. JPEGs and was talking about the space getting more discerning. Yes. Not not fully discerning, you know, some people will still like FOMO still? Yeah, exactly. You know, it was that's how that's how a lot of people at the moment got started. But I think it's becoming a little bit more discerning. So things that will actually bring long term value, or things that will bring something completely different like you guys. And like how I like to think that we are as well, I think it will have its place and is kind of coming there is, as the space gets more mainstream, there's going to be more more desire to kind of push the boundaries of what's possible. So I feel like yeah, like, with, with you guys kind of building a movie from scratch, and not just doing that, like off the back of the community, but also involving community in that build, you know, like you said, like, involve them in in everything from like, from day one. It's not just like an Instagram photo of the clapper board. And then oh, hey, in the movies out, like not be like, every every step of the way? Yeah, I

Matthew Lillard 26:15โ€‹

think is we do have a, we do have a creative DAO. But I didn't say that. But all along the way, we have a creative DAO that allows people to make decision on sort of elements of the movie, the movie will always be empowering the director and the creative team. But like, if the director is like, hey, our lead actress is in this outfit. 75% of the time. She loves it, the wardrobe people love it, and the director love it. But you know, here's three options that everyone approves, which one does the community go with? Like so each step of the way, you're also going to be making these creative choices in the creative, you know, in the journey of the movie. But before we go any further about our project, I know that we have people from our community in the space. Can you guys talk a little about what you guys do? Yeah, absolutely all about us.

Papa 27:02โ€‹

Yeah, for sure. Say right, let's get it let's get the old elevator elevator pitch out. So we are Purrnelope's country club. My name is papa which I don't believe I said at the start. My actual name is Peter, but Papa is kind of stuck with me now. We minted in July last year. But we are a 10,000 profile picture project of 10,000, beautiful cats, all drawn in house by our alpha Charlie. We've got so what we're kind of built on. Same as you guys were built on trying to get a community built around this project, and then grow it in as many different directions as we feel we can handle at a time. So the biggest thing that we did after we minted our two biggest things sorry, one was our kitty Vault, which is a wallet full of a ton of blue chip NFT projects. So bored ape, crypto punks, cyber Kong's Gen Zero out of stars, all these kind of blue chip projects that you've heard about and everywhere, they all belong to our community to kind of back our project. So our project doesn't go to zero. We keep adding to that, as part of our secondary sales go into the Kitty Vault, and that kind of backs up the entire project. So the project is safe and secure. And that's we use some of the money from the mint to kind of make sure that everyone knew where we were heading like the integrity and moving forward, we're always going to go forward but backed up safe. Here we go. The other big thing that we did was promised eight monthly airdrops we just completed AirDrop seven, which is wild. So AirDrop seven was our ledger cat, which you can redeem for a physical ledger, nano s. So a hardware wallet to keep your NFT safe. The other thing we the other angels we've done, let me run through them really quickly, a hoodie from a company called Ioh K that will have an NFT inside of it. So there's lots of things that we can do with that. We've got two companion projects. The first is kittens. The second one is coming next month. So I can't tell you what that is yet. We have physical 3d models. We have a comic book that is getting written. We have a vinyl record that is getting printed. And we're working with a really cool NFT musician called Jay Stansfield, who's been writing some amazing music for us, which is really fun. We've got a custom keyboard coming. And we've got our ledger and then we've got the eighth thing that I can't talk about yet. And then we move on to our second phase, our second roadmap with all this extra fun stuff. So there's games involved there with NFT world with entity builds, we're building some Minecraft stuff and loads of other fun things besides we've got merch come in everything else. The other side of it is trying to kind of take all of that and be kind of rambling a little bit, and get it in a format that everyone can kind of digest easily. Which is where Katie comes in.

Katie 30:12โ€‹

Yeah, I was gonna say to you take a breath

Papa 30:18โ€‹

pen up and like, Oh, my God, and we're doing this. Senate Bill. Yeah, we have. We're working on so much stuff, guys. But yes, please get it.

Katie 30:27โ€‹

Yeah, I mean, I just feel like we do have so much going on. So a big, I guess, push priority that we have a stat as a staff has tried to do is like, educate all of our holders, because honestly, you blink and we got a new AirDrop and a new thing and whatever. And so since things are always constantly moving, we're you know, we really try to I guess, push educating our, again, super fan of education, educating our holders on what's what we're doing. And so I mean, we have the kitty vault newsletter that comes out weekly, just talking about like, the ups and the downs, the what we bought, what we've you know, that kind of stuff of the kitty vault, I host the weekly updates. So I don't know about you guys. But you know, when you're paying attention to the all of these NFT projects, and you get all of these written announcements, I'm not much of like a reader in that ways. It's I'm typing all the time in discord, it's like, the last thing I want to do is have to read these long announcements. So we've chosen to do weekly updates like a video. And so a lot of our announcements are just kind of using that weekly, that weekly update. And then in addition to that, every time we have an airdrop that comes out, we have either I either am in the video, or I do like an animated video to go along with like, Hey, this is the airdrop This is how it works. This is how many you need to collect in order to redeem for this thing. The Am I missing anything else? What else? What other things are we?

Matthew Lillard 32:13โ€‹

do you guys have 90 people?

Bill Whirity 32:16โ€‹

Yes. And that's how big your team is. We're just like me, Matt, our two community managers and two mods at the moment.

Papa 32:22โ€‹

We have nine full time, staff members. We just took on our ninth. So we just took on Chooch. And she is heading up like business development and strategy and all of that fun stuff and kind of trying to trying to herd all of these projects together and make sure that they're all kind of functioning and working on time and moving because yeah, there's a there's a lot of moving pieces. Established. No. So yeah, so that is us. It's easy to get your head round, right? There's nothing going on.

Matthew Lillard 33:00โ€‹

I mean, it's so much I mean, it's crazy. Have you guys seen like so when you guys launched to now? Have you guys seen a growth in community? Like is it? Is it are people happy? Are they always wanting more? Like what's your community vibe? It seems like it's a gazillion things. Is that satisfying? I mean there are people happy this isn't this Yeah, alternative question. It's just literally curiosity. I have no idea where you guys are at.

Papa 33:30โ€‹

Well, I felt like whatever we say right now the discord chats just gonna disagree just

Katie 33:34โ€‹

I probably have less to say on it just because I mean obviously Papa's always in the discord chat and hosting. But, you know, I will say that just out of the different projects that I've been in because Purrnelope's was not my first NFT but I just feel like we have such a healthy respectful community like it just when I'm like talking to my other friends who you know, mod and other chats and everything. They told me nightmare stories, and I'm just like, I just don't get like we have such a good. Yeah, I just feel like good, respectful community. They, they're not like, oh my gosh, when we mess up, or, you know, if we mess up, I'm not fearful that they're gonna rip us to shreds. Like they've been really supportive.

Papa 34:28โ€‹

Oh, good. Yeah, it's, it's lovely. I think it's the way that we launched and what we did as we launched, so Carlini, our founder and boss and all that fun stuff, the guy that runs it, essentially, the captain That's it. That's the word I was looking for. He's been an NFT since 2017. So he's kind of built up this this like reputation. Yeah, this reputation thank you and this integrity that he's got a And what we did with the, the ETH that we earned from the mint, we basically chucked it all back into the community. So we founded this kitty vault, we, we dedicated own 40 ETH to. It was like our ambassador project, where if you had a Purrnelope's country club cat as your profile picture on Twitter, we would pay you money every day that you did that for like for two weeks or something. So we gave out 40 ETH doing that. We did all of these things. We gave a bunch away to charity, which I know you guys are doing as well, which is sort of your roadmap, which is Ace, like, did all this stuff to kind of prove that we are here for the long term. And I think everyone still respects the fact that we that we are, I mean, in terms of a project we've been here eight, eight months, nine months, 10 months?

Matthew Lillard 35:51โ€‹

That's OG. Yeah, that is so OG it's crazy

Papa 35:55โ€‹

things of like mooned and crashed and burned in that time, like about four times over. And it's like, we're still here, just kind of like, just just chugging along. I've also been tagged you

Bill Whirity 36:06โ€‹

guys deal with those, those ebbs and flows? Like, I'm sure there's a lot of like, you know, people always like there's there's always those factions of people that are concerned about the floor price versus like the utility of what you're doing, like, what is the do just keep your head down and keep doing the work to kind of keep morale up? Like what is your strategy for that during those times?

Papa 36:24โ€‹

Yeah, I think we we kept at it. We just kept we kept going. I guess keep building is the is the space phrase that you do. But we had bits and pieces that we just kept releasing along the way. So we when we were executing on our roadmap 1.0 As it was, and then we kept doing bits and pieces like above that. So the kitty vault wasn't on the roadmap 1.0 The eight monthly airdrops weren't on the first roadmap, we launched ens subdomains I think around Christmas. Was that like a Christmas present? It was Katie NBU been in Christmas outfits a lot. Yeah, I was. Everyone in our community, everyone who holds the cat can access a .pcc.eth subdomain name which has all the utility of a regular ENS name, but it also shows off that you love them because you're one of us. So it's like a brand awareness thing. But it's also like a like a clan tag, like a group, like a community thing. Like, it's like wearing Nike sneakers, or whatever else is like, hey, like, this is my name on Twitter and discord, whatever. So it's like an extra kind of push from from the profile picture sort of thing. So yeah, I guess we kind of, we kept everyone on board, because we, we keep we keep doing stuff, we keep delivering stuff.

Matthew Lillard 37:44โ€‹

And by vibe, and vibe, and you I mean, the idea of having multiple things, I don't mean to cut you off, sorry. But I just think it's super impressive, like the idea of launching, taking care of others putting money where your mouth is in terms of supporting community and charity and all of that, I think, I think that that's why you guys have such an amazing such an amazing community.

Papa 38:11โ€‹

So they're all residents. As I said they weren't including,

Katie 38:16โ€‹

I was just gonna add that I feel like one of the things that, you know, even Carlini, before I was on the project, like what he sold me on was just how a portion of our overall sales went towards making sure that the core staff was like, taken care of for the year. And just because like his his idea, there was like, it doesn't matter if everybody left tomorrow, we're still here, and we're still working. And so it was like this perseverance of a project. It's like, it doesn't matter what happens exactly tomorrow. Because like, the next day we have, we'll just keep coming back. We'll just keep like, you know, work in and you know, and that, to me that created so much stability, I feel like we as a staff are just yeah, like,

Matthew Lillard 39:09โ€‹

it lets you create without, I mean, near it lets you create without having to worry about a result. Like I think that what I see right now in the space, and look, I started in December. So I am like, I've been around for a second, but I'm still super new. And the thing I keep seeing is that people are trying to trying to apply utility trying to apply community trying to apply these things in an inorganic way. Yeah. And I think they're doing that because they're like, Oh, my God, we have all this money. We have all this success. We want to keep it going but how do we do that? And it just sounds like you guys started from an authentic place and and keeps going. And super powerful. So congratulations.

Papa 39:53โ€‹

That's the plan. Appreciate. Yeah.

Matthew Lillard 39:55โ€‹

What are they saying in your chat? Are they giving you shit and discord? You don't? Yeah, like

Papa 40:00โ€‹

Almost immediately, it came from the boss like because our community vibe is always quite chill, like we're sleeping little cats, you know what it's like, you know, like,

Matthew Lillard 40:11โ€‹

I don't actually I don't know what it's like sleeping.

Papa 40:16โ€‹

So it's all kind of like it's very chilled. And I think people appreciate what we're doing and they know that what we're working on and they like that. And there's a lot of kind of priming the feel of looking after each other sort of stuff. And we don't have this whole when Moon what's the floor? People should do this, like, who's doing a sweep like all this sort of stuff. So almost immediately, Carlini comes in with the what's the floor when Moon straightaway so that's how I know. We're doing we're doing it.

Bill Whirity 40:49โ€‹

That's hilarious. Yeah, that's always so nice.

Papa 40:51โ€‹

Exactly. And I and I feel like honestly, from from hanging out in your guys's discord for the last for the last couple of days. I get I get the same feeling like, of people are just kind of here because they want to be here for the REIT for like, for the project as a as a long term deal. Not a sweet get in men, this will go up by a bit sell out sweet next one. Like it doesn't feel that way. And you know that?

Matthew Lillard 41:22โ€‹

Maybe we're just not that at all. I mean, to just to, you know, I it may be a detriment, I don't know if we're never going to be that thing that is interested in quick flips. And just we're just not built that way.

Katie 41:37โ€‹

Yeah, I was gonna say that I you know, there's been a couple of projects that that I've seen where you're, you do get a lot of these people jumping in, they're really jumping from project to project just trying to like, figure out what the next flip is. But honestly, projects like yours and some of these others that I've seen, like, they're really based on a community that's going to sit and stay and bring value. I mean, y'all are there to build something. And so you don't, you don't need flippers, you need builders, you want people to come in and partner with you. So

Matthew Lillard 42:11โ€‹

yeah, it's interesting. I mean, is that, you know, we hope that that resonates with people, right? They're looking for that community, they're looking for that connective tissue and web three that you're like, Oh, I found the place. This is where I want to be. It sounds like that's what you guys have to So yeah, it's like mine feels good.

Papa 42:31โ€‹

And I think going back to what you said, like over the last couple of years, Matthew with like, with COVID. And finding like, you know, some people kind of found solace in nostalgia and movies and stuff. And some people were finding community and, like, latching on to people and making friendships and stuff. Like me, me and Katie work together every day. But we've never met in real life, because we live on different continents. But it's like, I kind of feel that that doesn't matter as much anymore. You know, as much as I love seeing people in real life. There's another world and there's, there's some people that prefer to kind of live that way. And this just gives you that opportunity as well.

Matthew Lillard 43:10โ€‹

Well, that's the one thing I didn't count on. I didn't count on falling in love with discord. i Well, yeah. And I literally said take a break, because I think I put on like 20 pounds just sitting at the computer all day every day, like pounding out messages and stupid gifts. And I'm like, What am I doing? What am I doing right now? I have so much I have to do. So that's the one thing I didn't expect. I didn't expect to actually start caring so deeply for people, my community and and what we're doing. And I literally just took a self imposed like, break. I'm like I am back now. It's been the morning on it's nice to be back. It's nice to see people but there is a relationship that builds in this space. That's 100% it's just as authentic as anything else.

Bill Whirity 43:58โ€‹

Yeah, I remember when you were like in that full degen mode, where I was like, Hey, what's going on with you working on? He was like, you're like No, I'm just in the discord right now. Like, I've so much work for my other company I need to be doing but I'm just sitting here chatting with people. I can't

Matthew Lillard 44:15โ€‹

avoiding my life and just you know, engaging with building this, which was great. Yeah. Served Us for a second. So it's

Papa 44:23โ€‹

good. Yeah, for sure. For sure. So, okay, cool. We're gonna move on to quiz time shortly. Okay, we're just want to kind of wrap up a couple of bits and pieces. So just give us again, just the key key dates, key mint stuff that's coming up. Give me that. Yeah. Five

Matthew Lillard 44:39โ€‹

4 20. So 5555 4 20. We give away what we called our golden ticket plenty of times. We have plans on doing that today. Bill. You're the professional. It's been meant.

Bill Whirity 44:52โ€‹

Yeah. Yeah, I think so. I mean, if there's anybody I mean, we have a lot of people from our community, but I'm seeing a lot of cats that showed up for the for the spaces today. So how about this? How about if you screenshot yourself in this spaces and then posted in our chat? I'll have the mods give you guys golden ticket put you on the presale lists.

Papa 45:14โ€‹

Love it, guys, thank you so much somebody Yeah,

Bill Whirity 45:18โ€‹

it's always great when we get people to show up for these spaces, you know? Yeah, that's

Papa 45:21โ€‹

good fun. I know obviously like the time zones are all a bit are all a bit trippy for us as well, which is mostly me not being in the States. But hey. And I've got two final questions. Aquarius favorite movie, so favorite movie ever? Or best movie you've seen in the last five years? Because no fake movie ever is sometimes a little bit.

Matthew Lillard 45:48โ€‹

That's impossible. Yeah. It's too big. Either live in film and like, that's a that's an impossible question. But

Papa 45:56โ€‹

I always get suspicious when someone says the favorite movie is a movie from the last five years. I'm like, Yes, it is.

Matthew Lillard 46:04โ€‹

But I will tell you what, I will say this. I'll top my head. Dune. I thought Dune was incredible. So for me do was really magical. For the last five years for you, though,

Bill Whirity 46:16โ€‹

what do you Well, there's I feel like there's one that like, it's I'm blanking on right now. But I'll go the last five weeks because now the theaters are open again. Yes, everything everywhere all at once was incredible. Like the Daniels they just had such a really unique or they're just so original and creative and outside of the box thinkers. And they were actually at the screening. I went to the cast and crew were there and they were talking about their, their process for made like when they write movies together as they go, what is an unfilmable movie? And then they basically pitched that to their manager who goes there's no way we can make that and they go okay, that's the movie we're gonna make. And that's what they do. I was born and raised. Yeah, but that was just like another level. You have to check it out.

Matthew Lillard 47:02โ€‹

That really does Charlie Kaufman, who was great writers.

Papa 47:06โ€‹


Matthew Lillard 47:08โ€‹

But one of my has, to me the most impactful movie for me and my life is Star Wars because when it came out I was that probably gauge. Yep. To you know, just exploded my imagination which was ready to be exploded anyways. And, you know, it was something for me, that sort of guided my entire life. I mean, that storytelling and who the the way it found me as a kid and sort of Michigan just outside of Detroit. At that time was super powerful. So for me, that's the you know, that's the movie for me.

Papa 47:41โ€‹

Yeah, I always say my all time favorite movies Empire Strikes Back. Because because there's so much wrapped up in that for me, I still think it's the best Star Wars movie. But then I'm watching this on like a VHS, but like my dad's recorded off the TV, and he's like, press shows. So there's no adverts in it. And then he's like, son, sit down. Let's watch Star Wars. We're gonna watch The Empire Strikes back this week. And I'm like, Oh my god. Amazing.

Papa 48:05โ€‹

So it's like the same thing. Like I was a kid and it just blew my mind.

Katie 48:11โ€‹

When you tested that game out on the cover, I should have guessed that I forgot that was your favorite movie. I could have gotten it on my prayers are dry. We're doing

Papa 48:19โ€‹

we're doing another movie quiz tomorrow night, just to kind of like round out movie week. Which is Yeah, which is, which is good fun. But yeah, it's like, right, everything is Empire Strikes Back. And like I watched I watched Mandalorian with like my best friend from school. We watched it together. But like over FaceTime like the last two years.

Bill Whirity 48:38โ€‹

It's so good. So it's, I would say one of mine is like there's a couple of movies that I was thinking of in childhood that just made me fall in love with films and they all kind of revolve around this like childhood imagination escapism. So it's like ET Goonies Back to the Future basically, just like ordinary Guney. Ghostbusters isn't there to like, it's watching ordinary people do extraordinary things. I feel like that's sort of been what, like I love about movies. And that's sort of what I always try to look at whenever I'm coming up with a project is like, how do I take someone normal and ordinary, and then put them in an extraordinary situation cuz as a kid, I was always like, what if there is treasure buried in my backyard figurines? Like, what if I found a treasure map? Like all those things? Were just

Matthew Lillard 49:17โ€‹

wanting to be that person? Yeah. And

Papa 49:19โ€‹

he felt like he could be right. Because it's like, I'm a normal kid.

Matthew Lillard 49:23โ€‹

Like did did Castle Rock Last Starfighter? And he was also the castle

Bill Whirity 49:30โ€‹

from like, yeah, I was gonna say for Halloween. Oh, we got an honorary with him. Or not an honorary we have a one on one that's signed by.

Matthew Lillard 49:38โ€‹

So he's the shape from Halloween. So it was original. Yeah. Michael Meyers Michael Myers and and but he wrote The Last Starfighter and I said to him, I was like, whatever. Michael Myers who is not my jam. I don't it's not my doesn't speak to me, but the Last Starfighter is as good as playing a video game who Besides scoring gets taken up to space to save the galaxy. That is cool I want it's all I want in my

Bill Whirity 50:07โ€‹

waiting I've still been waiting for them to do a remake of that with like Xbox or Playstation tie in where it's like they have this because you can tell I mean that gaming is bigger than ever, you know imagining like if the story was some kids playing fortnight and then he like is the Grandmaster at these like tournaments and all of a sudden he has to go actually play fortnight on another.

Matthew Lillard 50:27โ€‹

Team Paris has movie. What is it with? Tim Allen?

Bill Whirity 50:35โ€‹

Oh, yeah, that's one of the best. I always just think. Galaxy Quest

Katie 50:42โ€‹

When you were talking about star fighter, I was like, I love that movie.

Papa 50:48โ€‹

Sigourney Weaver as well. Yeah. Absolutely. Now, it's,

Matthew Lillard 50:53โ€‹

it's funny. So here we are, right. By the way, this is exactly. Not to put a fine point on it. But this is exactly what our community's about. Yes. Yeah. The love of all these things and sort of an easy conversation to fall into. And you find like minded people and fellowship and in this sort of love of movies and entertainment. And so that's what we're trying to build. So thank you guys for letting us come on today. And night was a pleasure, bring our communities together, and we're gonna

Papa 51:21โ€‹

look at one final question, because I asked everyone there, so we'll have to be quick. They're all gonna go to you first. Yeah, you can eat one food for the rest of your life. What is it?

Bill Whirity 51:30โ€‹

Oh, one food for the rest of my life. I mean, it's a generic answer, but I do love pizza. I mean, it's good answer. Maybe I'm a ninja turtle at heart.

Katie 51:39โ€‹

And we all just don't when when Yeah, and

Bill Whirity 51:42โ€‹

you can change it up as it's like if your categories pizza. There's so many types of pizzas. So within that one food

Katie 51:48โ€‹

desert about Yeah, pizza dinner pizza.

Bill Whirity 51:52โ€‹

Pizza bagel. You could have pizza anytime.

Katie 51:56โ€‹

You know they serve a taco. You sit down the street. It's like it's really. Burger pizza. taco pizza. Yeah, I live in a weird place.

Bill Whirity 52:07โ€‹

I seen macaroni and cheese.

Katie 52:10โ€‹


Matthew Lillard 52:16โ€‹

I don't accept your answer. Okay.

Bill Whirity 52:18โ€‹

Sushi. I love sushi that and I can eat all the time again. What is your answer? Let's hear pizza,

Matthew Lillard 52:25โ€‹

nachos, nachos. potato skins are actually the thing.

Bill Whirity 52:32โ€‹

The thing I probably picked the most is french fries in my air fryer.

Matthew Lillard 52:35โ€‹

Oh, that's because do you buy do they cut up the potato? Or do you buy the different types?

Bill Whirity 52:42โ€‹

I do both. It depends what mood I'm in. I'll get like regular potatoes, sweet potatoes. Whatever it is. Cut them up. Throw them in there from feeling fresh. It's quick and dirty if I want to like a crinkle cut or like yeah, currently

Matthew Lillard 52:51โ€‹

I talk to me talk to me Dog. French fries. These are words that I will tell you right now. I will i i Like Me air fire. I was like what? Air fire on my counter. Horrible machine. And I'll literally stick anything in it. Like warm stuff up.

Bill Whirity 53:18โ€‹

Oh, yeah. Leftovers in that thing are the best.

Katie 53:21โ€‹

I need to put in the airfryer because I have one and people are like what do you use that for? And I'm like to reheat fries. Like what else do I I cook everything in there. What's that a still a

Matthew Lillard 53:37โ€‹

bachelor? Is a single?

Bill Whirity 53:41โ€‹

I have a girlfriend. Favorite suitable time?

Papa 53:44โ€‹

It's either pizza or phrase. Is that okay? I guess Yeah.

Bill Whirity 53:47โ€‹

I mean, it can't get anything too fancy because you'll get sick of it. It's got to be something that's you know, adjustable over time.

Papa 53:54โ€‹

That's very true.

Bill Whirity 53:56โ€‹

Yeah. What is your what is your answer? You've

Papa 53:58โ€‹

got to think in nutrition as well. Right? Nutrition

Matthew Lillard 54:04โ€‹

you do not have to think nutrition. That's a horrible

Katie 54:10โ€‹

Factor in this question. I

Bill Whirity 54:12โ€‹

think I heard you can live off potatoes. Isn't that the whole thing with the potato? Nutrition and a potato?

Matthew Lillard 54:19โ€‹

I don't think there's any beer potatoes, beers where you can live Awesome. All right, I will change my answer if I had to pick one thing to live on. I live on ranch dressing just ranch ranch dressing and cheese those

Katie 54:36โ€‹

are not from the south.

Matthew Lillard 54:38โ€‹

Lord everage is the Saudis about ranch dressing that I'm about Yes.

Papa 54:48โ€‹

I asked this question quite often and and I've ever actually kind of made made my decision. It used to be the other copper answer. So the other copper answer is sandwiches.

Katie 54:58โ€‹

Yes or no? Again,

Papa 55:01โ€‹

no commitment, right?

Katie 55:02โ€‹

I was gonna say that because in my mind spirit, I have a whole theory of sandwich is not a specific item. It's a spirit behind the food. So like a pizza can have the spirit of a sandwich. A hot dog has the spirit of a sandwich. It's really just bread and everything you love, sandwiched in between

Papa 55:24โ€‹

the state of mind.

Bill Whirity 55:28โ€‹

I feel like all the answers are just people trying to cheat the system. It's like, you get a wish. You're gonna order it. You're gonna like wish for more wishes. It's like everyone's like Well, listen. I don't want to commit to anything. Swiss Army swiss army knife. All right,

Papa 55:42โ€‹

I've got it. I've got it. I've got my answer. My answer is ramen.

Papa 55:49โ€‹

Like you've got seaweed. That's the one that's

Matthew Lillard 55:55โ€‹

better than pizza. Not as good as ranch amazing. I like it was become a competition your answers.

Bill Whirity 56:08โ€‹

People think they have the right answer. Like there's a correct answer for that question. No, you're wrong. You're just wrong.

Matthew Lillard 56:15โ€‹

We wouldn't be Americans if it wasn't right or wrong. That's my social commentary for the day.

Papa 56:25โ€‹

Boys, thank you so much for spaces. We are going to be in the Purrnelope's Country Club discord pretty much straight after this.

Bill Whirity 56:35โ€‹

Cool. Are we jumping on a voice channel and talking? Yeah,

Papa 56:38โ€‹

you jump into the lobby bar

Bill Whirity 56:41โ€‹

voice channel right now. Okay. Oh, there's a voice channel.

Papa 56:44โ€‹

So there's a voice chat as well. You should just be able to jump in. Wham Bam steel van is gonna give me the quiz code. And then the quiz and we'll do some more chat and

Matthew Lillard 56:58โ€‹

sweets. I feel like we should give everyone when we met we should give everyone like free air fires is what we should do. I think that we should

Bill Whirity 57:11โ€‹

burn you burn your NFT and you get an air fryer on MC air fryer. Is that the idea? Yeah. What's the redemption process?

Papa 57:17โ€‹

If you get the one of one the one you mentioned the guy from Halloween the shape? Oh, I enjoyed the door prize a deep cut names like wasn't Michael Myers and the first one is the shape nerdy enjoy. If you mint that you get an airfryer okay, you mean

Matthew Lillard 57:33โ€‹

that you get like you actually hit the homerun. I mean, we have one of the cool things we're doing is that we're doing a bunch of one on ones that are signed by

Papa 57:44โ€‹

people table is this alpha.

Bill Whirity 57:47โ€‹

We haven't listed on the website. I don't know if people remember because you know a lot of people don't like to read everything. But yeah, we have like one of ones that are autographed, which we haven't really yet. I think they've done a shot with sports people. Yeah, but I haven't seen a lot of people haven't seen a lot of NFT.

Matthew Lillard 58:02โ€‹

We announced it. So far. We're gonna wait on that. We can I'm doing one. Yeah, I was doing one. Yeah.

Bill Whirity 58:10โ€‹

Yeah. We have a couple with yours. Actually, I made a couple of them. And then yeah, we have some more people. I guess we could Well, I guess we can name the people that we got the signatures from. There's a couple that we're still waiting on. Yeah, we get the Robert.

Matthew Lillard 58:23โ€‹

Robert Patrick who play the T 1000.

Bill Whirity 58:27โ€‹

I gotta draw that one today. Actually, that's

Matthew Lillard 58:29โ€‹

I will say this. That's we'll just drop that. We'll just leave. Yeah.

Bill Whirity 58:33โ€‹

Do that one that just came in.

Matthew Lillard 58:36โ€‹

Awesome. I will say this that we just looked at we did a test run of all the NFTs and they are so good.

Bill Whirity 58:45โ€‹

Yeah. Like Matt's reaction was like, he's like, dude, no offense. He's like, I knew they'd come out good, but these look fucking great. I was like

Papa 58:57โ€‹

drawing, you're drawing them all right.

Bill Whirity 58:59โ€‹

Yeah. Well, yeah, everything's pretty much drawn. I ran a test this week, and I've been posting some just like sneak peeks of the ones that it was spitting out. These are just test ones. We're gonna rerun it. Just, I'm just making sure that all the art looks good. There's a couple little tweaks that I want to make. And as we get more signatures, I'm adding some new one of ones and stuff in there. But yeah, we're in the homestretch. I wanted to see how it all looks. And yeah, the test went great. It looks gorgeous. There's so many cool combinations that can't wait for people to see. Yeah, so we'll be we'll be trickling out a bunch of previews over the coming weeks leading up to the mint.

Papa 59:29โ€‹

Very cool. I'm jazzed about the Robert Patrick one that's so cool. Yeah.

Bill Whirity 59:35โ€‹

I know it's so good that movies that's like that's like one of the top action movies ever.

Papa 59:39โ€‹

Which one reason Terminator

Matthew Lillard 59:43โ€‹

we we watched one two and three bam bam bam.

Bill Whirity 59:47โ€‹

Nice. I remember growing up like I watched T two not knowing there was a first one I just thought that was the name like T two was just like oh just be the robot because I was lit on I was like, oh this movie is amazing. It's always on TV then like later in life found out that what there's a terminator before this. Oh, he's the bad guy. What's going on here?

Papa 1:00:04โ€‹

That's really good. That's

Matthew Lillard 1:00:08โ€‹

good. I was that by the way I never watch anyway, I never watched discord. But now I'm on your discord. Somebody said bad boys too is a great action film. I totally maybe

Bill Whirity 1:00:20โ€‹

Bobby's on the freeway right out of the back of the corner van or something. Oh, good.

Papa 1:00:25โ€‹

I've got a terrible embarrassing Bad Boys two story where? Me Me and like my best friend from school, who I think was listening. But I think he's left so it's fine. We try. We were we were sorry. So we were here too young to go and see bad boys to the bad boys to was a 15 in the UK. And we were 14. So it was like, we'll just go like we look 15 Of course, we didn't know we didn't really like because we're children. So walk up. And the guy asked me my birthday. And I gave him my actual birthday rather than the fake birthday that I'd done. So I just basically went up to the guy and said, Hey, can I go watch a 15? How old are you? 14? And it's like, so we had to go and watch Finding Nemo instead. Oh, no. Like we're supposed to go watch this big sexy movie with Martin Lawrence. Like babes in the trailer or 14 years old is like this is gonna be amazing. Finding Nemo great movie, but not what we were getting.

Bill Whirity 1:01:22โ€‹

I love it right, just going home and saying let's call it off. You're just like, I guess we're going to Nemo.

Papa 1:01:26โ€‹

It's like, yeah, we can just go home like what else? Right people are jonesing for a quiz. Let's jump into the Bill, Matthew, thank you so much for joining us on the purrcast. Katie, thank you for CO hosting with me. Really appreciate it. If you're listening to this on the cord, there is no quiz. It's already happened. So I'm sorry. But thank you for listening