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PurrCast: SOLO ROUND - Mar 30, 2022

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Papa Cat (Peter)

This is the audio from our Twitter Spaces on the 30th of March.

  • Airdrop 7
  • What's next for the 47 ETH of Community Wallet



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Carlini8 0:15โ€‹

American use of that phrase.

Papa 0:22โ€‹

So good evening, everyone if you haven't already made it let's get my OBS working, shall we? There we go. Yes, so first of all, Air Drop seven. Now Carlini probably explain this a little bit better. We have an explainer video coming as well from Katie, the excellent work that she's done these before. AirDrop seven I think is probably one of the more important ones that we've done in terms of what the actual item is. So the airdrop that you received tomorrow will be able to be redeemed for a personalized Ledger nano s hardware wallet. Now, this is the world's most popular hardware wallet. There's some reason is strictly of that website. These will be personalized with with some PCC plus sprinkle and magic. But yes, everyone who has received one of these airdrops will be able to redeem will, we'll have a look at how many they will actually be to redeem. As always, we want to make sure that we have everything in house, make sure that we're happy with everything, the packaging, the branding, all of that sort of stuff. So we will be announcing how many you will have to redeem obviously, for those of you who are new 10 is going to be your hoodie, cat five is going to be your model. We've got one for your comic keyboards we're still working on in terms of those. The record, I believe is five. So we'll figure that out. But most importantly, yes, that will be AirDrop number seven, that is revealed tomorrow. The artwork that Charlie's done is really fun. It's a nice little group shot, which is really cool. It's a really kind of key little bit of some of the characters that have popped up in previous airdrops and just in some of the other artwork that's on the website, or in promo images and stuff. Unfortunately, not Chavez came a little too, it came a little too late. But yeah, so that's something that we're really excited about.

Papa 2:40โ€‹

And I think as Carlini said before, previously, we want to make sure that anyone like anyone who has a hardware wallet, hardware wallets isn't a cheat code for safety, say for security forever. I've got a hardware wallet, you can't touch me. It isn't that. So obviously, what we're going to do with it is bring you our explainer video, bring you some info you can get your teeth into of how to use it and how it makes you more secure. So that's something that's really important to us, because I think I've seen in a couple of drops across projects in the space of the last few weeks. It's like oh, hey, like we're doing this drop, but it's going to be great and happy days. Oh, we also recommend that you save all your NFTs on a hardware wallet. And that's kind of like the end of it. They might say more in their discord. I'm sure they do. I don't want to kind of be bad mouthing anybody, especially on my own solo space. Good Lord. But we want to make sure that everyone who is redeeming one of these knows how to use it properly to keep himself safe. Because that's the point. So that is AirDrop seven. Very excited. Yeah. I think it's really really cool. I think it's obviously it's coming at a good time as well. But yeah, did we say wallet? Did I say wallet? Hey, I bad mouth people but I didn't actually name any names. That's the way to do it. Kids. That's the classy way to go. So yes, for those who are just joining us airdrops seven is a PCC Ledger Nano s. We have packaging we have I think laser etching On the actual ledger bit itself. So yeah, it'll have a little bit of around a little bit of PCC glamour to it, which is very, very nice.

Papa 5:12โ€‹

So yeah, that is coming super soon. I don't want to give dates but yeah, that is the big that is the big reveal of air drop seven, the artwork itself, drawn as always by Charlie that will reveal tomorrow. Moving on just taking a sip of beer. It's important, it's important to keep hydrated.

Papa 5:46โ€‹

We obviously got airdrops are a heck of a lot of ape coin. But a week ago, two weeks ago, which the community voted to turn into everyone's favorite cryptocurrency ETH, which we've used, I think nine of that ETH, I think I think it yielded us about 56 Ethereum total. We use nine of that to mint more essence, which we are entitled to because the kitty vault holds 45 foot Grenda crystals. That got us 45 essence, there was a free plus gas redemption. And it also allowed us to redeem a further 45 essence, for a belief point to community, we did a flash vote on that because time was time was of the essence, guys. Thank you. So we had to make sure that we minted those. But also with the kitty vault being as it is, we had to make sure that the community was happy with that. So that was the quick votes. That was should we sell this? Should we turn this ape into Ethereum? answer was yes. Should we use that Ethereum to get some more essence? Yes, we should. So we now have 90 essence I believe the floor essence is like point seven, two. And that allows us to get 90 Fuck avatars, which will be very cool. So very excited for that. Now, that still leaves us for those of you hot on the maths. That leaves us with 47 ETH to play with.

Papa 7:35โ€‹

Now, there was a bunch of suggestions in the cigar lounge. The cigar lounge is currently closed for new entries. But you can still up vote for your favorites, compiled all of the entries today.

Papa 7:54โ€‹

I'm just scrolling through my spreadsheet that I sent to Carlini earlier. So what we're going to do, still kind of still kind of tweaking the the way that this all works. But what we're going to do is get a kind of short proposal for each suggestion so that there's a little bit more meat on the bone. So let's something a little bit more you can kind of be like, okay, cool. That's what we should be doing. So, question Well, the first one I'm looking at is from NFT Noob saying donate to me, so I can buy another gold purr? Probably not. Why are you down vote me? I'm right. But something like what's the actual, actual thing? proposing that we buy doodles? So rather than just doodles like, hey, buy doodles. They're great. It's like, yes, they are. But here's why we think you should, here's why they're good. Here's why it's going to be a great long term hold for the kitty vault. Because the important thing to remember with the kitty vault is it's not. I think these are gonna like whip up in the next couple of weeks. And then this will happen. And then we do this, it's like it once it's in the vault. It doesn't leave, like all the spam that we've gotten in the last week or so. Which may or may not have been from Apple and Samsung. seems unlikely if it was a great all of that, hey, that stays in the vault. It's part of the story now. But the idea is there nothing that comes in ever goes out. So especially after the reason for the vault is that it stays as it is. It is a it is our gold standard. It is the reason that our products calm our projects already can't go to zero is because it's backed up by all this other stuff.

Papa 9:56โ€‹

So with voting, that'll be in B what we'll do is we'll repurpose repost into the cigar lounge claridon repost into the cigar lounge, all of these proposals with more to read up on each one. So we know I think one of them is get a one of one gold shivers also a good good count, good call all have this other sort of stuff. So we'll have them in their ambassadors will be able to up and downvote those to their heart's content for X amount of time. Once we've closed a cigar lounge, the top five proposals within the put to the entire community. So the cigar lounge just to cover that off. I know we've got quite a few new people from us, especially today, which is really fun. We'll get onto that in a second. To explain the cigar lounge, you have to be a PCC ambassador to get into the lounge, which means you have to have either a cat or a kitten as your profile picture in our Discord. Now that's obviously manipulate manipulatable that word, you can cheat it a little bit by using Nitro. So you can be you can be a cat in our Discord and you can be you know, a knights of degen. And their discord, you can be a PI and their discord, all of this sort of stuff. So at the moment, that's how you get to be an ambassador. That means you get to propose what we spend community funds on. And some other fun stuff that we've got coming down the line.

Papa 11:29โ€‹

Now, this isn't ready to go this is out of this for a while this is just a little bit of alpha because I can do this now I realize why it's fun. Rather than trying to stop people Hodl has been working on a better system to police, the ambassadors and to give it some cross to give us some cross platform clout as well, which is very exciting. thing is I've been a fan of snapping ambassadors away since since we started minting very exciting for me. And also, I think yeah, a really cool way to kind of give the role a little bit more credence give the role a little bit more clout and also start to kind of realize that it is an ambassador role. And you are being an ambassador for the project, bringing people in export and why we're good. All of that fun stuff. So voting will continue on. I think that's why we had the kind of the flash, the flash votes, quick ones that kind of like right, well, we need to decide what we're going to do with this ape. Do we keep it we sell it? What are we doing? Better to sell it? It's now Ethereum right? We need to decide on that essence. Now we've got a little bit more time

Papa 12:55โ€‹

I think was doodles one of the one of the ones that pranked front run recently. Just suddenly, I think it was because of their, their South by Southwest in Austin, which looked amazing like that IRL fair thing, but yeah, very, very cool. So yes, so that is voting. Several other hydration break kids. I usually do this when like somebody else is talking. I can usually just kind of like mention crypto kitties, and Carlini like give me like 10 minutes or I could relax a bit but so I'm just gonna flat out say, I'm stopping for a little sip.

Papa 13:38โ€‹

The beer is Heineken. Which. Yeah, it's not great. But it was a hot day, a few days ago. And I got out the car and I saw a guy with a six pack of Heineken was like Yes, great. But hey, still in the job, right? It's been a long day.

Papa 14:02โ€‹

Very quickly before I get on to the main or the main bit, the main there was air drops 7. For a next kind of main topic. did see some fresh designs from our merch today, which was very bloody exciting. They look really, really cool. Yeah, so really buzzed on the work that Jamie and Katie had been doing on those. Very, very cool. I can't wait for everyone to get their hands on it.

Papa 14:33โ€‹

So yes, the next thing as I've been saying, as we've gone through this spaces, had quite a few new people join our Discord to set today and say hello, and get involved in the community which has been awesome. We've had loads of people for coming in and saying hello, in on Twitter as well. Which has been really, really fun. Really excited to see that I think we've boosted like about 300 followers in the last week or so which has been really cool to see. So yeah, just kind of thank you for joining us been really exciting to get new people involved and kind of hearing why the one of the bigger reasons I think, has been Carlini's little press tour before his voice exploded, I'm just going to find his NFT capture and overprice JPEGs appearances and pin them in the spaces. So yeah, that's been really cool. I know quite a few of you. Quite a few of you have already listened to the overpriced JPEGs one today, I haven't had a chance yet to myself. But yeah, some really good stuff on there. I know Carlini was dropping some alpha towards the ends of that as well, of where we're moving to next what we're getting to next and where PCC is going in the future. Stuff that I'm not going to talk about here, cuz you can listen to it on the podcast Come on. So yeah, so very, very fun there.

Papa 16:16โ€‹

And then ft catch with well on the entity catcher podcast, I believe last week as well, which again, was a really good chat, I think, obviously chatting some purrs as well, which is really good. But also Carlini kind of like a little history lesson. I think Jen said towards the end of the podcast, this is like a little kind of NFT history lesson stuff. Which is really fun. I think for everyone in the space. Who's probably new ish. In a year, 18 months, two years, whatever. What are we 2022? Good lord. Yeah, to kind of see, to hear those stories of how far it went back. And what it was like back then, and all this kind of stuff. So yeah, that was that was really fun to listen to. I actually listened to the NFT capture podcast on a run, which was a terrible idea, because I was like, this is a really weird time to be listening to my boss talk about work. I'm trying to get some Zen time. So that is that I've just been the NFT Capture One in the spaces, so you can go and do that.

Papa 17:37โ€‹

My goodness, he tweets a lot. Let's get I retweeted earlier. Anyway, I will find it or if someone could drop me the link that would be really useful. So I can pin it in to the space. So yes, so that was I think the source of quite a few people coming in. Which has been really really good to see if you are new and you kind of want to know more about the project. I think you've probably already I think you've already realized that we have a very friendly lovely group of people. I think if you've even thought about buying a cat the shield's probably followed you on Twitter sent you a discord message and charity. I think it's a I think it's a really, really lovely community. I would say that I'm community manager so it kind of like it has I have to say it's good because it has to be good because that's my job. But it's just lovely to kind of see new people coming in and everyone kind of chipping in and helping out and saying yeah, this is great. This is lovely. I like this I like this. Oh cool. Do you want to get a cat or a kitten? Doesn't matter both great. Here's why one is great. Here's why the other is great. It's just really really lovely to see there's kind of not any of this you should only buy there so you should only buy there so like oh like why don't you want to come in and sweep the floors like there's no kind of that negativity but you know slightly aggressive tactics. So yeah, it's it's lovely to see really really like it.

Papa 19:28โ€‹

Having said that, let's get to some questions. If we have any let's go into the inbox and see what we got. I've got a video about free Heineken which I may or may not have seen. I will have to watch that later.

Papa 19:54โ€‹

I believe Carlini's answered this in the discord but just in case you're not in a discord If you want a link in description, come say hello. Tell him Papa sent Yeah. So this is from catsablanca.pcc.eth. Great name. While the dynamics are how the team gets paid back through the airdrop claims, is it by way of burning those tokens and cashing those shares at the bank or just holding the shares sort of in escrow? As escrow again until needed. If someone could explain to me, like, as far as when you buy a house, isn't it? Anyway? So Carlini's answer, sorry, Carlini8.pcc.eth great name. The answer is the plan is that we never dump them. We put them inside other NFTs.

Papa 20:44โ€‹

So again, to those of you that are new. We've been air dropping NFTs every month since September. So September was the hoody cat. October was the kitten basket, which was a mint pass for kittens collection. November was our model cat, which will be able to be redeemed for a 3d printed model of your cat IRL, like a real life pretty model. I'm looking at a model of myself in a chair right now. Which is very weird to look at. Because it's like, hey, that's me. But also really, really cool. It's kind of like, smaller than a Funko Pop size. He's next to my little Bulbasaur. So he's probably like, you know, like six inches tall, maybe? Maybe less anyway. So that was what November December was our comic cat. So we're having a comic written about poro. So it's Pyro, but instead of poor, it's poor. Do doing some detective work around the country club, because there may or may not have been a murder. So that's come in as well like a physical comic that you may have to redeem.

Papa 21:59โ€‹

We've also had our record cat or DJ purr cat. So shout out to you, cats fanatic. Thank you for that name. That's really cool. We've been working with this amazing musician and NFT artist Joe Stansfield, who was in our spaces a few weeks ago, literally writing a song about some of the cats in the community on the fly. So it's like, Oh, hey, I'm hearing I'm hearing the spaces having a lovely time. Please write a song about you know, Captain circles about the show about Nacho about purrs.pcc.eth great name which was absolutely mind blowing. I need to put into the clubhouse actually the latest I think the final at the master of our of our first little theme tune, which I think is ready. So that's coming as well, but that will also be a physical vinyl, airdrops six, which was our fun little Keyboard Cat. So like the classic Keyboard Cat GIF, but we now have our own version. And that'll be redeemable for a keyboard. And then airdrops seven as of announced tonight will be redeemable for your very own Ledger Nano s that will be PCC branded, not personalized. So new at no for asking that earlier. So it'll be your own Ledger nano s, but a little purrs sparkle on it, but it'll be you know, PCC is the brand not your particular cat. Maybe we can do that in the future. Who knows what I just make stuff up anyway.

Papa 23:41โ€‹

What did I get to? I didn't mention Air Drop eight today. Welcome Yeah, gonna be scared now. So that's all of our air drops so far. Now all of those contain in them the ability to redeem something else. So as I said, as we went through so hoody kitten model comic record keyboard, Ledger redacted, but you could also trade them in for a share of our kitty vault. So the idea that we want to do is put them inside. So if you redeem sorry, if you redeem your physical than you then give up your share of the kitty volt, which comes back to us, which we can then put into something else.

Papa 24:38โ€‹

Like tier two, perhaps. Anyway, did I actually give anything away I'm so scared? Oh, no. I can see why Carlini gives away Alpha all the time. It's really hard to kind of stop yourself talking once you once you really get going. We need another need another hydration break.

Papa 25:04โ€‹

Good question from jt.pcc.eth great name any hints style vibes in relation to the merch? Seems like most of us thought a certain merch job recently was quite awful. Curious what styles we've got coming. I'm very curious. It didn't didn't my trick from earlier is he kind of like, hey, this sucks but hey, I'm not going to mention who it is so I appreciate that

Papa 25:31โ€‹

so any hint stars vibes? No, because I don't want to get in trouble especially because it's not a project that I've been working on. This has been Jamie and Katie's baby what they've been working on I think very lovely is my answer and some really nice colors so yeah, I think it's going to be very very cool just some nice photos, I think is like just very clean clean where like you have kind of your basics but a little bit of spice and then like a very very cool t-shirt as well. And maybe a little something else that I definitely won't talk about

Papa 26:44โ€‹

do we have any other questions? When health care team I don't know. Half the team is in the UK so we get it through Texas which is cool if that answers the question

Papa 27:13โ€‹

so how does the vendor get paid from our airdrops I guess my question that is a good question. We do it essentially I've opened up the free healthcare can of worms yeah with money we pay with money we pay with money you pay with airdrops

Papa 27:52โ€‹

everyone happy I think Yeah. They fear money. Exactly. Exactly. Does anyone have any other questions before I give away more stuff

Papa 28:22โ€‹

edge.pcc.eth any collabs coming that haven't been released yet. At least one hopefully that I know of. But yeah, no others that I know about. So one and that should be fairly soon, or being well also may or may not have something to do with a certain guest in the discord the other day. This is so hot. Now. I feel there's loads of people typing because they're like, Hey, we can see

Papa 29:10โ€‹

you do know about it. too. Just read my emails. And this has been really fun guys. Thank you so much for basically listening to me ramble for 32 minutes.

Papa 29:29โ€‹

Just as I say that, more questions coming through how many of the six tier 2 will be burned for other things that is subject to change? We don't know. It basically the it depends on the key once the keyboard design is finalized. Once the vendor is finalized, once we're happy with all of that sort of stuff. Alamo has been working really hard on that and getting everything sorted for the keyboards which is super exciting. So Oh yes, that will all be revealed in time. Katie asks very good question which is when Ellie I think we're talking tonight when le merch okay you did the designs le merch whenever whenever you want Yes, right. I'm gonna wrap up before I give away too much.

Papa 30:36โ€‹

Thank you so much for everyone to come and listen to me ramble have really really appreciated that. The big headline is airdrops seven is a Ledger Nano s. These will be redeemable for the airdrop that was sent to everyone's wallet if you held a purr before the 23rd March 23 of March not good enough before the 23rd of March. If you missed out on those airdrops, you can pick them up on secondary. There is links the link to our Kitty Vault purrks, is on our verified collection. So the links are on there now, which is lovely. The amount will be confirmed shortly. And yeah, there's more voting coming. So if you would like to be a part of the voting on where we spend our 47 Ethereum war chest, then please become an ambassador in our Discord. So change your discord profile picture to a cat or a kitten. Go to Ambassador check in, which is one of the channels hit the cat button. You're now an ambassador. You can now vote on the proposals in there.

Papa 31:50โ€‹

Go check out the NFT capture and overpriced JPEGs podcasts that Carlini has been on. If you're sick of my voice and you want to hear his and we'll be back with another spaces next week. We have game night tomorrow, I believe we're playing Call of Duty warzone. Which I know quite a few people were very excited about I haven't played Call of Duty since I think BLOPS two, so I'll be traditionally terrible at fps. So if you'd like to join us for that event details are in our Discord that will just be the lobby bar, even if you don't want to play Call of Duty but just want to come and chat with some purrs then come do that. Because I'll probably be dead for most of the time. So I'll chat to you about whatever you want to chat about. And I'm out of here. Thank you so much for listening, and I will speak