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Own the Moment Podcast: NFT Weekly w/ A Purrfect Guest, Carlini

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TJ Laessig
Justin Herzig

Original: Own the Moment Podcast - E71 - NFT Weekly w/ A Purrfect Guest, Carlini

Own the Moment Podcast - E71 - NFT Weekly w/ A Purrfect Guest, Carliniโ€‹

This week on OTM's NFT Weekly, we are joined by a Purrfect guest, Carlni to talk about all things NFTs including:

  • Carlini's NFT Journey
  • Building an NFT Community
  • The future of NFT avatar projects
  • The big TOC announcement



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Speakers: Carlini8 (42%), Justin (32%), TJ (26%)


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TJ Laessig 2:18โ€‹

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 71 of own the moment podcast. My name is TJ Laessig. I'm one of the co founders here at OTM back after a brief episode off for myself and joined as always by my co founder, Justin Justin. Thanks for holding down the fort last week and you got a doubleheader tonight. You just got off the podcast huh?

Justin Herzig 2:37โ€‹

Yeah, what's fun we middle of NFL season we got a lot of football stuff going on was over hanging out with overs that he was saying some nice things about our guests for the show tonight maybe even gave me a question or two to ask as well but I am pumped for this show. I am a Purrnelope owner I looking forward to this one of the OGs in the industry I'm excited

TJ Laessig 3:00โ€‹

yeah absolutely really excited about our guest for tonight man who is one of the the true Top Shot OG he's one of the true NFT OGs, I literally remember when I was first getting into Top Shot and just seeing like, Who is this Carlini person that is all over the transactions buying up everything. And now of course the the founder of Purrnelope's Country Club, which we will talk much more about tonight. We have all the way from the UK. Carlini in the house tonight Carlini. What's going on? Thank you for joining us so late your time.

Carlini8 3:32โ€‹

Hi, thanks for having me on. Yeah, it's 1:30am pretty, pretty tired. But you know, ready, ready to chat.

Justin Herzig 3:42โ€‹

I mean, I feel like you've been working around the clock anyways for these Penelope. So hopefully this is, you know, just a nice little break from all that discord and developing and all the airdrops and all the roadmap and all the schedule that you guys have been going through. So thanks.

Carlini8 3:57โ€‹

Yeah, I'd probably been up anyway, to be honest.

TJ Laessig 4:01โ€‹

Yeah, there's no sleep in the NFT space, especially when you've got got some some discord members to keep at bay. So let's, we'll just go over a little bit of what we're going to review tonight, and then we'll dive right into it. So I'm going to talk through everything about Carlini's NFT journey from Top Shot through getting into other NFT projects. They're launching a project of his own, and just kind of talk in general about the idea of building NFT communities, the idea of all of these NFT avatar projects and where we think that the future of these is heading and then of course is going to talk through some of the big announcements that we made earlier with regards to the Owners Club, we've got the preorder packs that are going to be running for the next just over three hours. So midnight eastern time tonight. If you have not gone in and preorder your packs, make sure that you do so. And then at the very end, we're going to talk through the WNBA run it back drop from Friday. I've got a pack to open up, we may have multiple packs open up, we're gonna be spinning the wheel for some giveaways, all of the good thing so anything else Justin?

Justin Herzig 5:08โ€‹

No, that sounds great. I mean actually so one thing I do want to give a quick shout out to our friends that I got it so some of you all know them from the Detroit Pistons NFT launch that they ran they really got some exciting stuff going and they're going to be working with some big names in the sports industry to release some NFTs and larger programs as well some of the larger teams across the major sports but tonight they are actually doing a an Ask Me Anything for Danny Sorensen the safety for the Kansas City Chiefs and so if you head over to their I got it discord we'll put the link in the chat as well I believe that starts in about a half hour or so. But pretty cool opportunity just to kind of interact with an NFL player and I can tell you they are definitely going to bring in some bigger names and that discord I think this is just a cool way to use their relationships in their industry context that kind of give opportunities for people in the kind of Hey NFT space opportunities to kind of interact with actual NFL NBA some of the other sports as well players

TJ Laessig 6:11โ€‹

awesome love it yeah go ahead and check that out if you guys are in discord if you're not make sure that you're joining their discord over there already and of course we got my Eagles playing right now. While it started that game I watched the first like five minutes and there's just not everyone's called colonists shoot out here alright, let's jump into the good stuff you guys see that we've also got some some purrs in the house so shout out to them Carlini now I'm gonna I'm gonna kick it over to you and just for I'm sure that everyone has at least heard your name and is familiar with your name but they may not kind of know know your story. So if you want to just tell people a little bit about how you got into this space when did you first getting involved were you January Top Shot or were you in Top Shot? Well well before that. What's kind of the background of Carlini

Carlini8 6:58โ€‹

Top Shot wise, I'd say I kind of joined December 2017 with crypto kitties axioms and then became dapper labs. I joined the Top Shot discord in 2019 I think it was technically when you look back at the logs I'd originally declined the invite to Top Shot I'd said I don't know anything about basketball. I'm from the UK we we don't do anything. And Katie was like you know you just come in as an NFT guy you know NFT's you've been crypto kitties for two and a half years I think it was at that point. Small sort of active community that are constantly NFT read through NFT winter whenever anyone tells you NFTs haven't gone for a bear market we had a two year one so we have just no one was around so in I must have been the first you know double digits into the into Top Shop and I just kind of treated it like poker one at the time I was I was sealed collector in Pokemon so I have an open boxes of say basically the early you know the the first stuff and I tried to keep as much sealed as I could. I had you know fourty m jelly way free. The one with Lebron LeBron and jelly and I went heavy into from the top. I sold all my crypto punks went fully into unfortunately I went into from the top when one Ethereum equal $240 Or one pack was $240 So it was one pack is one eath and I bought 150 from the top packs. I had 10 we were calling it le dunk. The Kobe tribute 159 and you think wow, that's amazing. They're so much money I sold my last one. I think it was $9,999 Couple of weeks before everything went mental. Some, some big, some big regrets, but also, you know, everything just sort of aligned with the NFT pump and everything worked out in the end, I guess.

Justin Herzig 9:51โ€‹

I mean, it's just crazy to think because any decision made back then is $1 spent into one project and then always can be so easily compared to Whatever the absolute blue chip was at the time, I mean, obviously, so many of them like even the crypto kitties are just so early on and like, they've obviously still been very profitable. But every dollar that's in a crypto Kitty is $1. That's not in a, you know, a crypto punk or $1. That's not into a cosmic, or whatever we want to say is deep blue chip within Top Shot and such. And we can always play the game. And then as you even mentioned, it was always the ETH while then every dollar is not in to ETH and ETH blew up and stuff. So it's, it's a it's a painful game, but then it's also like, but at the end of the day, just being in was good enough.

TJ Laessig 10:40โ€‹

Yeah, pretty much if you just knew that this stuff existed back then. You're you're already way, way ahead of the curve. So kudos to you.

Carlini8 10:47โ€‹

I'd worked out at one point, that selling my punks to buy Top Shot was a good move. Like, I could buy all of the punks back had I sold everything I got from the punks. But still, just the way NFTs are you know punks blow up. And even though I technically made a good trade, still, you know, I'm financially sad, even though I shouldn't be it just, you know, NFTs that just makes no sense. There's almost like you, you can't win. I don't know anyone who doesn't regret something. You know, anyone that's been in, say, since 2018. I guess the big name I worked on NFT boxes with Pranksy and still Pranksy like, Why did I? Why do I sell my ape so cheap? I had 1250 or something along those lines. And you're like your brain, just the human brain just goes 1250 times 40, Ethereum times 2500 pounds. That's a lot of money. I only got 3 million when I could have had 30 million. This despite you wouldn't the apes wouldn't be there without the sale. The you know, it's just it's just illogical. And you know, almost everyone's winning. But no one's fully happy. It's what a wonderful place.

Justin Herzig 12:21โ€‹

Yeah, I mean, I didn't think back just like I spent in blockchain from a corporate wise like my job since 2014. And so from there, it was exploration and like Bitcoin was probably around like two $300. And, yeah, I can be like, well, I could have bought so much Bitcoin at that price and held it to today. But the thing is, I did buy it. And I sold a bunch of the 1000, because that was 5x or 4x at the time. And that felt awesome. And if I would have held there, I probably would have sold it 2000. Because when you're actually seeing and feeling at the 200 or even the people who are way before me at the lower levels, there's always going to be a Woodcote up and right now it still feels great. But as you mentioned, like there's always the possibility of the NFT winner and such and some things will end up being like Hey, I should have sold rather than I should have held more often because right now we're getting that kind of I should have held FOMO rather than the opposite. But there's got to always be some level of balance and I think I think for the most part people are starting to realize that and you know, approach to different projects. This one

Carlini8 13:23โ€‹

there was an NF an X copy that went for 1000 Ethereum yesterday or the day before and one of my friends pretty much summed it up perfectly he said I remember debating if I should buy that at 10 Ethereum when Ethereum was $200 And then he said but I would have sold it 20 So

TJ Laessig 13:49โ€‹

yeah, I mean and you're never going to time it perfectly so there's always going to be yeah I could have done it differently this way or that way but it's good to go through those experiences I mean, I even feel like just from Justin eyes background whether it's playing poker playing daily fantasy sports, like you're just used to kinda different decisions that could could have trickle down effects one or the other, but in the long run they they all end up positive. So now Yeah,

Justin Herzig 14:18โ€‹

you didn't play as much I don't know if you were like in the cache treats yesterday but I decided to do a swap that included swapping to Sony Michelle and KJ Osborne and some others and that cost me like 20k Rather than just like not doing anything like a horrible decision it seems like but my process I thought it was right in one ear out the other move on that sounds a little better.

TJ Laessig 14:43โ€‹

Alrighty, let's so yeah, okay, so you got your background through, you know, starting all the way back with crypto kitties coming through Top Shot other NFT projects and now most recently, you've of course launched your own Purrnelope's is Country Club A project. So everyone, definitely go ahead, check out the purrs if you have not already, but Carlini, where did kind of the inspiration for Purrnelope's come from. And I really liked the thread that you guys had the other day kind of talking about why people should should buy Purrnelope's, I thought it touched on a ton of great things about community and the team. And I think that you guys have some awesome stuff going on there. So give people the spiel about the origin story of Purrnelope's Country Club.

Carlini8 15:31โ€‹

Well, just before, sort of NFTs took off this year, I I'd I'd started NFT boxes. With Pranksy, I was sort of the builder sider and Pranksy was the you've got the artists connections, and you can sell. So NFT boxes was sort of a subscription service without the subscription, where you would buy a box. And we would work with artists and send out 10 to 13, NFTs to each month. And we were working with sort of OGS like Cody, joy, X copy a lot of money. And it was more about getting the art into the hands, sort of, of the collectors that maybe couldn't, you know, this year, those pieces have gone mad, whereas Colt Cody didn't have sort of a one to 500 Until NFT boxes. So it allowed a lower price point for the collector to get into this sort of level OG artist. And I caught the building bug and just enjoyed it far too much. I'd been addicted to NFTs for three years at this point. And just working in them was you know, very fun. I was working all the time, but enjoying it. So it was very different to jobs in the past I'd had. And myself and Pranksy just sort of had a different idea of where we'd go with the company. So I'd sold my hat for the company to him. I then that sort of process started in March. And I just started right. I had two guys, I have Peter and Jamie and we were we were like, right, what do we what do we do now. And we were sort of brainstorming and the whole goal was really to build something that would give back to the community while building the community. So I'm trying to use my experience in NFTs to sort of build what I consider a great NFT an NFT with a purpose. And, you know, sort of the profile picture 10k Not gonna lie that was going crazy, everyone was selling out, you could use that to raise funds effectively to them built. So we created this roadmap with sort of 75% of the Ethereum going straight back to the community, sort of five 10% Go into tax and the rest going to salary and try to build it around the current I guess, Build Order meta, you know, it was the current thing to do, to to sell out a project was to do the tank, a profile picture project. So what we're doing is building what we want to sort of around that. So the main draw will be the kitty Bank, which we've now raised to 800 Ethereum, which is our total sale take and that's floor value to the floor value of the items in the kitty bank is worth 800 Ethereum. And that will that's effectively fractionalized is not just yet, because there are a few NFTs that were worried about for actualizing. Things like the Genesis kongs, we've got two of those, and they yield bananas, and if you fractionalize the wallet, the fractionalized wallet will get the bananas. And so far since our purchase our bananas are worth about $22,000 I think and that would just be lost. Had we already fractionalized. So we're just waiting until that's fully possible. But it's kind of like treating your cat like a piggy bank at any point you could smash your cat and get this token inside. And that's built out into our AirDrop framework as well. So every I call it mainline I guess AirDrop that you have will have one of these tokens inside as well. So there's instant sort of a circle of life between all of the projects that connects to the kitty Bank, which I guess you get to use that buzzword utility straight off the bat.

Carlini8 20:16โ€‹

Are we trying to do airdrops a little differently, we've just put out a video on the first one, which is a hoodie cat. So you get sent an NFT, that's a hoodie. And if you collect 10 Of those, you can then burn it for a sort of a unisocks like hoodie. So the the aim being it's a complete flex, if you like money, you shouldn't do it. The hoodie is great. It's got an NFT attached to it, that I've while the team that I'm working with have modified it, so you can't send that NFT anywhere you can only pull it. So if you have, I have furious trainers next to me. And they're NFT you would use to forge the trainers. So if you had the NFT you could have the physical sent to you. But now they've added utility to the NFT and project to Kira code name account. Remember, clone X, I think it was when they came up with the name the other day. But I've sold my NFT into the hype. But I still have the physical. Whereas with the hoodie, if you sell the hoodie, whoever gets the hoodie can then pull that NFT to them. So we can have things like gated access on our website, or, you know, thinking long term bored apes are going to have a clubhouse. If you have a certain NFT maybe you get into a VIP area or something like that maybe free drinks, you know, something along those lines. But we can verify that you own that physical without you actually wearing it, I guess. So just an idea on trying to do things a little differently that sort of pull you in different directions with your airdrops. So for instance, the bored ape Kennel Club, the dog that sort of kicked off all of this airdropping for all of these projects, you know, so far that's had zero utility, and I'm sure they will add some, but it hasn't had any yet. Whereas right off the bat, without a 90 million war chest, you can either burn your AED, redeem your AirDrop for the kitty bank, redeem it for a hoodie, or we're going to have a collection log sort of sticker book on our website as well. Where you can show off your collection there.

Justin Herzig 22:43โ€‹

Question? Because I think your project more than just about any of the projects out there, I think has a level of there's a lot going on. And so I think those are all things that value the Purrnelope owners, the people who are actually Hey, invested in the project, both from a financial as well as just from a mental and time aspect. Have you like how have you considered the whole like, I want to be involved. Obviously, I have my Purrnelope cat, but I'm not able to kind of always be in discord or always follow the communication. And then you always hear the Hey, there's so many other projects going on. And it's something that we've just kind of, you know, hey been conscious of within the TOC, you know, TM world? But are you guys kind of kind of just thinking about how the like, hey, how do we make sure that everyone is able to kind of receive the value of being in the club, even though I may not have the level of time to commit that I want to?

Carlini8 23:43โ€‹

Yes, so most of the stuff is aimed long term. So there will be for instance, this hoodie, there'll be a claiming window originally. But that's because we sort of need to order the hoodies in batches. But that will go on indefinitely. So in a year, if you have 10, you can still claim a hoodie for example. We we have companions coming out that we've announced and one of the worries was we have this big NFT X pool of cats, which means there are about 800 cats just sitting there technically under one owner, which would be the NFT X pool. And when you do an airdrop that's a claim. What you sometimes see in these projects is people will pull out a say if say it was the bored apes Kennel Club, the dog and you needed a board ape to claim that dog. What people would do is people within the community could buy from the pool. Claim the dog for this cat for this ape that you've pulled from the pool and then put it back in and pull another one out and just keep repeating it. So, and that would need you to be active to do that. But what we're doing, we've changed our AirDrop method completely so that as long as as long as you there for a certain window, you can claim your companion. Without that sort of we've, we've come up with a mechanism that would prevent that sort of, you know, people lose it effectively people losing their companion and I don't know if you remember Jennifer's Top Shot videos so the two to three minute rundown weekly rundowns. I pretty much sent that out and said, I need someone that can do this. That was like, I literally use the video as an example like, look, we need this for our projects, because you know, I made 150 discords I have no idea what's going on and 149 of them because you know, I focus on one you when you're building you can only really focus on your own you'll know exactly what's going on in ATM, but then, you know you're you'll be in loads of discord as well. How are you supposed to keep up so we were going to have, like we had that we have a video out on the hoodie cat that sort of an explainer video just because it's another form to get the information out. We'll have it in text short videos, there'll be weekly spaces where we talk and effectively keep repeating the same thing over as the other information be no new people will be listening. And unfortunately, the only person that's not full time on our team at the moment is the web dev. So I have lots of website ideas to sort of have all this information nice and easy for people to get. But we're just slowly building that out as well. So we'll have all the information written on the website will be in medium articles, it will be in short form YouTube, it will be in long form podcasts. And if anyone can think of anything else that I can pay someone to get that information out in with we're trying to make sure that you can be a lazy collector and not miss out and I use lazy in the sense that I'm lazy in every single project time in apart from this one.

Justin Herzig 27:33โ€‹

Nothing that makes a lot of sense. And I mean because right now we feel like hey, you've got the ability to put an announcement out and add everyone in your discord you do that too often you're gonna get muted and you know, it is rough when you have different kinds of discord that do abuse that and then you end up muting them but then maybe they actually have something that's really valuable that you miss out on. And same thing with emails we can use email campaigns, but a lot of times those go to spam or people are getting so many other emails and so I love the idea where you're saying like hey, something just easily digestible somewhere where people can know that like hey, this is the most important stuff check it out because I've definitely missed out on some of my you know a free air drops where I need to go mint or I need to go do something just because Ben busy and as you said like lazy in the most endearing term of just like hey, unfortunate we don't all have this time to go through and just stay abreast of everything but I at least do have my Purrnelope. TJ How good does that look? Oh, that's

TJ Laessig 28:31โ€‹

a good one. That's a great one. We got have some purple in the mix. So get we got got the purple. Those are some killer shades too.

Justin Herzig 28:40โ€‹

Those are apparently like nerd glasses. Carlini I'm going to get a comment on here I thought those were like straight fire or something about glasses but I guess maybe because the tape up here but

Carlini8 28:49โ€‹

yeah, I nearly cut these. So we had loads of different so many sort of different things that didn't make the cut. And yeah, the tape. You know, it's it's the sort of, I don't know, American teen film where they've had to put I think, you know, plaster around to keep the glasses together and they're always do their homework on time. And you know, I think that's the sort of so the the look the artist named the nerd glasses, and that was that was that

Justin Herzig 29:22โ€‹

I'm embracing and I'm embracing the nerd glasses with the O TM color. It's it's pretty good. I felt it. I felt it covered and felt.

TJ Laessig 29:31โ€‹

I can love it. Love it. You know, I'll tell you what, Carlini I do have a confession to make. I you know I'll use an excuse that I'm a busy guy like you so I have not have not yet purchased one but after hearing what I'm hearing I definitely gotta you gotta get in the mix here.

Justin Herzig 29:51โ€‹

Are you gonna do it now?

TJ Laessig 29:52โ€‹

i Yeah, I think I think I want to.

Carlini8 29:55โ€‹

Well, we'll see to see that ATM bow tie.

TJ Laessig 29:57โ€‹

Last one the whole show you know how many likes do we have? How many more likes and then I'll by Purrnelope. I also want to make sure no one buys it before I do. Because I mean we got otm bowtie you know, I can I

Carlini8 30:14โ€‹

don't know if you saw me by on screen mbls favorites man's coin twice on Oh club Top Shot

Justin Herzig 30:24โ€‹

no identity identity options we're gonna come top shot so how you're doing this DJ This is hilarious. I love it. You may have to you may have to raise the gas if someone

TJ Laessig 30:37โ€‹

fine right. Um, we're gonna we're gonna I think

Justin Herzig 30:40โ€‹

it was on club. Yeah, I think it was on club top tried to do last week the week before but then I'm talking over that about it. And it was saying how like, I mean, it may just be the maybe it should be the British accent but I you know might be just because that's 132 o'clock in the morning. But you come across as this really just, you know, professional gentleman, I'm envisioning you sitting in a library with maybe a cigar not a cigar a pipe that's not lit. Just like very sophisticated and gentlemanly. But apparently once you get into discords you just get a little you get a little feisty. What's going on with this?

Carlini8 31:15โ€‹

Um, our products of the internet, I guess. I've been pretty much online since I was eight, maybe? pictures of me at the PC, maybe two or three playing Doom as a kid. I don't think I was actually playing Doom at two or three. But my dad certainly sat me in front of a PC with it. Have you seen Have you seen my PC setup? is certainly not a library. Let me try and I can put it

Justin Herzig 31:51โ€‹

you share a screen. I think we can push it up.

Carlini8 31:54โ€‹

I can't share my screen break. It will break your computer.

Justin Herzig 31:59โ€‹

That's okay, afterwards, shoot us a tweet tag us at it and people can go check it out there. I've got no idea which is where this is going. TJ you're expecting four monitors. Are you expecting like?

TJ Laessig 32:11โ€‹

Yeah, I think he's just got monitors all over. He definitely has one of the maybe he's got one of the like long markers that look, although typically that'd be for a coder, but I feel like currently and he's got got that

Carlini8 32:21โ€‹

I've downsized to two monitors, I'll say that.

Justin Herzig 32:25โ€‹

Okay, what are they like the size of four monitors?

Carlini8 32:28โ€‹

Well, if I put my left arm out, and my right arm out a complete 100 like that, like you're doing now I'm touching monitor both sides. I've put my tweet and under your announcement on on ATM,

Justin Herzig 32:47โ€‹

TJ, you want to pull that up and share that screen.

TJ Laessig 32:52โ€‹

There it is.

Carlini8 32:53โ€‹

And that's that's literally a semicircle. It is half as if I had two more, I would be spinning around pure monitor.

Justin Herzig 33:03โ€‹

That's fancy. That's amazing. And what's so I've got a monitor here and I just barely ever use it, I end up using a laptop because I feel like my head I just go back and forth which is probably just like a user error or something I don't know. But I feel like if you're working on this, you're watching a tennis match, you're just

Carlini8 33:25โ€‹

well, it's all about I don't know monitor hygiene. So I've got a tool that snaps into place and it says that screen is so effectively each monitor is in free. And I just know where what it's so generally the far left which is slightly bigger than all the rest is where I have YouTube and watching whatever NFT stuff's going on there. There's the middle on the left discord, the one across is generally email and WhatsApp and then the left right hand monitor the left hand side will be my Twitter the better will be the company Twitter and then the one on the end is generally degening on open see

Justin Herzig 34:16โ€‹

a much more professional version of my master's setup each year where I ended up having like monitor a computer a 1990s computer that I still have the two TVs in the background like the old iPad or so I'm just like everywhere to try to watch as many holes as possible. Yeah, maybe I should upgrade eventually. Yeah, this

TJ Laessig 34:37โ€‹

is very solid. I love it. I just have to like kind of regular if size monitors, but I love the Yeah, cuz like you said you basically have six monitors.

Carlini8 34:48โ€‹

Yeah, you have to ignore the desk though. I've, I've just I'm sort of in between moving house and I want to I want a custom built desk that's sort of built into the wall. and finding someone right now with materials is apparently really hard. So this is my five year old IKEA, up and down desk. So I can go into standing, but it will rip the roof apart because of the monitors at this point.

Justin Herzig 35:18โ€‹

Do you have any clocks at your place that are significantly lower than they should be? Or? Because that's what

TJ Laessig 35:25โ€‹

he's making a joke about. I get comments from the chat that my clock is is too low on the wall. So that's the low clock.

Carlini8 35:33โ€‹

It does look where where is that in relation to the floor because it goes down next to it. Oh, that's ridiculously low.

Justin Herzig 35:44โ€‹

To be fair, TJ standing next to it isn't the most fair. He's not sure. But he's not Hall.

Carlini8 35:50โ€‹

That doesn't look like a tool that doesn't like a tall chair. There is not much gap between that and

TJ Laessig 35:56โ€‹

your chair. It's definitely a tiny chair. It's a low claw.

Carlini8 35:59โ€‹

I think you know, you're supposed to, you're supposed to look up to clubs.

TJ Laessig 36:04โ€‹

I think that means I have I tried to size it up like next to my TV. Because in the worst part is we

Justin Herzig 36:11โ€‹

can't see the TV. So for us, it's really

TJ Laessig 36:15โ€‹

just a short clock. Move your clock

Justin Herzig 36:21โ€‹

salesman knows best.

TJ Laessig 36:23โ€‹

Yeah, the old low climbing, it's for the bit at this point. We got to keep that keep the low clock vibe. And then you guys can see what time it is when we're lost.

Justin Herzig 36:33โ€‹

I told him eventually she just like move it over like inch by inch or something and eventually just have holes all throughout the wall just for the bet.

TJ Laessig 36:39โ€‹

But yeah, my transaction went through. I'm officially a member of Purrnelope's Country Club.

Carlini8 36:48โ€‹

Welcome to the class. I can't stop looking at the clock now.

TJ Laessig 36:54โ€‹

So I just keep people from looking at me by you know this look right right through me right at the clock.

Justin Herzig 37:00โ€‹

And so because of that 800 ETH kind of kitty pool, you basically get like a point oh, eight e rebate automatically. So you're you're you're letting your money work for you.

TJ Laessig 37:13โ€‹

Exactly. Exactly. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Carlini8 37:19โ€‹

Good to be just before the airdrop as well. Good timing,

TJ Laessig 37:23โ€‹

timing. Great timing. Great timing. Indeed. All right. Doesn't seem like the Eagles are doing too well. Based on the chat I haven't been looking at Yeah, 14 7x it could be

Justin Herzig 37:37โ€‹

cowboys kind of get gypped apparently on a touchdown. But eagles were unable to do anything with it from there, one airline, some,

TJ Laessig 37:44โ€‹

any any final comments on Purrnelope's Carlini before, because we're probably going to transition to talk through some of the Owners Club stuff that we got going on. But definitely want to make sure you have any, any last minute things you want to say on that front.

Carlini8 37:59โ€‹

I guess you know those that that tweet I put out if you're interested, go and look at it. But for me the you know, the big selling point is I'm looking at four years of NFT knowledge. Not really trying to profit from the business, and just trying to build something here. I think succeeds. And if you think you will to join along before it's too late, I guess

Justin Herzig 38:32โ€‹

I'll have you Carlini heard about the TV show, Silicon Valley.

Carlini8 38:38โ€‹

Have here.

Justin Herzig 38:39โ€‹

Okay, so there's this one scene, we always joke about it. OTM. But basically, it's all about you don't want to make revenue as a company. As long as you're pre revenue. And I think in this phase, it's more like profit and stuff. Because as long as we give the money back to the customers and everything, we don't want to make money. What is it, TJ we don't want to make a little money.

TJ Laessig 39:00โ€‹

You know, I don't make a little money every day. I want to make a ton of money all at once. And I was on from Ross Hanuman. The character then. Yeah, because of

Justin Herzig 39:09โ€‹

the main characters. Like I said, the point of a business was, you know, to like make money. No, no, no, there's no money. No, it's not. It's not how it works. Jeff Bezos never made any money and he's worth a ton of money. Great. See?

TJ Laessig 39:23โ€‹

I avoided I purposefully bleep myself out so that we didn't have to drop the E tag on it. But then Justin just want

Carlini8 39:34โ€‹

to good, just just build an app for that. Meebit slash mutant sale. That's when that comes in.

TJ Laessig 39:42โ€‹

That's working towards that.

Carlini8 39:44โ€‹

Although funnily enough, I often sort of think, had this happened earlier in my life. You know, I've got I've got two kids now. Wife, I'm 31 and I live in a tiny village but you If I was just out of uni, it will be like, because I've, I've started with my friends. So I went to school with these guys. It will be like social network, the Facebook one where they have the zip wire from the chimney over the pool and then they fall in. That's so what I say if this had been earlier, that would be us.

TJ Laessig 40:23โ€‹

For the big parties.

Justin Herzig 40:25โ€‹

Oh, love it. Yeah.

TJ Laessig 40:29โ€‹

Good stuff, really. I mean, great, great insight there. Hopefully, I think everyone realizes that but like, can just tell the way you're talking through everything that like you said, You've been in this space for a long, long time, and are definitely seeing the the future of where this thing is heading. And I really love the way that you guys are thinking about everything that you're doing. And definitely a project that I am now very proud to be bought into. Also guys, hopefully you noticed my skills there. I after I made my purchase, I said Carlini. Do you want to go ahead, and she'll promote these a little bit extra now. So you know, take notes there, we got to pack the bag first and then ask him to go ahead and unseal it further. But yeah, thanks a lot for walking through all that.

Justin Herzig 41:13โ€‹

No, I love and I mean, I think the big thing that stands out for me and you know, when I'm looking at this project before, and there's a lot of the sense of the sharps from the DFS space that have been involved in this as well. In Carlini said, the magic word utility. And so when we did that research project of the over 100, plus NFTs, and now that's up to like almost, you know, substantially more. This is one of those where, yes, it's still like an avatar project, but I was calling you to kind of describe it, the avatar, and that first Avatar was really just kind of the gateway and the early funds to be able to do a lot more cool stuff with and so the utility that you can kind of, hey, use that investment and use that profit to use that investment to actually, I guess, increase dividends, returns whatever we want to call it through these other airdrops through these other mechanisms. I think that's really cool. And I'm probably all obviously has a soft spot in my heart, just because when we built TOC utility was at the forefront of everything. And even though we're not doing the avatar kind of project kind of side, but it was still that, hey, we wanted to do something that when people were involved, they were gonna get substantial utility. And I think you are you kind of showed that with the announcement today, TJ.

TJ Laessig 42:22โ€‹

Yes, indeed. So let's go ahead, pull, pull that up here. We had been teasing this out for a little bit, but wanted to make sure that ahead of the second pack drop head of the pre order that's ending in just under three hours now, that would give a little bit more visibility into the upcoming roadmap that we have for Owners Club. And so what this consists of is three new tournaments for this season, one of which is going to be a one time tournament for people that participate in the preorder, two of which are going to be weekly tournaments every single week. And then the OGS contest that is going to exist into next season, where this year's cards and this year's cards only can be used in a in a contest heading into next season. So the three contests that we're going to be adding the first one, the better late than never. So this is going to take place in week five. And it will be single entry only for users that pre ordered at least one pack in the drop. So I think we were talking about it in the discord. But because of that single entry nature, I expect this to be kind of the the smallest tournament slash best chance of cashing and a $10,000 prize pool. So definitely think that that everyone that's involved in the preorder gets a pretty good deal there. And then we're adding two new cards with kind of the idea of adding utility to more of the cards I mean, write the way it is now certain cards that you own, you're just never going to have a chance to win the main event with a just at my favorite example of a not very good card. And so we added two new tournaments that are going to be very useful for those we've got the lowball which is the same format as the main event in terms of you have to play five cards, one of each position. But the kicker is that the lowest score wins. So you actually want to create the worst lineup that you possibly can. And then the other twist there is that the cereals, the highest cereals become the tiebreaker, so flipping that around as well. And then the next one is the island of misfit cards. So this is a spin off of the side hustle, greed. Look at the side hustle now it's completely dominated by quarterbacks running backs and wide receivers. So we created a land for the tight ends and the defenses to hang out in the island of misfit cards. You play a lineup with two cards, one tight end, one defense and the most points win. Both of those tournaments will pay out 100 places each week, lowball ladva 10k prize pool and the misfit cards will have a 5k prize pool.

Justin Herzig 44:49โ€‹

Yeah, and I think I mean, at the end of the day, when we were teasing this the very beginning before the season started that we feel that all card should have value and we obviously didn't want to Give out too much. And some people were pretty smart and guessing pretty close to what we were kind of going with. We're hoping that we still kind of surprised. And I think the cereals was definitely something that no one had really, you know, thrown out there. But at the end of the day, we want to make sure that, you know, hey, there's fun for all this, there's utility for all of it, just because you maybe got unlucky with not getting the greatest players and initial one or during tonight's drop, there's still opportunities to kind of win some money and win some prizes. And like, I think it was we saw that the Cincinnati tight ends were going for like maybe $15 or so before today. And then right when the announcement came out there now it could drop, you know, rose to a floor of around $50. And at the end of the day, when every card no matter what you get has a base of about, you know, more than what you paid for it. I think that's fantastic. Obviously, that's not going to continue throughout the entire season. But it makes the packs that are available right now, I think extremely valuable. And what I think the average price we've seen for the sale of these patents secondary market was like $350. And that was obviously before the announcement. So I'm excited to see the many combinations of strategic decisions that are unfolding as this plays out. Now, Carlini worn an NBA fan across the pond, are you an American football fan? You watch it all? Do you have a team I know we get a couple games over there each year.

Carlini8 46:22โ€‹

I prefer the football with the hand with a certain the ball than the hand in the egg. I like it. I'm also very confused by you know, like you said, club Top Shot is was sort of my first exposure to I guess, this method of betting on sport. And I was very confused. Because in the UK, we're trusted to actually bet on sport. We have, we have fantasy football, where you you pick your pick your lineup, start the season, and then you just forget about it for the rest of the year. And that's that's pretty much a British tradition. At this point, everyone signs up, and then everyone forgets after a few weeks. The dedication I've seen from Americans to properly gamble on this sport is is quite amazing. I have to say.

Justin Herzig 47:16โ€‹

I mean, I think you've just described what we do for fantasy baseball, everyone jumps in at the beginning. And because it's 162 game season, everyone except for NBL forgets about it. And then MBL wins his league and tweets about it. So that's at least what I saw earlier today. But now, congrats MBL on the baseball championship.

Carlini8 47:35โ€‹

Just just won four. I think the 40 Niners cards are undervalued on the market currently relative to the chance of tre Lance taking over in a few weeks.

Justin Herzig 47:44โ€‹

Look at that, did someone pay you to say that if someone's sliding you some notes, that sounds like a fantastic take right there. Yeah, it

Carlini8 47:50โ€‹

may have been over.

Justin Herzig 47:54โ€‹

And the funny thing about that card is it's actually really valuable right now in the lowball before tray lands goes. And then later on when trailing and starts, you can move into the meat of that

TJ Laessig 48:03โ€‹

double dip Winner winner. Yeah, and then the other thing is that we're going to be having the weekly oh geez contest heading into next year. So the the other thing about that, so A, it will use cards from this season. So next year, there'll be a new batch of cards that are for the main contests, but we'll have a contest set aside for these. And then the format of that contest is going to be a rotating format. So it's not just going to be the five card Main Event style every single week, you mix in a lowball, a side, hustle style, whatever other fun, creative contests we come up with over the course of the next year. So definitely want to, you know, maintain that stance so that we are fully aware and want to do everything that we can to make sure that these first edition cards do continue to hold that value in the long term.

Justin Herzig 48:55โ€‹

Yeah, yeah. And I know that Jamie, you're pulling out this partner and all has been playing and loving it. So maybe by the end of the season, he'll be able to pull your arm or give you a couple of tips that we can get you in the game.

Carlini8 49:10โ€‹

He does love it. He's more likely to get Peter Papa tango in the discord in the me. He loves it too. So I think I'll be the last one they convert. I don't know why they, they both like real football. And then something happened when you guys brought the sport over to the UK was at one game the first year and it tricked them in good marketing.

Justin Herzig 49:37โ€‹

And now we have it because it's interesting. I think we're gonna have what I don't know three for at least four games this year over the UK that might even be more I gotta try to schedule but what's interesting is because of the format of this, those games will happen before the Sunday lock so you can actually see what the score is how the different positions and teams do and then decide whether or not you want to put them in your line. up, because the time zones are so silly and so early over there for late right now, which so appreciate it.

TJ Laessig 50:08โ€‹

Very late indeed. Which is why we definitely want to go ahead and close things out shortly. Anything else on the on the Owners Club, let me think I mean, just packed up if you guys have not signed up for your packs, how that will work is that after midnight tonight, you'll receive an email in that email, you'll get a link to your checkout session, you can then go through that anytime in the next 48 hours. Go through, make your purchases, that's where you make your payment. And there's I've seen multiple people ask about this, there's no rush to have to do that you have the 48 hours, there's no need to stay up until midnight or do whatever to buy them right away. You can do it anytime over the course of the next 48 hours. And yeah, I'm seeing some people in the chat. It does look like there's something that that just happened the website will make sure that we get get that fix with login.

Justin Herzig 51:02โ€‹

Yep. Well, I think as the Metro behind the scenes is working on that now just to make sure. But yeah, as you said, so last opportunity to night, get the pre orders in, you can make any last minute updates as well whatever your final selection is, that's how much you will be granted. Given how many we end up like actually going.

TJ Laessig 51:27โ€‹

All right. The other thing that we had going on, Justin was a little bit of a little bit of a WNBA packed off.

Justin Herzig 51:38โ€‹

Yeah Carlina Did you Did you get any packs? Are you still are queuing up for some of the nice packs?

Carlini8 51:44โ€‹

Oh yeah, whatever we get tagged to go and get a packer. Well, I didn't get the rare one. I didn't get the one before, but I won't pretend to know, literally any player in the WNBA. And just for my level of basketball knowledge. I learned Steph Curry existed when Crypto kitties created a Steph Curry Crypto Kitty which then failed because it turned out they thought they were talking to him. And they were talking to a media company that represented him. So they brought they they brought out three crypto kitties. And they had they put them on some sort of auction like 100 ETH to zero over a certain amount of time and then pulled them before anyone before anyone bought them because they found out it wasn't actually him endorsing it. I knew Kobe because everyone says Kobe before they throw anything in the UK Shaq and MJ that was about it.

Justin Herzig 52:56โ€‹

Maybe Maybe LeBron come on

Carlini8 52:58โ€‹

even LeBron was pushing it like

Justin Herzig 53:01โ€‹

there was no space jam out Yeah, that's that's our Hollywood wall blind.

TJ Laessig 53:07โ€‹

Yeah, look at this. The runningback top set over the past 24 hours. Take a look at some prices. We saw Leslie leading the way not surprisingly 1300 Definitely looking like there are some Plessy v paths.

Justin Herzig 53:23โ€‹

Oh yeah, without a doubt. I mean, I don't even know what the cheapest says but I think every single one because you're gonna have the challenges and such are they're gonna get a bit unique and how they do it. They may not be I don't think they're gonna be traditional challenges but they're all plus Evie. I'm so pumped. I got mine to rip but at TJ Let's rip yours I know you're ready. I know you want to do it I want to

TJ Laessig 53:44โ€‹

I do want to rip the pack in a while and I kinda I kind of excited about this WW even though I'm probably not going to know anyone but that's okay.

Justin Herzig 53:56โ€‹

Hey, we're basically the Carlini opening his old pack years ago right

TJ Laessig 54:02โ€‹

buying 150 packs and opening them when he doesn't know now

Carlini8 54:05โ€‹

I sold mine to mainly dingling

Justin Herzig 54:10โ€‹

I remember probably like four or five months ago when you know Jamie he sold I think it was the dangling but he had he sold two of his kind of series one legendary dangling with hopes

Carlini8 54:24โ€‹

by 2020 finals yeah yeah I sold my turn to your

TJ Laessig 54:49โ€‹

voice in there to go with pretty good. All right, Carlini. Where should we All right, we're gonna save this one for last. Bottom. Bottom here we go bottom crystal Dangerfield. Oh, hi. All right, Crystal. Let's see what we got. Oh, deep. Oh, at the front good logo. Hi. Okay, okay. Okay. I don't know. How do you give it? I give it a 4.4556 All right. All right. So door number one.

Justin Herzig 55:35โ€‹

Let's see 4000 A week eight. Opened up, Wally. We'll go with like, I, I do. I kind of want to just for fun. See, like how many these are threes obviously very small sample size, but because we're going to have substantially fewer and I mean, virtually I think the zero besides Brittney Griner dunks, we're gonna see a lot more threes. We're gonna see a lot more assists, probably won't see too many blocks either. But it's a different game, and it's a little more finesse a little more technique.

TJ Laessig 56:08โ€‹

Doesn't make it interesting. I wonder I guess there's not really I was gonna say I wonder if there's any other kind of play types that they could come up with or if they could cut the old ones? Yeah, right. But I think you basically got all the bases covered. Alright, one more and then remember everyone okay. Daniel Robinson.

Justin Herzig 56:27โ€‹

Danielle Robinson

TJ Laessig 56:30โ€‹

got a lot out

Justin Herzig 56:32โ€‹

there it is. Little Get low. Get low get low.

TJ Laessig 56:36โ€‹

We've been up all righty. Here we go. Lisa Leslie one time that's what

Justin Herzig 56:43โ€‹

we're going for. Seen a couple calls ago let's see what we got Chicago Sky little 8080 Lena deli de en una bella Don ah little spin move. picks her spot in the corner

Justin Herzig 57:00โ€‹

loader buzzer beater

Justin Herzig 57:03โ€‹

not bad not bad. Not not one of the top half ones that I know but hey, not real

TJ Laessig 57:10โ€‹

but you know what it's okay. Okay. There it is. All right. Want to save yours for another time? Or do you want to do yours tonight?

Justin Herzig 57:20โ€‹

No it's late looks like Carlin getting some sleep we did say we were going to do some kind of giveaway though. So what do we want to do? What do we what do we got on behind the scenes?

TJ Laessig 57:29โ€‹

lets us do one of the WNBA rounds

Justin Herzig 57:32โ€‹


TJ Laessig 57:36โ€‹

no idea about any of them. Law

Justin Herzig 57:39โ€‹

we've had we've had a good chat let's do one one to see card. Yeah one and one of your WNBA moments to separate things or one winner no two different two different states different

TJ Laessig 57:50โ€‹

okay like to see card and a will do Chris still Dangerfield I think that's a pretty fun name.

Justin Herzig 57:58โ€‹

I like that. Very cool. Alright, Coop is in getting a going and then as we go, so just a heads up. We've got a couple of giveaways that will be going on on Wednesday. We will do the Twitter. The tweets that we were having over the weekend or late last week. So we'll spend for that on Wednesday. And then the parlay of the week the price picks parlay of the week I think we're up to about 30 people who've had a successful price picks parlay and so we'll spend that and we'll make our price picks plays on Wednesday.

TJ Laessig 58:29โ€‹

And the prospects people have been crushing it also Alina della DOM is the number seven highest priced

Justin Herzig 58:35โ€‹

Oh pretty good. Ready for the dollar low ask. Oh Nice nice.

TJ Laessig 58:42โ€‹

All right, we're doing the the WNBA moment first so the tears first was do wbn NBA first person will win the crystal Dangerfield wa moment WNBA

Justin Herzig 58:53โ€‹

No. All right. Let's see spin wheel. We got 97 entries

TJ Laessig 59:03โ€‹

there we go. spinning the wheel coupe slow computer.

Justin Herzig 59:07โ€‹

It's okay.

TJ Laessig 59:08โ€‹

Frankie, Frankie.

Justin Herzig 59:10โ€‹

Frankie Puleo. Frankie polio. Congratulations. You have a Dangerfield moment. Alright, that's exciting. I like it. And now we'll do what the people have been waiting for. One to see card could be a New York tight end. Could be a joker

TJ Laessig 59:35โ€‹

let's do it.

Justin Herzig 59:36โ€‹

world of possibilities. Good luck. Good luck everyone. Exclamation point lock exclamation point.

Justin Herzig 59:44โ€‹

Who is it going to be Jessie does Chris satchel?

Justin Herzig 59:49โ€‹

Congratulations Chris satchel. All right. For those winners, please send us a DM to the OTM to the TOC account. We will then orchestrate and get you your WNBA moment and your TOC card. Congratulations. And Carlini. Thank you very much for the late night for taking the time to come on. I know I learned a good amount here. And I'm excited to I'm really excited to be a part of this kind of Purrnelope's community, the PCC, and we'll excited to see where it goes from there.

Carlini8 1:00:18โ€‹

Thanks for having me on. I'll try and make sure there's an easy way to keep up because, you know, I know I know how busy it gets when you're building your own thing.

Justin Herzig 1:00:30โ€‹

I appreciate that. And I do want to give a shout out it does look like the site is back up and running. The sign in is now working I believe. So if you do want to get your pre orders, and if you want to update those, definitely go to it and ask to be done tonight before midnight. And this will be the last chance to purchase packs. If they are sold out if they're still available. We will then release them to public on Thursday. And that is it.

TJ Laessig 1:00:59โ€‹

Thanks, everyone for joining us. As always, we will be back on Wednesday night for the Owners Club strategy show with Justin Umbach. And we'll talk to you then. So on behalf of Justin on behalf of Carlini and producer crew behind the scenes, I'm TJ Laessig. See you guys next time