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Purr Spaces - Sep 19, 2021

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This is the audio from our Twitter Spaces on the 19th of September. Have a listen as Carlini8 takes you through the first two months of Purrnelope's Country Club, and also fields some questions from listeners.



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Speakers: Carlini8 (99%), Vicki (1%)

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Sorry, I was just sending out

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socials just so everyone knows what's going on. The reason for this is I recorded maybe an hour and 50 minute video, voice recordings on the 17th. So two days ago, which was exactly two months since launch. Now, we did launch anonymously. And we only sold out I had, I had notes for that one, it was

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on the 11th of August, so, you know, we're looking at a month in a week, and a day or two since we sold out. But just just wanted to run down everything that we've done on the project and where we were going, and how we thought it was, how we thought it was going so far, and all those sorts of things. And then when I went to listen to it, it was quite staticky. Someone because I did it in two parts, and someone put them together, reached out so they could do that. And they said it was alright, so I might still release that. But it's probably worth just, you know, just letting everyone know what's going on. So just a very quick rundown, as I'm sure some people have questions. So we launched on the 17th of July. I think we sold maybe, you know, 1000 Banana piece at that point. And we were an anonymous team at that point. And the reason for that was I was still I was still working for NFT boxes, kind of I guess. So publicly, I was still still working for them. I'd been in the process of selling my shares since March. But because we were, you know, properly set up in the UK business, we had to go through all these, all these sort of legal solicitors were involved accountants were involved. And it just took, well, a lot of a lot of time to get that done. So on the 11th, I was able to when the 11th is when we announced the sale, I'd sold my shares. And it wasn't all fully completed, it was just sort of definitely completed at that point. So I was happy to announce that you know, this, this was my project, and I was working on it. Just because there were API issues with NFT boxes at the time, and I don't want it to seem like I was just off and launching another project, when really I should have been working on fixing the issues at the time on NFT boxes. And I just don't think that'd be a good Penelope is Luke are good NFT boxes look, so I just said prior to Okay, I'll be anonymous until you know, until the sales done, and everyone knows what's going on. We sold out in about three or four hours after after the Tweak, which was pretty incredible. And you know, I don't want to say that's, and that's when the work started. Because obviously we've been working all the way up to that. But up to then we were sort of focusing on trying to sell. We're trying to sell out the pairs. We did giveaways we did we bought an eight for four refereum I think it was we bought dog for maybe one, maybe it got a cat, top dog beach club, a bull, lots of lots of different things that we gave away. And we ended up for actualizing. The eight we had a one cat equals 1k equals one vote. Plan on do we fractionalize The a bit or do we give it away to one individual in a giveaway? And that was we'd announced before we sold out that probably at about 1000. We're at 1000 sales and we said hey, the first 2000 People will I ever be in a draw to win the eight or they'll get a fraction of the A? And we'll have a vote on that we did on fractions one which was good because we could it's it wasn't just about so in my gambling days, the higher ed, you know, technically would have been just giving away the AYP, you know, it's high variance, but technically better value. But from a sort of community point of view You'd want everyone sort of you know, everyone's owning it together everyone gets the vote is just showing that people can interact in the community in more ways than just buying it and typing floor, there are more things going on.

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So that was the first use of fractional, which we will be using for the kitty bank. I know there's a lot of confusion about how that works, and which tokens are which, because we have the per token on FTX, which is something completely different. So we will be having sort of an explainer video on the kitty bank at some point to to explain how that all works. And I'm sure someone will ask and I will go over it. The kitty bank has done pretty well. So we sold out all of the cats at naught point naught, eight each, which over 10,000 is 800 Aetherium. And at last check, the kitty bank was at about two 775 refereum. So we're about 25 Aetherium off the kitty banks floor value being exactly the same as our wholesale take. Which is which is very good, obviously, because we haven't just taken that 100 and put it in the kitty bank, we've secured salary, we've got to pay taxes, we've we paid 40 Aetherium for the profile picture advertising for two weeks for everyone, which if you only bought one cat, and then did all the profile pictures for all of the days, you got about I think it was naught point naught seven back. So you, you were nearly free rolling already. And if you're the two, first 2000, you got a fraction of the eighth, which has gone up in value since so you're pretty much free rolling with the cat. And we've got 14 to give away for charity, we bought the floor with 14. We then backed 40 in the FTX and NFT 20 pools, our pool itself, the NFT X pool is doing very well. Lots of use. And you sort of seeing they FTX are sort of highlighting us quite a lot as a project that shows the utility of these pools. So people don't need to just constantly lower the open sea floor. Because they can just often people don't know that you can, you can just wrap your cat and sell it. People are accepting bot offers when you really shouldn't, because you can always always sell to FTX for a better profit than these bots offers and what most of them are doing, we didn't actually see it today it was someone just accumulating for a couple of bots offers. But what they mostly do is wrap and dump into the pool in one transaction. I don't know how they do that. I'm sure there's plenty of devs out there that know how to do that. But it was just impressive to see that it's set up that as soon as that's accepted, it's like Insta Insta wrapped and sold. So they These offers are profiting off you instantly as soon as you press except they've made a profit. And I'm not saying the value of the NFT is the profit I'm saying they actually have that profit in eath. So just, you know, some offers will be legitimate good offers, you'll know when when they're there, though, you know, say you go to space helmet and they've offered to eat or whatever. You know, that's a real non bought offer. If your offer is below floor, go for the pool, it's always better. So lots lots of things we've paid for was effectively what I'm trying to say from that original sale. And that's, that's come out of that 800 A theory and lots of things to pay off as well. Just setting everything up, I know people say or lower foot profile picture projects, but I don't know if we just will do any differently to everyone else. And obviously we have since but we had to spend quite a bit just to launch and all paid off all all done. And then we're sitting on a kitty bank which probably in a few days will be you know at 808th which is what we took. And while I was saying if I will say I am team beef. I'm not f I don't know if that's going to make anyone panic sell their purse or panic vipers. But I've just always said if and I can't see it any other way. And it's how Vitalik says it so that's what would go on with

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the profile picture advertising went very well. We got a lot of good feedback. Oddly people like people to do stuff, who knew? Unfortunately, we can't keep doing that, because that was 40 a fair room over two weeks. And, well, we take, we take 2.5% on open, see secondary revenue, and 1.5% goes to the community wallet, and we take 1% which means to get 20 efirium A week 1% We'd need to be doing 2000 diphtheria a week volume and put everything we make back into that. So it's just not realistic to keep it going. The today, I moved over the community wallet, which if I just try and look, I think it was somewhere in the 20s. Just looking at the screens, right 26.7 efirium has gone into the community Wallet. So last time, we had 200 Oh, yeah, completely for that as well. We had 200 of theorem in the community wallet, which we put aside from the initial sale. Now of course, we it was then voted that that went into the kitty bank. And best purchases there were the Genesis cons 42 and 44. I think, which you know, now though, I think they did hit 100. But I think they've dipped to a 94 or so Varium floor as people just try to get that huge sum of these back. Just make sure they're the next one to sell. So we've got this 2027 Adi have already forgotten 26 point 72 vote on again, it will be starting that process, we will be starting tomorrow on the charity donation. So we have that 40 efirium to give out, which will be starting tomorrow, we'll be asking people to put forward which charities they suggest on chain is better. But if you know if someone's got a good really good suggestion, that's we can't send a theorem anywhere we'll look into selling it, sending it to a bank and then sending it over and what the implications of that. And that will be voted one cat equals one vote, I'll try and find out we're trying to be as inclusive for her as possible. So that's our wrap to cap token from NF Ts. I'm not sure if snapshot allows you to have two. So the NFT and a token, I know it does allow you to have ERC 20 voting, I don't know if it allows you to have both. So I'll have to look into that before we vote on the charity. Hopefully, it's possible. And if I can't figure it out, I'll get someone smarter than me to have a look. And while on that point, we have a new full time member of staff to announce so puddle is he was the developer for contracts originally. And that wasn't full time. He had a full time job elsewhere. But he is now he's quit his job. And working his notice, I think pretty close to the last day of that notice. And I think it'll it might help out here or there a day or day there. But then he'll be full time smart contracts trying to build out my crazy ideas. I think I had two more ideas today that I'm gonna have to run by him see if it's actually possible. While we're talking about the pools, I just wanted to note NFT 20.

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I've been looking at the volume and FTX is a much deeper pool. And it's used way more. And ft 20 effectively lost the battle against NF TS quite quite heavily really. It's NF T 20s only used during a price fluctuation. And FTX is used widely for everything. And the the sort of mech, the mechanics of NF Ts and FTX is just just more lucrative for us it's incentive incentivizes people to steak with the minting giving naught point nine five and with the extra point naught five to pick a cap that you want. And that allows more people to come in to provide liquidity and that just makes it a better pool. So don't go buying any NFT 20 tokens because I do plan to rugged so we will pull all liquidity but we're going to make good on everything that people have in currently. So don't lie don't go and try and abuse this now because you know it's all on chain and I'll see I'll see you doing it and I'll I will effectively rock you. Because I'll leave you a token you can't do anything with but anyone who runs Now this very second has naught point one of a token. Actually, I think they're, I think NFT 20 is 100 is one cat, whereas NF TX is one is one cat. So anyone that has, you know, 10, NFT 20, per token, I will help you to 90, I will send you an extra 90, and you can claim a cat. So you are gaining, you know, 90% of a cat, because you won't be able to do anything with that token, if I provide liquidity, I had a look, and we were 100% of the pool, we have always been 100% of the pool, and people were just not using it. So it just gives us more freedom to use over and FTX or to, because we'll get the cats as well, that we could put in the pool, or it just lets us you know, use the money, maybe in the kitty bank or effectively, it's just, it's just not useful at the moment. So we've, you know, we've got maybe 40 grand sitting in there doing nothing, so we might as well fix that. And we've already focused our efforts on an FTX they've they'd already won the battle, our videos are on FTX at there's no need for two. Originally, my plan was in Ft 20. But then the NF TX team reached out and they're really helpful. And they pretty much said why they were better. And we're like, Okay, well, I was gonna do 20. But we'll do both. And then there's the thing they want effectively. So we'll be ragging, but nice ragging, where you can sort of, you know, make profit from us ragging you. You can? Pretty sure I will have to check, but I'm pretty sure you can always redeem that cat. And the will that there's someone with like, no point No, no, no, no, no, no, no, like 15 knots and then a one other token, and I'm not going to send them enough, it doesn't look like they're a real person, if that's you reach out, I'll give you that, you know, I'll give you 10 times that amount of eath. But I think that would just be silly, I think, potentially that cat would never be redeemed. But at this point, it looks like we'll have one cat at the very least sitting in there forever. So rip that cat, whoever picks last will will probably be a swell to make the decision who to leave in there. And there's been a lot of hype currently about staking tokens. So this isn't per, which is a wrapped cat. This isn't the kitty bank token, which will be a fractionalized token of the kitty bank. This is a token that you passively earn, while staking or just having your NFT.

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And the real issue there for me is why so why why does that token exist? What is its purpose? What? What do you gain from it? And I've got quite a few ideas of how to do that. Because my worry is, well, I've said quite openly my worries constantly is effectively I don't want anyone to get rekt. And I feel like we saw that with the mice recently. So they have a token cheater, you get one a day. And they had a short term demand of this token to to get a new GT. So I haven't fully looked into it. I've pretty much you know, I'm I'm constantly working on there. And people talk to me about all these projects, hey, you see what these are doing? You see these are doing and I have a quick look. So some of the exact numbers may be slightly off. But 2000s of the the mice were given out and then it was it was scaled. So one cheetah, you could you could then breed another mouse and then after a certain amount was two cheetahs to get a mouse and then free I think and then they they were capped. Now they're looking at breeding and other things like that. But the issue here is at one point, Cheetah was $6,000. One cheetah was $6,000. Last time I looked, it could have changed, but last time I looked it was $200. So someone has been completely obliterated there. Maybe they claimed maybe they claimed a mouse. Maybe they didn't. So what what what we're making sure of is we don't want anyone for any reason to have that sort of situation. The team didn't provide any liquidity either. Which is often why the NFT X pools fail because the The team, you know, let other people provide the numbers, and then they get distorted. And it takes a while to level itself out. In this instance, they gave the mice away for free and there's no royalties. So they, they just couldn't really provide liquidity.

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So we have, I've looked at banana, I've looked to volt. And often it's a future, an unknown future utility that is driving the price. And I completely accept that there will always be future utility, because if you don't provide future utility, then you're not growing, right? You're, you're saying this is done. And I'll never add more. So there is, there's almost always going to be more future utility. I've got five full time staff, I've got one part time and I'm looking at, you know, a couple more when I can, they got to do something. So we're always going to be adding to adding value to our project is not like when this token comes out. It's done. So there will be future utility. But I want I want the main meat to be there. I want it to work with the current utility, even if future utility is tricky. Which it is it there's there's a reason no one solved it. And it's because it's very hard. We're in quite a unique situation that we have the kitty bank, so we can actually use that to create quite good future. Quite good utility for our token, I think. So that is is a possibility to use the other projects just don't have an M, I'm trying to figure out a way that won't be the entire use of the token. We're seeing where most of these that there's lots of lots of different uses. Subjects with volte have a lot of social things and they've like they've, they've taken quite a lot from the whale tokens. So whale is whale shark made a token for a kind of Kitty bank esque collection. Well, shout was whaleshark was the whale. You know, he was well named who he named himself. Well, he was the whale to buy if the time back in the back in the day when, you know, you just didn't have a random billionaire come in and start buying you didn't have a random millionaire come in and start buying. When when we saw, you know, 2018 we if we saw a million dollars of ether in a wallet, we were going pretty crazy. We're like, Who on earth is this? This is this is absolutely insane. Well, shout built up such a huge collection of NF T's with such high value and then fractionalized it. So he used his wealth to build up a collection and then thought what can I do with this. And we're almost in a funny sort of similar situation where we've built up our collection. I cannot remember what sort of value the the whaleboat had, when were was released. But thing just with how different the market is, I think maybe $1 value were were pretty similar at the moment. He did have audits and things like that. So I could I could go back and fat check. And I'm sure someone actually will probably DM me and tell me if I'm wrong. But the whale community has lots of uses for whale. So when you held when you held a certain amount of the whale token, you were deemed to be a whale. And they had dolphins and they had sharks and those sort of earned whale passively, because whale shark fractionalized the wallet and then kept it I'm not sure if he did ever fractionalize it but he created a token that said, this is effectively a fractionalized wallet, because it was very different. Back then, like I could fractionalize the wallet in three different places. Now, I think none of those existed when whale shark did his so we're in a very different tech position. So he'd have had to try and figure out himself whereas I'm just picking where I do do it. So they had lots of social aspects. They had whaleshark poker nights they had, you could just you could tip other people in the discord gasless li certain amount, you know, you could you could tip $1 of whale easily and you wouldn't be eaten by gas because it was all done by the tip bot. So there's lots of nice things that they've done in that community that I think these projects can can bring in and use and I definitely look into to doing that as well. It's by no means you know you're not going to have a have people hyped about a token the the you can only tip people in Use a poker nights you know that sort of thing. There needs to be a meat and potatoes of the token. And I think the kitty rankle goes some way to being partly there. And there's options in breeding there's options in

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certain rewards getting ahead of the queue in partnerships. There's lots of different ways these tokens can be used. And I don't want to jump the gun there's there's milk coming cool cats. We can see how they use it just go dystopian punks have cred top dog beach club have boned I think they have. So there are there are lots of versions out there. And my plan is to come up with my own ideas come up with a kitty bank ideas. And the best things that I think I see and put that all into our token. I'm also trying to figure out the best way to actually stake I'm not sure I want just owning the cat to get you the staking rewards, I'm thinking maybe you actually need to stake it. But at the same time, I don't want that to be a cat leaving your wallet. I want you to I want that cat to be in your wallet showing you that it's yours. I don't know if that's technically possible. And that's something I'm going to look into. So I love the tokens, and there's definitely huge use to it you see with with board eights, there are people that have made an insane amount of money by buying it, you know, mint 10 for naught point eight eath go into a coma for a bit and then you wake up and those Turner how much is 10 Now 400 Etherium. You know, that's that's life changing for so many people? What if they didn't have to sell them all? Like, when when you're selling an eight now or or even a, you know, a cryptocurrency? You're looking at 100 of them. If you've got to you sell one you like Right? That's okay. But then you're looking at another one with 100 Ethereum, and you're thinking that is so much money to me, obviously, there'll be people, probably the people buying it off you 400 Aetherium, where it that 100 eath doesn't change their life, but maybe for you, it does, what if instead you can keep hold of it. And as the cons are shown with bananas, you can make passive income that way to encourage you to stay. And you just don't want to lose great people in the community, purely because of the level that the tokens have got to. So if we've, if we you know, someone's sitting on two pairs at the moment, and we get pairs to 10 eath. And they're like, Oh, well, this is insane. of augmented to, that's an absolutely insane gain, I've got to sell one, at least I'm selling the community. Awesome. You've just however many extra investment and you're still, you know, you still feel a part of everything. But then I'm not saying this is how we're going to happen. So, you know, don't come for me, sec. No one. No one book it This isn't. This is just an example. What if it goes from 10 to 100? eath. And you're then like, oh, man, I can't say on this one. Consider this one cat. Now that's an insane amount of money. If you're constantly passively burning, because other people want that token, maybe you have more incentive to stay. And that's what I like, I don't want people being forced out because of the money and that's not the only thing I'm planning for. I'm planning for every eventuality and thinking about it all. It's just this point, I'm talking about the token. And what I like about the token is it can allow people I'd say pray who become priced out but you're not because you're already in that you become priced out staying in it allows them to stay and that's kind of the whole point we we want you to want to stay and we want you to be able to stay some people are already you know they've gone from naught point naught eight if to I don't know around at the moment, I think the floor might be CIT naught point six. And that's enough of a game for people to leave. And you know, that's fine on I've flipped for for nearly four years. I'm not going to tell anyone you know, don't flip. Everyone's gonna make their own decisions and money can really can be made here. So don't just stay at a loyalty do what's best for you. I want What's best for you to be to stay so that's what I'm working for. So I guess to summarize that point that token is coming codename is currently catnip. Someone will take that after I've said it so it will probably be called something else

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but that will Cabinet will come cabinet will be good and we will explain them the mechanics behind catnip when that time comes. Because right now it's the mechanics is 60% damage say not not like return or anything like that but planned out just that last 40% to get and and figure out how to do that safely I guess and properly. I don't I don't want even at the very start. I don't want to be pumping then people to get dumped on. This this. This month's AirDrop is so I guess while we're while we've got everyone here, I guess I might as well let you in on this month's AirDrop. So the same sort of similar theme to to the token is quite often with we're seeing pointless airdrops right? I mean, you know, we all we all have the club and GMI showed everyone loves out differently. They did a deal like this, do you like that? But you can't guarantee you're going to like the art of an airdrop. And there's just no way that a single AirDrop will be liked by everyone. People know that this AirDrop. So this, I'm not talking about the ambassador one or the not for sale one, which may or may not have had the snapshot taken both of those because it's still this week. This month. So the September AirDrop contains part of the kitty bank. So just a incredibly quick rundown of who who owns the kitty bank, the KT bank will be split into 100,000 pieces. So we get and we fractionalize it and that 100,000 pieces, we will keep 10,000 of those. Now they will initially be used to provide liquidity for the pool. Which as I said earlier, something the team definitely needs to do. If we didn't, we would see people getting wrecked on the kiddie bank right away. So we will provide all of that liquidity with the tokens and a backing of IEF. The other 90,000 is then split into 910 1000 chunks. The first of which is in your purse currently. One prepare, so there are 10,000 purse, one, one token goes into one per then the other eight. The other eight sets of 10,000 in the airdrops so we are going to airdrop eight NF T's one per month to every cat. So there will be 10,000 of each because there are 10,000 cats. If someone burns a cat and there's no no no, no, we will take the remaining shares ourselves. So not share sorry, tokens. So if you burnt it right now, before any of the airdrops, we will have eight extra tokens because in that scenario, you've burned, you've burnt your cat, you've brought one back, you've you've got this token sorry for burning the cat and the future eight go to us. Now that eight and the 10,000 when we no longer need to provide liquidity so when enough people are also providing liquidity, we will be able to use those tokens to reward the community so we're not going to sell those tokens to maybe I shouldn't say this because in however many months we need to sell some tokens to pay salary or something like that. If you know NF T's die or something like that. I don't expect expect that at all. But the plan is all of those tokens go into something else. So eight months is a long time. I I have already two plans for what we do in eight months and it includes those tokens. This the last eight months have been insane NF Ts, so I have a working plan. But if the next eight months

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in any way, like the past eight months, who knows where we are, you know, we might have an NF T as the president of the US somehow. So it's, I've got the plan, and it could easily change. But those tokens will come back in to allow a sort of a recycling effect. So our end goal is that we own zero of the kitty bank, we want it to be completely owned by the community. And I think it's possible, we will need to incentivize liquidity. Maybe we'll do stuff like airdropping NF T, for liquidity that also has a token inside itself, for the cutie bank. So maybe we're incentivizing you to do it that way. We're not, these are all working ideas. And we any, it could change at any point, because if anyone does anything really cool, we will pivot if it works for us as well, because why wouldn't you if that's better, go and do what's better. So this drop, you will be effectively doubling your kitty bank potential. Because right now, you have one token inside the kitty. And I think it will actually be 1000 tokens instead of one. But just for a working just easier to explain if it's one. So your your per currently has one token inside it, the airdrop has one token inside it. So you're going to go you're going to double up from one to two in this in this AirDrop. And you will get one per cat that you have. So bit and that's the same for if you have one cat now and you just you know you go away for nine months, you'll come back to nine NF t's the contain a kitty bank token. And just actually just a quick aside, we will be dropping ERC 1155 tokens every time, the airdrop will always be a 1155. And that is because it is cheaper to do. Now, if we deem the token to be best as a seven to one, you will then be able to use the 1155 to claim your seven to one. So I've said before and it's out there, that there are two companions in that eight and their plans. I've also told everyone that the first one is a kitten. And I've also said that we have seen the kittens. And they're insane. Li cute. They are very cute. I was worried when I first had the artists draw up the kittens that it will be very top doetsch. Now, is it whichever one account remember, there's just so many projects and I know exactly which one it is Topshop babes, Project calm and what is called is Doge something Doge pound, they've got their puppies, and I was worried it will be two like that. It's not it's different. They look great. I love them. And they are different when you see them. I'll be pretty sad if a project comes out similar between now and then. But they are the first companion. The second one I'm not sure if I've said it yet, so I might keep that under wraps. I find it quite funny. So back to this one, which is not a companion. The companions are coming later.

Carlini8 39:14โ€‹

This one has the kitty bank utility so it has a kitty rent token inside it. It also can be held to complete your collection log. So the collection log is a working name completely stolen from old school RuneScape. And it's effectively a log of your collection in that game which says you've you've got this from that or that from this. And it's it's we're also working on sometimes it gets called a sticker book. You know so if you have this you get a sticker. If you sell it you no longer have the sticker and anyone knows was around well, crypto kitties was, you know, popular and pretty much the only NFT project that anyone cared about for longer than two weeks. They had the, they had a similar sort of thing, if you had the right, if you had a fancy, it would show in your fancy log. And if you had all of them, you'd have like a nice little celebration as you opened up that page. And in my head, I'm thinking rankings in my head, I'm thinking rewards for completing the collection log. So it's all about you get this air drop. And I want to pull you in as many directions as I can with it. I want you to have to think or I don't want to do I do I want to burn it for the kitty bank? Or do but then I'd lose my collection of sticker banks status. Then also, there's another, a third pool for this one, which is a complete flex. So you if you are purely in this for profit, you do not want to do this. I'm just going to say that right now. Do not do the additional utility of this AirDrop, it's it's made to be unisex ish. You know how unisource hit over $100,000. And then people were just like, lol, I'm gonna burn this for some socks. And it's a complete flex. You can't get that value back. You just have the socks? Will they socks one day be worth lots? Potentially. It's it is that was, you know, union swaps. Sort of big, big flex. There won't be many of them. Will it be the same for this? That but it's a bet on us. If we get you know, if we got to full board at level currently say, then maybe people would want these just for the flex. So what we're giving away is well, I say given away, you have to collect 10 of these airdrops and then redeem them with us. And we will send you a hoodie. Now, the hoodie isn't a normal hoodie. It's, I think is quite cool. And it's showing the future in my mind of NF T's and fashion. So when I looked to my left, I see stacked up free fluorosis trainers, I had the full set of trainers, I had the NF T's and they sent me those physicals so I have those in the office next to me. Then they added utility with a care project to Kira. And the floor went for like two to I think they're tweeting now there's 11 or 12 or something like that. So these P shoes, I still have them, but I have sold the NFT what I don't like about that is exactly the reason I made the kitty bank the way it is. Had I made the kitty bank, you got to an airdrop of the tokens once a month, it would it would just drop there would be an airdrop and then prices will crash because people just buy in for the airdrop get the airdrop so you that NFT. So this this hoodie cat, if we sent the kitty bank tokens at the airdrop time, the NFT would only be about the flex and it wouldn't really be a flex because it would its value is kind of gone. So it's a tricky one because as soon as you

Carlini8 44:07โ€‹

remove the NFT from the physical, you've got two separate things. They're no longer an NF t that represents a physical because they can split up easily. They can I have sold mine for a profit on the shoe and I have the shoe and I work it's really cool that you can add additional utility, but you're adding additional utility to the NFT the additional utility will never be on the shoes next to me that is done. Or if artifact do manage that. They've they've done you know they've done some insane physical thing that I don't know about. But the hoodies have an NFT attached to them that are adapted. So you can't send this NFT you pull it And you pull it to wherever that hoodie is. So if I sold this hoodie on eBay, whoever got it could then scan it and pull that NFT to them, I couldn't send the NFT to them, they pull it to themselves. So whoever has the physical has the NFT. And what that means is if we wanted to gate access to part of the website to only people who hold a physical, this physical hook, we can do that if we wanted, you know, there's does that castle party in Scotland, the if you have the Bitcoin Angel artwork, then you can get in or you get VIP access or something like that. Maybe anyone with this, this black hoodie would get VIP access to a future party at a country club. I very much love to put on a party, a country club. But I'm just saying right now there is there is nothing in the works for that. It would be great to do it. And maybe if you've got this flexibility, you get flown in, you know, we get you there and give you the VIP experience. That sort of thing probably needs us to you know, reach for Dave's level of money. We can't do that. Now we're very much given back. And I think that's clear on the chain. So we're not drowning in money at the moment. So this is just me having ideas about how that NFT could be useful during it during this chat. This isn't me going oh, this is something that I've thought long and hard about and I'm definitely doing so. The hoodie is a flex we have commissioned an explainer video because I feel it's it's a bad comparison. But the scam ICOs had great explainer videos, they they really told you about their scam projects. And it just feels missing in the NFT space. Like right now if I want to catch up on a project, you know, I'm constantly working on pairs I'm able to afford it's about pairs, if I'm on the PC, I'm doing pairs. If if I just if I'm in another discord of another project, it's probably you know, looking to take something for pairs. But the issue being is there's no like, quick rundown. So I don't know if you've seen a when we were launched on evaluate market, Jennifer did a video sort of explaining what that was. And she used to do loads of those for

Carlini8 47:42โ€‹

Topshop. And they were really great to keep up with what's going on. Because at that point that kind of, I'm not a basketball fan. I I declined my original invite to the Topshop beater. And then they were like I just come in as an NF T guy not as a basketball guy, tell us what you think about the NF T's. And I joined. And this discord originally was all about trading because we didn't have a marketplace. And then it became about basketball. So I sort of moved away. And I could watch her videos to know what was going on in the community. It was two free minutes. And I just know a quick recap of what was going on. So something I'm looking at getting isn't someone full time to be like an explainer video person. And we've been drawing up a script and we've got voice work, and I've seen the start of it. And it's it's not finished yet. But as soon as that's done, we'll be dropping this air drop with a video to explain exactly what's going on. Because I know you know people here now will be listening in they'll, they'll have a better idea. You'll know this hoodies coming. You have to get 10 of the airdrops to burn for the hoodie. If you burn, we get your kitty bank tokens. So that's another aspect of it, you're giving the project your claim on the kitty ban tokens, which then allows us to recycle that into the project later. So your flex helps us. And so I'm looking at sort of a loop here. Where you buy, you buy so you got one, one cat, you buy nine more. They they should be cheaper than the pair because pairs have after this one is air dropped. pairs have another seven air drops coming to it. And this one is done. The it has no more. Let's say you buy you buy up nine more. So you've got 10 and then you then you redeem this hoodie with your 10 we get those 10 Kitty tokens. And the flex allows us to add more value to our project down the line because the plan is the kitty bank only ever grows and grows and grows it gets bigger and bigger and bigger. We've we've doubled maybe tripled the value haven't looked exactly how much we put in in just a month. So say we're eight months down the line. What's the Kcb bank gonna be valued at? What's the crypto punk going to be worth in eight months? What's a V friend going to be? Just before the Connecticut? Conference? what's what? The Genesis colleagues but not how many bananas? We're going to have either No, we have we done with them do we? Do we roll a VX legendary, you, we don't know how big that bank is going to be. So your flex now, which we selected 10 Because 10 is just under how much it will cost us to get that 32 visa. These are high end fabric, well printed, I guess cutting edge technology in the NFT space hoodies you know, they, they might not be, you know, the best, the best photo you've ever had. Because you might like something different. But these are high end I've had, I've had samples delivered from to me from some pretty prestigious places when you I'm not gonna pretend to be into fashion. I don't know these places. But when I look online, you know, they're talking really high end. Because the they supply brands that I've heard about, you know, so and it is currently priced so that we will actually pay a little bit more than the value of the kitty bank tokens. But as the kitty bank grows, the tokens will be worth more than the hoodie. So that's how it becomes a flex. So 10 current kitty bank value is actually less than it cost to make this hoodie and ship it and everything.

Carlini8 51:45โ€‹

But it won't be it won't be worth that. Because you know, when you buy something is not suddenly worth however much it cost you to ship it across the world. It's not suddenly worth however much it costs to print. So we had to do it that way. Because otherwise, you know, we'd be it wouldn't be a flex, if if you have to burn 10 something that's worth 10 times less than it costs to get something that's just good business. So we had to up it to 10. And still, you know, it's not as flexible as we'd like yet but we're thinking longer term, when the kitty bank is bigger you are giving us tokens to then use further down the line. So it will come back to the community say say all 10,000 to USD, somehow 10 10,000 tokens 1000 1000 hoodies are redeemed. someone buys the more law for some reason everyone just wants them. Then that 10,000 tokens will go back into maybe maybe we have a me bits or a mutant drunk. And that would be 20,000 New NF T's one airdropped, one, one bought their 10k dropped 10k bought, say at the end of a AirDrop, so we're talking eight months, then we would have the tokens to put one token in one of those as well, which currently we don't because we only have 10,000, which we need currently to provide liquidity. So we'll all this is why I have ideas for the future. But I can't currently plan on it. Because what if the future comes and we have 10,000 tokens, no one's burned anything. We don't have any more, we still have to provide liquidity, then I can't do that. I have to do something different. So it's there are a lot of eventualities that we have to plan for the NFT attached to the hoodie will be wearable in decentraland as well. So that's a current addition to the flex so you can flex in the real world when you come to a country club, you can flex on the website by using that NFT and then you can also flex in the metaverse because not many of those are going to exist. We we want to go you know we want to be as big as we can the goal is Go big or go home. So do I I obviously see board apes going much bigger than they are now and I want to be bigger than they are now as well. So you know they are not this is in no way me saying we'll catch them or or anything like that. Obviously we want to we want to be the project. Every project wants to be the project. That's not news. But if we got to that level that they're currently at, imagine the flecks of a hoodie that you've you've had to burn 10 Kitty bank tokens for you've given that value away to be able to wear that in decentraland. So, you you will, you know, if we're at that level, people are going to look at this person walking around with this insane flex hoodie on. So, you know, there is there is a draw to it. I do think people will do it. Some people will just have enough and think it's cool. Some people will think, no, that's done. Why would I? Why would I burn that money. And that's cool, too. And some people will just have one on one in the collection log. So I think the just just the game theory around this, we're trying to add that sort of thing to every AirDrop. So when you think of say that the first one that set all of this off, was the board a kennel club, the dog, it currently has no utility. It can't do anything. And it is all about future utility. Well, they did was great for pushing the space forward. And they gave all the secondaries to charity. And that was also great. But, you know, I'm sure they will add value to it. But we don't know what it is, as a buyer, how can you? How can you value it or just be one day where something will happen? And people had the dogs will be rewarded. But like you didn't know was coming, right. So

Carlini8 56:45โ€‹

there was no idea of what is coming. So I want I want to reward people for holding and we will. But I also want clear dynamics to be in play for every airdrop of our main eight. So that brings me to the to the having a snapshot this week, which is the ambassador snapshot and the sort of diamond handed snapshot. These are kind of like what I've just said, I don't want our graduates to be they have no utility there is there is no additional kitty bank thing going on here. There is no additional sort of burn for a hoodie. They they are what they are the ambassador one I have teased quite a few times. It's with banana camp who I worked with closely on NFT boxes and pretty much loved everything that was done. And been I can still does the boxes. Did did a piece in a box one of the months. And does the website assets and and all of those. And obviously I had a good relationship with banana king and said, Hey, look, I'm doing this now. I'd like to reward the ambassadors who stuck around because obviously, we have we paid you for two weeks to have profile pictures of the cats. Obviously you if you own cats, you you want to, you know have the cat says your profile picture so other people see them. So your value number go up. Everyone loves number go up. So that's That's often why people have a project as the profile picture. You might be thinking No, I don't I have it because I love it. Sure. Lots of people do. But the majority, which you might not be in it, they'll see it as advertising. We saw his advertising. That's what we paid. We paid quite a lot when you think about it. I think it was over $100,000 We must have paid. So we can't keep that up. But the ambassadors are vital, then they have a key part in our voting system. So we still need the investors. So this time, what I what I've done is I've said Hey, everyone, something's coming for the ambassadors. I love it. It's great. If you're in a disgruntled overload right now, I love it and it's great. And it's going to be an NFT is going to be an ERC seven to one. For this it is you know, it definitely needs to be a seven to one. And I've just got it on a loop. Now my screen is great. I asked, I want a cat changing. In my head. We were behind the cat watching them change a profile picture and it was a still and then the other day I got sent it and it was this video and it blew my mind because I'd asked for so much less and I got so much more Next time, next time, we will reward ambassadors, which is not true, it could be taken tomorrow could be taken in a year. I mean, it won't be as far too long. You know, it will be, it will be fairly often, but I'm not going to give it I'm not gonna say it'd be every month because anything below Oh, we haven't had a reward this month, just become an ambassador for a bit. That the goal is to reward people who stay ambassadors, I don't want people to have to change just to be an ambassador for a bit. If you want to be an ambassador, be an ambassador and reap the rewards. So this one is the first one I thought maybe people would be loud, but I didn't I, I've had the cat as my profile picture, but I didn't know to press the button. Now everyone knows your know you've been rewarded, more rewards will come. But it may take time. I mean, it will take time, it's going to be straight away, and it will, it will just happen. I'm not going to tell you these snapshots are coming. And the same same thing will happen with diamond, the diamond hand snapshot. Again, that will be art that's in house art. So that's Charlie's done that for us. That will remain as a random snapshot as well, we're not going to tell you when those are coming.

Carlini8 1:01:25โ€‹

It's, it's it's a similar thing. You know, if you need to sell yourself, we don't want to artificially drive prices up or down just with our actions, which is why I think a random snapshot is much better. Because we can then say we've taken we've already taken it, Here's your reward instead of the rewards coming. And you know, we've got an insanely low amount of cats for sale right now. So just look to my right of my command center, some you might have seen the tweet about it and I, I can go full left of full rights view and see monitor. It's, it's quite insane. By now for just click that it will tell us how low 351 for sale, which for 10,000 project is insanely low. And it was already insanely low before the announcement of diamond hands, which is why I was fairly confident that we're not artificially, you know, pumping things because the numbers haven't changed too much. I think we're already under 500. So what's 150 More when you're already, you know, have lots of people diamond handing. So there will be a snapshot this week, you know, looking at the time of the COC is still this week. And I'm still not letting you know if it's happened or not. So that's similar, those have no utility both of them, they are what they are. But maybe think of them like the dogs, they I would like to reward people for having, you know, everything that we have. It's just just what it is that the whole point of NF T's is connection and it's it's taking what you have on in real life with people and getting as close to it online as you can. It's online connection it is connecting with your fans. If you're you know, a celeb is connecting with your community. If you run a tank, a profile picture project is connecting with your collectors if you're an artist. We saw that with FAAC render. We bought 40 crystals for granted didn't know it was me. He asked Hey, who knows? Who knows who the kizi bank is in his discord and people oh, you should probably talk to Colleen and that's finalities and then he DM me offering me a one on one crystal of whatever I wanted. And I said look, well, I could maybe I might have the tweet. Let's see. Not tweet reply. Just appease Twitter. Well, I'll just try to remember I said something along the lines of Penelope says to me what crystals is to you. I'm sure you care much more about your crystal community then your personal wealth and just like me, I care about the Penelope community more than my personal wealth that I may have been the one to buy those crystals I have may have made the decision. But those crystals are owned by the community. I just bought them so that one of one can I run a little you know, a vote. Hey community, which crystal Do you like the most? And can it be sent to the kitty bank? We had a vote to PlayStation crystal one. I sent that to foot render, he asked for the address and I gave the kitty MAC address because that is not mine. It was offered to me, but it's not mine, it's ours. And that will I don't even know how to value that

Carlini8 1:05:19โ€‹

are doing even really know what it is? I don't know if it's exactly the same crystal as a one on one. I don't know if there'll be a slight play on the crystals or one of one. Just minted as a one on one on foot renders main address? I don't know, we'll find out. But we will all find out. I won't find it out. We all will. And maybe maybe when I'm doing the kitty bank valuation, that's just a zero. That's just a thing that we gained as a community. Not to be, you know, valued. Purely any, you know, that's in us thing that we gained by buying the crystal ball by buying the crystals. And the whole point of that story is I'd originally made the bet on foot render because I thought he was using NF T's right? I had someone a sort of Twitter thread that was along the lines of if you see an artist who would be doing arts without NF T's back then. To me that was wrong. And I to be fair, I've always I've always whiffed on a because, you know, 2018, Dischord friends, by Joy's by Joyce and I looked at them and I was like, going through these were crazy. Why? Why am I spending five eath on this, let me just keep paying CryptoKeys Of course, they're going to go to the moon. Well, but Joy's then hit 100 A floor think recently. Art is trickier to value, but in my opinion, an artist using NF T's right? To reward their collectors to actually interact. I don't want people to just come in. I'm an artist, I'm just going to put my art, I'm just going to slap my eye out on an NF T and away you go. I want people to get involved. They use these NF T's they do them properly. And they see that this is actually an online revolution, not just another sales vehicle. And sure, that's easy for me to say at this point when NF T's have done so much for me financially. But that's where I see it going. And I think anyone who treats it that way will do well, anyone who hasn't. The issue is you kind of have to have a following for this to be for this to be a thing you have to be an artist who has fans that will follow you. But then if you treat them well, as we saw that render reached out to someone who didn't even know who it was because they had 40 crystals to reward them. And I'm sure there have been other rewards because why would we be picked out if someone has more than us? That's, that's an engaging artist. And that's someone who's really using NF T's right? And that's why we backed foot grander in the vault. And that's what we're trying to do here. We are trying to use the power of NF T's to really engage the community. And the the last thing I want is there any artificial price action that gets people in what what influences have you seen pushing purse? None. Obviously, I don't count because I was telling people to buy Penelope is before it said it was me and no one bought any. So I can't be considered. I have no sales experience. I came out said hey, look, I'm going to build this and people bought and I'm thinking maybe because people think I'm a builder. After seeing the caught the bug with NFT boxes. I was the builder. pranked was the curator, the the contact guy like I'd have never, I'd have never been able to get the artists that he did. And the salesman which proved I can sell can LPS without using my name. Pranks sold more pointless rocks, then I could sell Penelope is anonymously, more rock solid, I think then, until an LPS when I was anonymous, because I knew he had this own power. So when I said in December, hey, do you want to do NFT boxes or say well, this, this is what you're good at. And this is what I'm good at. And if we bring that together, and I hope that's what I'm doing with Penelope is I'm bringing in the right people around me to make sure we're a success. And I'm in talks with a couple more people to try and bring more people onto the team. I want to grow this team to be constantly, you know, constantly growing constantly watching whatever projects are doing and building on that and then letting other projects look at what we're doing and they build on that and then we take what they do and then they take what we do and both come up with new ideas. and engage the community. So my first, my first sort of targeting hires are on the community side on the artists side of videos.

Carlini8 1:10:15โ€‹

Education is another huge one we save with the pool all the time, let me have a look at what the pool is that the pool is at naught point 570, which you can you can currently buy to buy one pair on sushi swap, which costs actually now is naught point five, eight to buy one. And if you buy 1.05, you can pick a cat from however many we have in the vault, and in the vault, we have 815, so you can pick from 815. Whereas if you go to Open see, we have 340 listed on open see, the floor is naught point six, six, you pay gas when you when you buy from open. See, there's this one is naught point six, six, that might not be your favorite. But in the pool, you can pick 850, yet people still buy from open six is what you know. So we need to educate people that the pool exists. And why it's useful. It's not the, it's not always the best way to buy. And you just need to know what you're buying and what is best for you. Right now, if you would normally buy the floor of a project, I would buy a pair, that would be my example, if you would normally buy high end, you don't buy per because you don't get high end cats in the pool. Often. If you're active, you can watch and wait for people to get that exit liquidity. And maybe they put a cap that isn't floor in there. And if you have 1.05 per you can swoop in. And we as a company have about 29 per that we've accrued in fees over these two months. So we put 8090 aside it as a company. And we've actually, it's obviously up because polls are up from when we did the pool, but we can never really access that if we pull that out. We we rug everyone. You know, that's not what we're about. So I think we're likely to be leaving that in. Maybe we do a push to try and get people to to provide liquidity forever in the future. I wouldn't suggest it now. But if if we need you know, maybe I want to hire more people and we pull out the pool and we give people an NFT or something is it provide liquidity. But another there's there's also sort of social clout as well. So an idea I had today with our 29 pair is what if we sold our pair OTC, one pair equals one if we say Hey, who wants to buy one pair from us for one eath makes no sense. You can buy it for naught point five, eight on sushi now. But if you do, we will give you a discord role. To show off that flex will you know what, whenever you basically see a Patreon. And there's all of these things, maybe, maybe when we've got YouTube firing out a video, every, every week, once we've got that team built up, which this person might help to build, we would have a shout out to everyone that bought these, this pair. So you're buying a pair overpriced now, knowing that you're helping the company, because we're then able to take that theory and hire more people, we will socially reward you guaranteeing low profit. But if that then helps us raise our price, or well, you know, helps us provide value and the more people come to the project and just in turn that that ups the price, then, you know, maybe you've donated zero, but you've donated so you've, you've helped us you've made a donation effectively. But then in time that per becomes one if anyway. So you've not lost anything. It's it's like betting on a team that you think will win for a bit of social status that then allows maybe no loss in the future. So it's just

Carlini8 1:14:36โ€‹

just an idea that I haven't actually really run past anyone yet. I was just thinking about the best way to use the per, because alternatively, what you'd be doing, we if we sold that 29 per let me see, just go because I've got so many tabs open I can we'd get 14 Aetherium right right now which is less than half and we would dump the price of 16% So people would be able to add, but if we were to sell that amount per would go down, people would then buy up and list under open see. So we would automatically be lowering prices hurting our community by selling this purse. So I was trying to think of another way that we could do it. And if that doesn't work, then, you know, we're looking to other ways, but I'm trying my best to not not dump on the community effectively with our awards. But I could very much use that funds to guarantee further hires. Because we have given away so much back. And you can see that when I look to metamodels, we have free we have free Etherium and the company account. And we have we have sold if two pounds, great British pounds, to cover salary and to cover potential fact because we don't know. You know, we're in this weird world, we don't know how much exactly we're going to have to pay. Because when, when opened a bank account for a few boxes, they said, Oh, can you show us where this money came from? And as I show his, like all the fur scans, you can see everything there. Oh, so where's the invoice? Where did you send? Where did you send this? Oh, I didn't have? Obviously we don't have your physical address, we don't send anything to your address. Okay, what's their email? No, we don't have that we have nothing. If you connected to our website, if we were tracking, we could know what country you're in, then what I tried to explain is the people can access or contracts on ether scan. So potentially, there is absolutely no way to ever figure out where that person is. And this isn't an issue, this isn't everything issue, when NF T's take over the government are going to have to figure this out. And all we have to do is make sure we have money to hand to make sure they don't reckless, you know, we don't want them to turn around saying oh, you've got to now pay on everything. So we just were just cautious, I guess. We're making sure what we do makes this a long term project. So we have the salaries, we have the potential tax. And if it turns out right, tax, then you only need to pay this great it can come back it can be used to hire more people. It can be used in multiple different ways. So this is this is why I'm thinking about that there, I have had maybe four or five people that I know who they are, what I want to hire them for. And I want to get that sorted. So that's why these these ideas are flying around in my head because those those per tokens are the best suggestions we have at the moment for how to raise that. Also considering a company raise to selling part of the Penelope is actual limited company in the UK. Not sure entirely on how that works. I have a meeting on that tomorrow. Not sure how much like, how do you value our company? Like our market cap? naught point 60,000? How much is that? You know, it's over 100? Over 10 million? What does that value the company would only count the revenue that we get in? I don't know. So this is what the meeting is for. If it's not worth it, we're going to go ahead with that maybe the permits that not needed. Maybe it's too good to pass up. And we could, you know, really hire out the big team and do maybe you you know get funds to do that Country Club meetup or lots of lots of people reach out with ideas. And the problem is, lots of them seem like scams. So the puzzle pieces that you're got that that team originally reached out to me when I was at NFT boxes, and I thought it was a scam. I thought they were the I can't remember exactly why maybe there was a link to a video that showed how it worked. And I'm not thinking that my dad's obviously, it was probably a YouTube video. So I don't even know why I thought that. But I thought it was a scam. And I kind of pass it off. I try to be like I didn't say Oh, this is a scam go away. But I tried to be you know, fairly polite, but

Carlini8 1:19:32โ€‹

over it. And then when they reached out again with an LPS because a lot of people reach out, Hey, we're doing this would this work for you? Because they're also building what you see as so many people are building in this space without being known about they're doing things that they don't get huge raises for you know, they're not they're not doing these big profile picture sales. So originally the puzzles were supposed to be Although they might still be there were a way a different method of distribution. So imagine an artist was dropping a new NFT, a new art piece. But you had to complete the puzzle first to get it. You know, that's not gas was that's puzzle balls. And that was their plan originally, but it's it's quite hard to. I mean, as they saw with me when I was at NFT boxes, it's hard to get people to be instantly engaged, because there's just so much scam in this in this industry just because, you know, there's what an artist probably gets more DMS than I do. And if I think it was a scam, originally, maybe other people think is a scam. And they just don't get involved. So then they thought, you know, what else can we use it for? And profile pictures are popping off community is popping off? Oh, it could be a fun game for communities now. It really it really helps show what's what's possible. So what's what's good about this is lots of people reach out because of her success. And the other hard part is other profile picture projects reaching out, wanting me to team up with them. I must get 15 a day. And I know some are much better than others. But the issue, the issue comes when if I you'll notice, I haven't tweeted any at all. Because if I tweet one, you know, the example I want to use I'm not sure I should be I should be using out loud on a recorded voice thing. It opens the floodgates, you know, you go on a night out. And when I say best you got a night out. You go to the toilet for the first time. And then you go in loads, you know, it's you break the seal. And that's that one, do it for one project. They're all come into our but you tweeted this one or you did that. So I'm avoiding tweeting any, there are some that I do think will do very well. But I have to be careful in what we do. So I'm thinking, you know, might allow some really high quality looking ones. So obviously, when they reach out I don't know about the teams. I don't know anything about them and say same as the puzzle. Puzzle people. I didn't know anything about them. You just sort of have to the the hoodie came from the same people, in fact, so I was looking for, for a sort of redemption of an NFT. And they reached out with the hoodie NFT and then said, Oh, we got this puzzle thing as well. And I was like, oh, yeah, let's hear about it. And then I was like, Oh, I ignored you guys a few months ago. This is sorry, I thought you're a scam. They there's you just got to you just got to you know, vibe check, go with what you think. And with all these projects reaching out. I'm sure we will work with the cream of the crop. We just it's just narrowing that that down that gets tricky. So I think I've rambled on for enough now. And I'm going to try and figure out how to let people come up and ask questions. I think I've just let my first person up, Vicki. Hello. How you doing? Hi, I think we spoke last time, didn't we? We did.

Vicki 1:23:32โ€‹

I thought I'd make it easier. So you could see the requests come up. And then obviously, you

Carlini8 1:23:37โ€‹

know, yeah, I can I can see where it is now. So everyone else got questions. Request that because I'm I'm looking though. Did you have anything you wanted to ask Vicki?

Vicki 1:23:49โ€‹

It's about the hoodie. Really? Yeah. I hear a lot of merch and merch generally seems to be always kind of for the most part about hoodies. Obviously, as a female of the per country club, is there. Is it kind of female orientated? Or is it just like a standard kind of hoodie? I never used a central line that much that that wouldn't be kind of any use to me.

Carlini8 1:24:14โ€‹

The decentraland part will just be a hoodie. But I don't know, I don't actually know how decentraland would treat it. I don't know if if it will make you look more female. If your character is female compared to a male wearing the same hoodie. I'll actually ask I had a meeting with the decentraland team few few days ago. And I actually note that down to ask him now. Actually, I think the teamer so if you guys could see me listening. So if you guys could write that down for me to to contact the The way you redeem a hoodie will be you enter information into our website and there will be the option for a female version. So the I guess the issue is because someone on the team did did say, you know, hoodies either I don't want to do a hoodie, you know, let's let's try change it up. But the issue there is it's almost the culture right of, of the of the space, I guess. hoodie is comfy. The hoodie is comfy is the meme. Comfy hoodie, you know, hoodie, punks are worth more. So this is by no means are only much and we This isn't us ticking off merch on our roadmap. This is This is us taking off a row a part of the airdrop roadmap so there will be normal merch that you buy from the shop so you don't have to burn the kitty bank for and we will be you know female inclusive and it won't all be hoodies The goal was just the hoodie meme I guess for this aspect of it all.

Vicki 1:26:18โ€‹

Yeah, cuz I say even like, funnily enough, I do wear baseball caps every day for work. So they're quite cool.

Carlini8 1:26:24โ€‹

Yep, the plan is have one of those in the in the merch. I don't even know to call it shop. You know, just just uh I'm not sure how wild we'll go you know, I'm thinking most most of the things you see normally in merch shops will have some some level of it depends how how sort of numbered we go. Because I know people go you know, people love the rare merch, but at the same time you do want that to be you do want people to just be able to turn up and buy merch as well. So it doesn't all have to be limited edition rare, rare things. You know, hats, mugs, all that sort of stuff. People just if they people just want to rap in the wild, we should let them write free free advertising and they're happy. So So yeah, there will be there will be more in inclusive merch it's being worked on. It's just we're just working on we're just trying to do so much. So I've just seen in the discord as well. Someone said catnip having utility in the merch shop, which is also, you know, that's sort of on my radar is another utility for it. The issue becomes when you think of the banana token, they let you change the buyer of a Genesis calm for I can't remember how many bananas maybe maybe it was 100. But at that price, it's an insane amount of money at this point because what that's that's $4,000 to change your bio of Genesis eight. So with merch shop utility of our catnip token, we'll have to figure out a way of making sure if the price pumps it's still actually a usable aspect.